The following are minor organizations from the manga and anime Spriggan.


Electy (エレクシィ Irekushie?)

A criminal organization based in Thailand, it had succeeded in creating an immortality drug called Soma. Its success was short lived when Yu, assisted by Yoshino, Oboro and Percup, ran afoul of the group and eliminated its base of operations.

Known Members[]

  • Ryang
  • Ed Kruger


Known as Majestic 12, it consisted of 12 high-ranking officials from various multinational corporations. Their mission was to secure Noah's Ark and unleash another Ice Age in order to wipe out the current world order in order to let everyone work for the common good.

Machiner's Platoon[]

Machiner's Platoon (米国機械化小隊 Beigunkikaikashoutai?, American Machinization Platoon)

Machiner's Platoon (マシンナズ・プラトオン Mashinnaazu Puratoon?)

A division of MJ-12, its ranks consist of both augmented and regular soldiers. The group was responsible for raiding ARCAM's Turkish research facility in order to secure the remains of Noah's Ark. But in the animated movie and in the original Japanese version, the platoon was part of the US military.[1][2]

Known Members[]

  • Fatman[3]
  • Little Boy[3]
  • Humming Bat [4]
  • Colonel (Harry) MacDougal[3]
  • Ironarm[5]

Magier Heunri Balez[]

Magier Heunri Balez (マギエル・ヘウンリ・バレズ Magieru Heunri Barezu?)

A small cult led by a man named Heunri Balez, he is protected by the Sand, Shadow and Water demons as his personal bodyguards. Has a hand in the attempted abduction of sister Kate so as to take the Apokryphe and use the Magical Circle of Chaos inside the Reverse Babel Tower located in northern Iraq.

The cult was destroyed by the combined forces of Yu Ominae and Oboro in the tower.

Known Members[]

  • Heunri Balez
  • Sand Demon
  • Shadow Demon
  • Water Demon

US Armored Corps[]

US Armored Corps (米軍装甲歩兵 Beigunsoukouhohei?, American Armored Infantry)

A division of the United States Army, its soldiers are outfitted with body armored suits and wear M17A1 respirators. Most of their equipment are outsourced from the US military, but most of their weapons used in covert missions include Heckler and Koch MP5SD2 submachine guns and HK 69 grenade launchers.[6][7] Like the former COSMOS unit, the group was engaged in covert operations for the US army.

They were responsible for an attempted infiltration in ARCAM's Japanese headquarters in order to abduct Rie Yamabishi, which was foiled if Yu Ominae did not intervene.[8]


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