Mark Purayah II
Born Mark II
October 2003
Died October 25, 2004
New Orleans
Other names Mark II and Mark Purayah Jr

Mark Purayah II (or simply Mark II) is a fictional Character in the Hitman series of Games. He is later killed by Agent 47. He is a class 2 clone and an albino and the leader of the Crows.


Mark Purayah II is a Albino clone super-seeding Mark I. Mark II is a class 2 Albino clone (class 2 meaning he has a average life span of 19 months) Mark I and Mark Parchezzi III are also Albino clones[1].

He was the Franchises second attempt at creating a clone. Other than being an Albino, he looks very much like the Human norm but he is smarter, stronger, and more aware. This makes him so intent on killing the mark that he does not care for his own safety. He is an extremely good marksman. That helps him kill quickly then escape before the guards of the target can pinpoint his position[1].

His weapons of choice are a Sig 552 and a single Desert Eagle[1].

The Crows[]

Mark Purayah II is the leader of the Crows. The Crows are a three person assassination group inside the Franchise. It consists of Raymond Kulinsky, who's part in the group is the shooter, and Angelina Mason, a former prostitute who serves as recon and support and Mark himself, who is the leader[1].

They have performed various hits on various kinds of people since their forming, but their most daring was the attempted assassination was of a senator from Dallas at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They were being paid in diamonds which were being delivered by a courier in a red bird suit. 47 was waiting in the same restaurant as the courier and then he follows and intercepts the courier and steals the diamonds, then 47 eliminates all of the Crows including Mark[1].


Mark Purayah II was 6 feet tall. He weighed 172 pounds; his age is unknown but it is estimated to be 6 to 13 months. He wears red glasses because he's an albino. He has a white suit but he is only seen in a black Crow suit he unlike the other Crows had no Crows head on[1].

Games featured in[]

  • Hitman: Blood Money


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