Matt Bluestone
File:Matt Bluestone.jpg
Matt Bluestone
Publication information
Publisher Disney
First appearance Gargoyles 1x08 Deadly Force
Created by Greg Weisman
In-story information
Species Human
Team affiliations NYPD, Manhattan Clan, Illuminati
Abilities Skills of a veteran police officer, sharp intellect.

Matt Bluestone is a fictional character from the Disney animated television series Gargoyles, voiced by Tom Wilson.[1] A police detective, he is the partner of the main female character Elisa Maza. Like Elisa, he eventually becomes a friend and ally to the Manhattan Clan of gargoyles.


Matt was originally a special agent with the FBI, partnered with an agent named Martin Hacker. At some point, Matt began investigating the Illuminati secret society. His near-obsessive quest to find proof of their existence eventually led to his dismissal from the bureau. Matt would later become a detective in the New York Police Department.


Matt was first seen when he assisted Elisa's boss, Captain Maria Chavez, in the recovery of several weapons stolen by mobster Tony Dracon. He was assigned as Elisa's partner soon after. At first Elisa resented Matt's presence - and resented her captain for forcing her to work with him when she had proven herself to be a capable solo detective - and viewed him as hindering her ability to interact with the gargoyles, but eventually came to accept him as a partner and friend.

After learning of the existence of a clan gargoyles living in Manhattan, Matt began a search for them, much as he did the Illuminati, though Elisa, a friend to the clan managed to steer him away.

Matt also continued his search for the Illuminati, eventually focusing his search on Mace Malone, a mobster whose disappearance in 1924 Matt was convinced was engineered by the Illuminati. After an exhaustive search, Matt finally located the aging mobster visiting the grave of his late wife. Malone offered to arrange for Matt's induction into the Illuminati in exchange for providing them with a living gargoyle.

To that end, Malone revealed Elisa's connection to the gargoyles. When Matt confronted Elisa with this information, she agreed to introduce him to them. Malone had told Matt to bring Goliath to the Hotel Cabal, a seemingly abandoned hotel owned by the Illuminati. The hotel was designed with a series of endless mazes and traps designed to drive a prisoner mad in order to extract information from them. The only way to safely navigate through the hotel was with a special key that only Illuminati members possess.

What Malone didn't know, however, was that Matt had let Goliath in on the plan. After Malone gave Matt a key to bring Goliath to the hotel, Matt gave it to Goliath. Using the key, Goliath was able to escape the hotel with Matt. Malone, however, lost his own key while trying to stop them and was left trapped in the hotel. The Illuminati decided that Malone had outlived his usefulness since he had allowed Goliath to escape and had allowed Matt, a non-member, to discover him in the first place. He was therefore left to die in the hotel.

Despite Goliath's escape, Illuminati decided to allow Matt to join their ranks. Much to Matt's surprise, his official pin was presented to him by his former FBI partner Martin Hacker, who had been an Illuminatus himself all along. Hacker revealed that his job at the FBI had been to quietly steer Matt in the wrong direction during his search for the Illuminati (much as Elisa had done in his search for the gargoyles).

After numerous gargoyles sightings in the last (canon) episodes, the city responded by setting up a task force assigned to hunt them down. Ironically Matt was assigned to head the task force. In his new role, Matt faced a difficult dilemma, trying to protect his gargoyle friends from capture while trying not to appear too ineffective in his task.

Gargoyles (SLG comic)[]

In issue 1, Matt answers some questions from Travis Marshall concerning The Gargoyles and whether they should be considered a threat. Later he meets up with Maria Chavez at the ruins of the clocktower, filling her in the vandalism resulting from the city's panic of gargoyles.

Issue 3, Matt goes over the roster of the Gargoyle Taskforce. Afterwards he is visited by Martin Hacker who assures him that the Illuminati approves of Matt's attempt to defend the Gargoyles.

Character Development[]

According to series creator Greg Weisman, Matt was born in 1964 and was an only child raised with a Jewish background.

He was first seen as a non-speaking character in the episode "Deadly Force." His first speaking appearance was in the following episode "The Edge", in which he was assigned as Elisa's partner.


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