Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) Master of All Thieves
Lord of Shadows
Homeplane Shadow Keep, Plane of Shadow
Power Level Lesser
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Thieves, thievery, shadows



Mask is the calculating, mysterious god of shadows, thievery, and thieves in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms setting. Ed Greenwood created Mask for his home Dungeons & Dragons game, loosely inspired by the Greek deity Hermes.

Mask is a Neutral Evil Lesser Power whose symbol is a black velvet mask tinged with red. His divine realm is Shadow Keep in the Plane of Shadow, and his Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons domains are Darkness, Evil, Luck, and Trickery.


During the Time of Troubles, Mask—as the sword Godsbane—was caught up in the plots of Cyric and was used to help kill Bhaal. He was stripped of his portfolio element of intrigue by the upstart Mad God.


All that occurs in the shadows is the domain of Mask. The Church of Mask states that wealth rightfully belongs to those who can acquire it. Honesty is for fools but apparent honesty is a very valuable thing. Subtlety is everything.

It is rumored that the Cult of Mask maintains a large network of informants throughout the cities of the realm. It is also rumored that this network provides employment for all sorts of thieves, beggars and thugs.

Priests of Mask are known as the Circle of the Gray Ribbon.


Mask himself doesn't tend to make enemies (excepting Cyric); however, it is his nature to oppose Waukeen and Helm, and he has earned the enmity of Shar, Deneir, Oghma, Torm, Tyr, Selûne, and—worst of all—the entity known as Kezef the Chaos Hound, who pursued the Lord of Shadows a decade after the Time of Troubles, but whom Mask managed to get off his trail by acquiring a magic sword called Houndsbane.


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