Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) The Unicorn, The Unicorn Queen, The Queen of Talking
Homeplane House of Nature
Power Level Lesser/Minor
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Talking beasts, intelligent beasts
Superior Silvanus

Lurue is a fictional Faerûnian minor deity of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

As a Deity[]

Lurue is the goddess of intelligent and talking beasts. She teaches that life is there to be lived, and one should live it with zest and flair. Adventures and quests should be taken up on a whim, and life should be filled with good times and laughter. She is worshiped by many unicorns, pegasi, and other intelligent nonhumanoid creatures, as well as by romantic and swashbuckling adventurers. Although preferring adventure and exploration instead of battle, if forced into a fight she is an intractable foe. Her favourite weapon is the short spear.

Church of Lurue[]

Clerics of Lurue pray for their spells at midnight, usually in a moonlit glade. They are usually adventurers who traverse the land, seeking to better themselves by experiencing new things and righting wrongs.


The Unicorn is a symbol of hope, joy, salvation, and protection for the needy, forlorn, and forsaken. Life is to be relished and lived with laughter. Quests are to be taken on a dare and gifts are to be made on a whim. Impossible dreams are to be pursued for the sheer wonder of the possibility of their completion. Everyone, no matter how unique, is to be praised for their strengths and comforted in their weaknesses. Evil melts quickest in the face of a rapier wit and unshackled joy. Search for the unicorn and in the pursuit find happiness.