Lori Trager
First appearance Pilot
Created by Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber
Portrayed by April Matson
Nicknames Trager (Declan McDunaugh)
Gender Female
Family Stephen Trager (father), Nicole Trager (mother), Josh Trager (brother), Kyle (adoptive brother)
Spouse Declan McDunaugh (ex-boyfriend)

Lori Trager is a fictional character from the ABC Family series Kyle XY and is portrayed by April Matson. The character Lori is introduced in the pilot of “Kyle XY” as the sixteen year old daughter of Nicole and Stephen Trager. During the course of Season 1 Lori is like most teenagers and wants to grow up too quickly. She and her best friend Hillary, are both fairly popular at their school, Beechwood High School (When Lori started dating Declan their popularity grew). Lori is quick witted and independent but, still, prone to making mistakes (some of them from following the well-intentioned but ill advice of Hillary). To her credit however, she learns from those mistakes.

Her brother Josh Trager in season 1 normally referred to Lori as a slut, calling her names that imply that she sleeps around, it is unknown as to whether or not he knows about Lori having slept with Declan. But in season 2 he is more thoughtful and leaves her alone.

Though at times she may seem selfish there is a generous side to Lori. When Kyle first came to stay with the Tragers no one was more put off by the idea than Lori. However, as things progress she slowly comes to accept him to the point where she agrees to ‘share’ her birthday with him since he can’t remember his own.

In Season 2 we are introduced to a more mature Lori. In the opening episode “The Prophet” she states that she is attempting to be “thoughtful, sober and restrained” at least until her parents get over Kyle’s being gone. Her younger brother, Josh notes the change in his older sister as he states that “the rowdy queen of rebellion has become a total buzzkill".

Lori is incredibly perceptive. She seems to be the only one who notices that Jessi seems to just show up – invited or not. When writing an essay about herself, she questions if she's a cynic and accepts that she is, but has her postitive moments. After she was attacked at the Alternative Spring Fling Dance it was through her own initiative and with the help of Declan - her ex-boyfriend, that she discovers it was Jessi who attacked her.

Family & Relationship[]


  • Stephen Trager - (Father)
  • Nicole Trager - (Mother)


  • Josh Trager - (Brother)
  • Kyle Trager - (Adoptive Brother)


  • Hillary- (best friend)
  • Amanda Bloom- (friend/neighbor)
  • Andy Jensen- (Friend, also Josh's girlfriend)


  • William Trager - (Paternal Grandfather; deceased)


  • Declan McDonough - (ex-boyfriend) - Lori and Declan broke up in episode three of season two.


  • Hillary jokingly refers to Lori and Declan's relationship as Leclan.
  • Hillary also compares Lori and Declan's relationship as the Brangelina of Beachwood.


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