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Little John PalmOS (or LJP in short) is an open source multi-system emulator for Palm OS 5.0 (or newer) devices. The program emulates ten game consoles or handheld devices for Palm OS, and will open standard ROMs stored on the device or memory card. Note that, unlike most emulators for a mobile device which emulate the mobile device itself on a Windows, Mac OS, or Linux platform, LJP runs on a Palm OS device to emulate game systems. It is free software licensed under the GPL.


  • Sound (except Wonderswan)
  • Multiple screen modes (zoom/smoothing)
  • Adjustable/auto frameskipping
  • SRAM support
  • Multiple Save/Load state
  • Turbo mode
  • Support for zipped roms
  • Supports Bluetooth Gamepad, IR Keyboard, and Wii Remote input
  • Tapwave Zodiac accelerated/smoothed
  • Customizable input


Little John Palm is written largely by Yohann Magnien, but several other individuals also greatly contributed, especially Bruno "Tinnus" Ferreira, Henk "metaview" Jonas, and Jeff "Skeezix" Mitchell.

During the writing of Little John Palm, code was taken from the many other open source emulators for other platforms, including Jeff Mitchell's own GuineaPig emulator, another popular multi-emulator for the Palm OS. In that respect, LJP can be considered more of a porting of existing code onto the Palm platform, as opposed to have been written from scratch. However, this is something of a generalization, for while the emulator is largely influenced by existing emulators, much effort had to be made to port it to the Palm platform. As of 2009, the current version is 1.2.


Little John Palm was originally a NES emulator for the GP32 called Little John, written by yoyofr. It was then ported to the Tapwave Zodiac, and renamed LJZ (Little John Zodiac). Later it was again ported to the general Palm OS, and renamed LJP. Tinnus started working at 0.92, making a version 0.92T. After Tinnus and yoyofr releasing 1.0 RC2, and Tinnus releasing 1.0 RC3, Henk "MetaView" Jonas took over and released versions 1.0 RC4-9 and 1.0-1.1.


Tinnus had stopped working on LJP, instead working on LJR/LJX (Little John Revival), which is a project aimed at performing the same general functions with a better framework. metaview has taken over updating LJP, and had released 1.0 RC4-9 and 1.0-1.1.

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