The Mercenaries of the BattleTech fictional universe are an important part of the flowing storyline. The Inner Sphere and Periphery have many private military companies.

Noting the fact that mercenaries, being of independent businesses, rarely work as a faction together, however some of the companies are quite powerful, and their actions have influenced the history of the known universe. Among the most famous mercenary groups are the Wolf's Dragoons, Eridani Light Horse, Kell Hounds, Northwind Highlanders, Gray Death Legion, and McCarron's Armored Cavalry.


Mercenary commands have and always will be subjugated to many requirements from simple ideals of no importance to the most complex affairs to just begin talks on a contract. However there are a few requirements that are universal across the Inner Sphere and Periphery:

  • Actions in combat - whether a mercenary command follows the Rules of War, by limiting their attacks to armed combatants only and not attacking civilians; and if they have and possibly will use WMDs or not.
  • Employers - Every employer knows mercenaries are soldiers for hire, but some nations view mercenaries with a critical eye, especially if they have worked for the Word of the Blake, the Free Worlds League, and the Draconis Combine.
  • Rating - The independent Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission rates units based on the quality of their personnel, their equipment and experience. Higher ratings attract higher rates of pay and more favorable terms in contract negotiations.


Mercenary companies vary in size from the very small, platoon or lance sized units up to forces comprising multiple regiments with supporting warships and backed by large weapons and equipment manufacturing companies.

Though not as popular or well know in certain rooms of the Inner Sphere also fight same battles that may be their golden ticket to fame or just another paycheck like the Ace Darwin's Whipits, Bad Dreams, Black Heart Roses, Blanc's Coyotes, Black Omen, Fighting Shamrocks and many other commands.

Also, just because most merc commands prefer to live in the spotlight, but some others do not like Vinson's Vigilantes, Broadstreet Bullies, Black Angus Boys, Clifton's Rangers, The Furies, Heavyhell Raisers, Hsien Hotheads and many more that serves the wishes and commands of tyrants.[1]


Important planets for mercenaries include Outreach and Galatea.

Though not as important as their famous, and well known planetiods many other places are the dark ally ways were run down mercernaries and other guns for hire live, fight, and scourge just to survive and wait for their next payday form employers, such as Antallos, Astrokaszy, Herotitus, and Noisiel[2]


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