Lycoris is a A.I. character in the .hack world, particularly the .hack//AI buster series of novels.


Lycoris (from the Greek for twilight) is a failed prototype of Aura who is on the run from both the Cobalt Knights of CyberConnect Corporation Of Japan and the "God" of the world, or "Morganna Mode Gone" as Lycoris refers to her. After escaping from the Cobalt Knights in the Naval of Lake area by fragmenting her program and spreading all across The World, her base program is found by Albireo and she convinces him to lead her around to certain areas where the rest of her fragments are. When Albireo gets the last one (her memory), he leads her to the Naval Of Lake and gives it to her, then she shows him the memory of her "condemnation" to deletion by Morganna. She then impales herself on Albireo's Spear of Wotan, leaving only a small portion of her data behind, shaped like a Lycoris Radiata ([Red] Spider Lily) flower.

Legend of the Twilight[]

In the Legend of the Twilight manga volume 2, Zefie, by being threatened by Kamui, has a reminiscence of Albireo as if she had some data part of Lycoris's memory inside of her, and asks Kamui if she is going to attempt killing her once again. In the Legend of the Twilight manga volume 3, a fragmented Lycoris appears in front of Shugo's party in the Net Slum and then vanishes, leaving behind another Lycoris flower which is kept by Zefie.

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