Master Higgins, known in Japan as Takahashi Meijin, is a fictional character who is the star of the Adventure Island video game series. In the series, he lives with his lovely wife, Tina, in the wilderness of Adventure Island, where things never get boring. Time and time again, he rescues her from aliens, sorcerers, witch doctors, and simply mean things in general. In the course of the series, Tina didn't appear to be his wife from the start; she was originally described in manuals as his girlfriend, but they (apparently) got married in New Adventure Island right before the next kidnapping. Super Adventure Island 2, the last game in the series as of yet, shows them travel to their eventual honeymoon. It's worth mentioning that the early English manuals changed Tina's name, but it was always the same woman, and this is further shown in-game and in Japanese sources.

He is a slightly pudgy man who wears only a red baseball cap (with the Hudson Soft trademark bee) and a Hawaiian-style grass skirt. He is based off of Toshiyuki Takahashi, the current executive of Hudson Soft.[citation needed]

If he looks familiar it is because he is a doppelganger of Wonder Boy. The main character of the Sega Master System game of the same name, he is identical in everything but name to his NES counterpart. Westone originally developed the game for Sega, but looking to port it to the more popular Nintendo Entertainment System through an arrangement with Hudsonsoft, they simply changed his name to avoid any copyright infringement. Sega countered by uprooting the Wonder Boy franchise from its prehistoric roots to a medieval theme for the second game, Wonder Boy in Monster Land. In this game, and every subsequent Wonder Boy game, the character no longer bore any resemblance to the original Master Higgins character.

Higgins is one of many silent protagonists in the video game world, and rarely speaks to other characters.

He also makes an appearance in a Smash Bros.-like game called DreamMix TV World Fighters (available for the Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2) which also features several other companies' characters and products.

Higgins (along with other Hudson Soft characters like Bonk and Milon) appeared in Saturn Bomberman.

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