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This Wikia hopes to be a place where Wikipedia fiction and fiction-related articles that are too contentious, detailed, minor, or trivial for Wikipedia can be kept until they find a new home. Basically, any fiction-related articles threatened with deletion at Wikipedia may be posted here. Reasonable non-fiction articles threatened with deletion may be posted as well. See more details on Annex:Community Portal.

If you would instead like to write an all new fiction or popular culture related article that you are not sure on what wikis it would be most appropriate, to write a new Annex article, enter the page title in the box below.

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Getting a Wikipedia Article into the Annex

  1. Here, search for the page and create a new page if not found.
  2. On Wikipedia go to the page you want to bring here and click "edit", copy all the contents into your clipboard
  3. Here, edit the destination page and paste your content. Save.
  4. Here, edit the page to add Wikipedia: to the start of each inline link:
    [[Link]] should be changed to [[Wikipedia:Link]]
    • Note: Images will have to be loaded here as they can only be linked to Wikipedia on their original size.
  5. You must attribute the original authors in the page history or by using the {{Wikipedia}} template.

Taking an Article from Here to Another Wikia

  1. Here: Add the template {{Wikiausedin|Wikia|Title_of_article_at_other_Wikia}} to the bottom of the article page (see instructions here). Post a link to the page on the new wikia. Save.
  2. All Done!

Bringing Many Wikipedia Articles at Once

Users here are allowed to use Special:Import, a feature that lets you add several articles at once, with edit history. See the Import Tutorial for help.

Speedy Deletion Articles

  1. There is now (2012 on) a Speedy Deletion Wiki that automatically saves Wikipedia articles tagged for speedy deletion. You can either let that wiki save your page, or post it here. We have been here since 2007 and will keep on welcoming articles that are going to be gutted or in danger of deletion but there is no need to duplicate their efforts. If your article is saved there, it is safe. Post another copy here if you want but they are a Wikia wiki just as we are so your article is as safe here as it is there.
  2. Speedy Deletion Wiki does give us a very neat way to recover articles that have already been deleted from Wikipedia so feel free to go there and grab the last copy of the article you want to save and bring here or to a more related wiki.

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