Trade Wars Ship
Basic hold cost: 15,000
Main drive cost: 2,000
Computer cost: 9,600
Ship hull cost: 6,800
Ship base cost: 33,400
Maximum figs per attack: 100
Maximum holds: 65
Initial holds: 30
Maximum fighters: 300
Turns per warp: 2
Mine maximum: 2
Genesis maximum: 2
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: 5
Maximum shields: 500
Offensive odds: 0.8:1
Defensive odds: 0.8:1
Beacon maximum: 20
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No
Trading efficiency factor: 100
Safety rating: 640
Total cost: 100,015

The Merchant Freighter, also known as the Merf, is the most efficient trading vessel in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. It is as fast as a Scout Marauder but carries more holds, fighters, and shields. However, it has much lower combat odds (0.8, compared to 2.0), making it vulnerable to attack.

The Merchant Freighter is inexpensive and a favorite choice of new players, since the Merchant Cruiser can be immediately traded in for it at a profit. Its expendability makes it useful for mothing quasar cannons. The Merf is also frequently used to add holds to the Colonial Transport. To do this, a player outfits the Merf with full holds and allows his teammate in a Colonial Transport to destroy it, thus seizing the holds. This is cheaper than having the Colonial Transport buy holds directly from a port.