"Malcolm's Money" is the 10th episode of the 7th season of Malcolm In The Middle. It is the 139th episode overall. It originally aired on January 6, 2006.


Malcolm believes that there is no point in looking good in his yearbook photo until he arrives and sees everyone dressed up. He soon learns of the consequences of a bad yearbook photo. The photographer, believing that Malcolm is rebelling the photos, doesn't decide to change Malcolm's photo when Malcolm interferes and messes up his photo. Meanwhile, Dewey is attempting to persuade his parents to buy him a watch, when Hal and Lois come across a check for Malcolm for $10,000. Soon, the two agree to keep the check and hide it from Malcolm. Reese has gotten a job at the meat packing plant as a delivery boy, bringing meat to the Senior Center. Soon Reese discovers the pleasures of a senior center and passes himself off as one of the senior's grandson. He soon befriends the lady and learns of her love interest, claiming that the staff are not to allow the seniors to interact intimately. Reese decides to help the two get together. Meanwhile, Lois wishes to spend the money on new pipes for the house, while Hal wishes to invest in a boat. Lois disagrees and leaves angrily to the house. Hal follows and, hearing the bathroom door shut, assumes Lois has entered it. Hal begins to explain himself for wanting to use the money on a boat, but soon discovers that Dewey was in the bathroom and has discovered about the money. Malcolm hopes to retake his yearbook photo, but after insulting the photographer, his photo is made worse. Hal, Lois, and Dewey argue over the use of the money until Lois decides to return the money to Malcolm. Reese is discovered to have helped the senior couple "get together" and admits that he feels no regret until it is discovered that the man Reese helped is married and that the couple used him. Dewey and Hal attempt to talk Lois into giving them the money. Lois admits that she went to an antique shop across from the bank and bought a doll house. Hal and Dewey are calm at first when they believe Lois only used some of the money, but she confesses that she had to spend all $10,000 (originally 12) to buy it, due to the fact that it has real working lights and a dumbwaiter. When Lois tests the lights, they set fire to the doll house. Hal attempts to put out the fire with the sink, but, ironically, is unable to due to the faulty pipes (which is what Lois wished to buy). The three attempt to raise enough money to give back to Malcolm, but can only come up with $3,852. Malcolm is ecstatic when he receives the check, believing it to be the original. Hoping to redeem himself, he uses the money for a photo shoot, believing that, with the photos, people will not be able to make fun of his yearbook photo.

Cold Opening[]

Malcolm attempts to get the remaining toothpaste out of the tube with pliers. Reese attempts to jump on it. Hal runs it over with his car, which gets the remainder of the toothpaste onto the brush. As Hal observes the toothpaste, he mumbles, "I don't know what those boys are complaining about."