Lucas Hollingsworth
First appearance "One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, Part 1"
(The Golden Girls)
May 9th, 1992
Last appearance "One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, Part 2"
(The Golden Girls)
May 9th, 1992
Spouse Edna Hollingsworth (deceased)
Dorothy Zbornak
Children Michael Zbornak (stepson)
Kate Zbornak (stepdaughter)
Relatives Charmaine Hollingsworth (niece)
Blanche Devereaux (niece)
Virginia Hollingsworth
Clayton Hollingsworth (nephew)
Tad Hollingsworth (nephew)

Lucas Hollingsworth was a fictional character in the final episodes of the sitcom The Golden Girls. He was played by actor Leslie Nielsen.

Lucas was the uncle of Blanche Devereaux (he was the younger brother of Blanche's father, Big Daddy) and had come to Miami to make a visit to his niece. The trouble was that Blanche had a "vital" (to her, at least) date to play tennis, and didn't want to give that up to visit her relative, so she pawned him off on her often dateless roommate, Dorothy Zbornak.

During the fix-up date, at a local crab house, Lucas and Dorothy had a horrific time, finding one another incredibly dull. After, they realize about Blanche’s setting them up knowing their personalities clashed, they both decided to get even with her for her inconsiderate behavior toward them. The two decided to fake an engagement, and play it up to Blanche, which infuriated her.

For the next few days, the two drove Blanche completely crazy, most especially by poking fun at some of the so-called "improvements" to Hollingsworth Manor that Blanche's soon-to-be Aunt Dorothy would make. Notably, an annual barbecue on the day of "Lee's Surrender", a suggestion that made Blanche wince. Lucas hadn't seen much of Blanche, who furiously shot back: "that's because you've been too busy Yankee Doodlin'!"

Then, knowing that they had pushed it too far, they had planned on having a huge fight and breaking up in public. However, as surprising things often came along during the plots, Dorothy and Lucas really did fall in love. He proposed, for real this time, and she tenderly accepted.

Despite Stanley Zbornak posing as a limo driver, and questioning the love she had for Lucas, Dorothy made it to the church in style and married Lucas. She then moved out of Blanche's house. Sophia, who had initially planned to move to Atlanta with them, decided to remain in Miami with Rose and Blanche. Dorothy left, and then re-entered through the front door and later the lanai entrance to get one more hug from her former housemates, and then when they knew she was really gone, Blanche, Rose and Sophia clung to one another and sobbed, realizing that Dorothy had moved on.

After the honeymoon, the couple settled at Hollingsworth Manor in Atlanta.

Hollingsworth was mentioned one time, although never seen or heard (although Dorothy is seen having a telephone conversation with him in her one guest appearance) on The Golden Palace.

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