Greyhawk Character
Sir Loran
Homeland Sunndi
Gender Male
Race Human
Alignment Evil
Universe World of Greyhawk, Ravenloft

In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Sir Loran is a former human knight of Sunndi who became a death knight. Loran is eternally haunted by the spirit of his murdered wife.


Before his death, Loran was the final Lord of Trollpyre Keep, a minor estate located in southern Sunndi, near the Vast Swamp. An evil, twisted man who hid his true nature behind a mask of honor and stoicism, Loran sought to be known for founding a great warrior-household. To this end, Loran took Lyra, a beautiful dancer, as his wife, but she bore him a daughter instead of a son. Enraged, Loran slew his wife, daughter, and the midwife, using his magic blade, Trollpyre's Defender. Loran's mother-in-law, a priestess, put a curse upon Loran--he was to die painfully in battle, then rise as one of the undead, and be haunted by the spirits of his wife and daughter for all eternity. Upon rising as a death knight, Loran was unable to sire children, and thus his line died with him.

Some time after his transformation, Loran lured a troupe of wandering performers to his keep and tortured them to death. This act succeeded in drawing him into the mists of Ravenloft. Eventually making his way to Cavitius, Sir Loran entered Vecna's service. However, Lyra and her child were also there, and continued to haunt him.