Lunopolis is the fictional hidden city located on the moon, created by filmmakers Matthew J. Avant and Hal Maynor IV, for their 2009 mock-documentary film of the same name. The film introduces the mythology of this technological wonder beneath the surface of the moon, and the secret (fictional) cult group known as 'The Church of Lunology', a powerful organization determined to keep it hidden.


Lunopolis, City of the Moon

Lunopolis Mythology[]

As the myth goes, on December 21, 2012, an enormous group of American scientists, politicians and laymen (over 3,000 souls) will travel back in time to the year 350, to begin properly re-cultivating the human race into an improved species, better and more advanced than previously achieved. This mission is called the 'Atlantis Endeavor', and supposedly represents the final date (December 21, 2012) that mankind ultimately reaches before rewinding the earths clock once again to 350. Supposedly, the Mayan Calendar reflects this date because the Mayans were actually the earliest members of the Atlantis Endeavor program, recording their calendar as an endless loop for later generations to understand.

The lost city of Atlantis was supposedly the first earth city built by the Atlantis Endeavor crew, a technological wonder unlike anything mankind had ever seen. As a result of taking along with them the best technology and science the world had to offer at the time of departure, they were able to build a magnificent city that would go on to inspire authors and artists the world over, and serve as not only a hub for space transport, but an epicenter of scientific breakthrough. As human beings continued in their development, the vast city of Lunopolis was constructed as a sister city to Atlantis. Eventually, when it was determined that Atlantis must be destroyed to prevent young generations of mankind from discovering their advanced technology, it was sunk to the bottom of the sea, never to be found again. The city of Lunopolis however, is thought to still function to this day. It is believed that every single UFO sighting, abduction and encounter is attributed to this group's interference with earth's affairs. Is it also believed that ghosts, angels and experiences of déjà vu are a result of multiple dimensions stacking on top of each other, creating parallel interactions knows as 'crossovers'.

The Church of Lunology[]

The Church of Lunology requires 6 fundamental beliefs:

1. There is a city on the moon
2. Time travel truly does exist
3. Man achieved scientific immortality
4. There exists a magnificent Stone of Power called The Luna Stone.
5. That there is a previous timeline of this earth happening beneath us at all times.
6. That a man named J. Ari Hilliard unlocked the secrets of eternal life, and still exists today from the first earth timeline.

The Church of Lunology is believed to be a cult built by those who dwell on the moon, to protect their secrets while simultaneously recruiting earth civilians to join their elitist organization. They promise that through simple psychological processing, one can achieve the ability to interact with every dimension, including alternate versions of themselves on other planes. This process is called 'Awakening', wherein the recruit must achieve up to 8 levels of 'Awake' or transdimensional awareness to become a master. It is believed that the true reason for the church is to engage as many individuals as necessary to the search for the lost stone of power, 'The Luna Stone'.


Lunopolis was also a fictional city referred to in the book Question and Answer, a science fiction novel by Poul Anderson that originally appeared in the June and July 1954 issues of Astounding Science Fiction. It was reprinted in 1956 as part of Ace Double D-199 under the title Planet of No Return, and again as a stand-alone Ace novel in February 1978 under the original title.


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