This is a list of space pirates, often found in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Space pirate characters and groups[]

Name Work Medium Description
Atomsk FLCL Novel, Manga, Original video animation Pirate King.
Brak Space Ghost Television series
Dark Eldar Warhammer 40,000 Miniature wargaming
Kagato Tenchi Muyo! Television series, Manga, Original video animation
Orions Star Trek Television series
Pirate Clans Exosquad Television series
Ryoko Tenchi Muyo! Television series, Manga, Original video animation
Ryoko Balta Tenchi Muyo! GXP Television series

Space pirate media[]

Work Year Medium Description
Benito's Revenge 2005 Television episode An episode of animated science fiction spoof show Tripping the Rift, a band of space pirates led by main character Chode's grandfather take over the ship.[1][2]
The Ice Pirates 1984 Film Alien pirates raid cargo vessels carrying ice.[3]
Galactic North Short story
Independence War 1998 Video game Pirates and terrorists are the target of the player in this space combat game.[4] Followed by Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos in 2001.[5]
Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids 1953 Novel Juvenile science fiction penned by Isaac Asimov.[3]
Metroid series 1986-present Video game Space pirates are the series' primary enemies.[6]
Outlaw Star
Path of the Fury 1992 Novel Written by David Weber, after a woman's family is slain by space pirates she is possessed by a Fury and seeks revenge.[3]
The Pirates of Orion 1974 Television episode An episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, the crew of the USS Enterprise are threatened by a band of space pirates.[3]
Planet Pirates series Novel Trilogy of novels by Anne McCaffrey.[3]
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 2007 Video game Followed by Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty.
Rayman 2: The Great Escape 1999 Video game Platform game where robo-pirates from deep space have invaded Rayman's world and broken its heart into a thousand pieces of energy.[7]
Rogue Galaxy 2005 Video game
Sol Bianca
The Space Pirates 1969 Television miniseries A Dr Who serial starring the Second Doctor. The TARDIS materializes in the midst of a pitched battle between space pirates and the Army Space Corps.[8]
Wing Commander: Privateer 1993 Video game A space pirate computer game based in the Wing Commander universe.


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  • Boskone - from the Lensman Books


  • Cannonball (Transformers)
  • The Captain, in Doctor Who
  • Captain Harlock
  • Cobra, in Space Adventure Cobra
  • Corsair, in X-Men


  • Divatox - Power Rangers: Turbo


  • Elon Cody Starbuck - Star Reach


  • Harlock, in Captain Harlock


  • John Silver, in Treasure Planet


  • Pirates - Escape Velocity Nova
  • Pirates of Pestulon - Space Quest III


  • Seacons, Beast Wars II
  • Space Pirates Barban in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
  • Starjammers, in X-Men
  • The Star Pirate in Planet Comics
  • Space Piratez, in SpaceCowboy
  • Space Pirate Descal and Neo-Descal - Chousei Kantai Sazer-X


  • Leonia Tavira, who controlled seven pirate crews in the Star Wars novel I, Jedi.
  • Torin Mac Quillon, captain of the Jolly Roger.