Mark Parchezzi III
Born Mark III
Died 2006
Washington DC

Mark Parchezzi III is an Albino clone superseding Mark Purayah II and Mark I. He like Mark Purayah II is part of the Franchise he is thought to be the albino who interrogated smith in the rehab clinic. Mark III or (Mark Parchezzi III) is 47's counter part in the franchise a subdivision of Alpha Xerox which is a contract agency which is the enemy of the ICA 47's employer.


Mark Parchezzi's age is unknown he is a class 2 albino clone which means he is an albino and he ages very rapidly, he is around 6 to 9 months old but he looks about 55. Class 2 clones tend to die 19 months after maturity it is not known whether Mark III will have this happen to him because he is kill by 47. Mark III is he second best assassin in the world although Maynard John says it is him he is wrong he is also killed by 47. Parchezzi is much like 47 he is tall muscular and more aware of his surroundings he is a very accoplished marksman his weapon of choice is a Colt 1911 but his is customized. He is also a master of disguises in the level where 47 meets him he is wearing a workers outfit the donor is dead in a bathroom next to the Oval office[1].

Parchezzi talks with a deep calm and collected voice. His temperament is the same much like 47[2].


Mark Parchezzi was sent to the white house to kill the president the franchise wanted the Vice president who they got into the position to be the president because he would be against cloning so the technology would remain with the Franchise. 47 meets him in the Oval office and says.

So your the famous Mark Parchezzi the third.

Mark III talks with 47 the detonates a mine and runs for the roof where a battle enshoes 47 leaves the White house victorious.[3].


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