This is a (theoretically) all-encompassing list of fictional things created in the media. Due to the length of this archive, some things have been listed in multiple places for ease of reference.

Fictional characters, creatures, and entities

Fictional characters

based on/named after

by disease or death

by nationality or ethnicity

  • Fictional characters who are Belgian
  • Fictional characters who are Chinese
  • Fictional characters who are Egyptian
  • Fictional characters who are French

by physical quality

by place

by profession

by religion

by style

from myths

in crossovers

in pairs

who are stock characters

Fictional characters from specific works or series

Fictional characters from books or plays:

Fictional characters from cartoons, comics, or graphic novels:

Fictional characters from animation, television, or movies:

Fictional characters from games or video games:

Real people appearing in fictional context

Fictional mechanical, electronic, or machine entities

Fictional creatures

Fictional locations

Real places fictional works are set in

in a specific country

in a specific city

See also: List of movies for a list of movies set in specific locations.

Fictional things

Books and literature

Commercial Misc.


Social Misc.


Popular Media






War & Combat

Fictional events

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