This is a list of supporting characters from the Sailor Moon metaseries. Most are the family and friends of Usagi Tsukino, the story's main character, and of the other Sailor Senshi.

Families of the Senshi[]

The Tsukino family[]


Usagi's parents, Ikuko and Kenji.


Ikuko Tsukino (月野育子 Tsukino Ikuko?) is the Earth mother of protagonist Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon). She cares for Chibiusa when she is present, whom she believes to be her niece, but who in truth is her granddaughter. She also cares for Chibichibi whom she believes to be her second daughter, but her true relationship is under debate. Ikuko's name and design are after the mother of creator Naoko Takeuchi. She is often seen cooking and chiding Usagi for her grades in school; still, they're shown to be pretty close, since she gives Usagi advice on relationships of all kinds from time to time, and eagerly accepts her relationship with Mamoru.

Like the rest of the supporting cast, Ikuko fades out as the metaseries progresses, but she has a few notable roles later on. In the anime she is targeted by the Amazon Trio, and in the manga she cares for the injured cats when Usagi leaves to fight Galaxia. It is unknown whether or not she is still alive in the time of Crystal Tokyo.

In the live-action series, Ikuko is a completely different character than either of her other incarnations. She is extremely outgoing (even more so than Usagi), quirky, and determined. She changes her hairstyle almost every day, is constantly trying out new (and questionable) omelet recipes, and loves nothing more than being in the spotlight. She is even high school friends with Minako's manager, and it is said the two of them were big participants in their school's theatre program.

In the Japanese anime, Ikuko is voiced by Sanae Takagi. In the English dub, Ikuko is voiced by Barbara Radecki, who also did the voice of Sailor Neptune, and that of Queen Serenity in the first episode. In the live action series she is portrayed by Kaori Moriwaka.


Kenji Tsukino (月野謙之 Tsukino Kenji?) is the Earth father of protagonist Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon). Kenji, like his wife Ikuko, is totally clueless about Usagi's real identity. He works in an office and is the stereotypical well-meaning Japanese salaryman. Kenji is quite affectionate with his wife. Early on, he becomes very upset when he sees Usagi with Mamoru Chiba, thinking he's too old for her and that Umino is a better candidate.

In the manga it can be noted that Kenji is the one member of his family who notices the similarities between Sailor Moon and Usagi. He senses a maturity in his daughter that comes when she is finally aware of her status as Princess Serenity, and notes that at times her beauty seems serene.

He never appears in the main body of the live-action series, which is explained by his always being away on business trips. His wife teasingly complains to him about this over the phone, but laughs it away and seems genuinely proud of and happy with him. He does appear briefly in the direct-to-DVD Special Act however, crying at Usagi's wedding.

His voice actor in the original Japanese version is Yuji Machi. His English voice actor is David Huband. In the Special Act of the live-action series was played by Series director Ryuta Tazaki.



Shingo Tsukino

Shingo Tsukino (月野進悟 Tsukino Shingo?, called Sammy in English) is the obnoxious little brother of Usagi Tsukino, making her the only Sailor Senshi with any known siblings. His influence in her life is alternately helpful and mocking; he considers her well-meaning, but a crybaby and a klutz.

Shingo first appears in the first installment of every version of the series, but is not heavily featured in any adaptations and little is known about him. Though unaware of his sister's true identity, he is impressed by the media-hyped urban legends of Sailor Moon and Sailor V. He is a particularly enthusiastic fan of Sailor Moon, because she rescued him from Dark Kingdom forces fairly early on in her career.[1] He enjoys video games, and makes good grades. Shingo appears in several episodes of the first series, but only occasionally appears in later series. Episode #144 in Sailor Moon SuperS is one of his most memorable later episodes, in which he has a crush on Ami Mizuno.

In the live-action series, Shingo is an extremely cynical character. He hates much of what his crazy sister and mother do, and seems to not care about much of life in general. In fact, he even discovers Luna's true identity and reacts to it just like he does to everything: ignores it and goes back to playing his video games.

Interestingly, in the SNES videogame "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story," late in the game Shingo is temporarily granted a large role, as he is kidnapped by the villains as ransom in an attempt to force his big sister Usagi (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) to hand over the Silver Crystal. In a conversation with one of the villains, Shingo confesses that sometimes Usagi can be irritating, stealing his food and using his games. But she was also worries about him when he's sick or otherwise. When the villain in question calls Usagi a bad sister, Shingo angrily tells her not to badmouth his sister. He is subsequently put to sleep through a spell, and he is still asleep when the Senshi arrive and successfully rescue him.

According to the Materials Collection, his favorite book is "Shonen J*mp", and he likes to play Famicom.

In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Chiyoko Kawashima (who also performs as Sailor Pluto and Haruna Sakurada). In the English dub, he is voiced by Julie Lemieux. In the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, he is played by Naoki Takeshi.

The Mizuno Family[]

Saeko Mizuno is Ami's mother. While she is largely absent from most of the series, she is said to have become a successful doctor who works at the Jūban Secondary General Hospital. Her success is a big influence on Ami and is one of the main reasons why she wants to become a doctor. She makes only one brief, non-speaking appearance in the anime, but does appear in the live-action. She also makes a small appearance in the manga, but this time with a speaking role. In all versions she rarely sees Ami, and most of her shown interaction with her daughter is using a dry-erase board to exchange messages. Mizuno-sensei, however, is a kind woman who genuninely and openly regrets not being able to spend more time with her beloved daughter. In Act 33 of the live series, it is revealed that her given name is Saeko.

Ami's father is a traveling artist whom Mizuno-sensei divorced several years before the series. He sends Ami paintings on an infrequent basis. Only in the manga does Ami's father play any sort of role, and Ami feels a mixture of both love and hatred for the man, partly because he left her and partly because divorce is taboo in Japan.

Rei's Family[]

Rei's grandfather (レイのおじいさん Rei no ojiisan?) never reveals his real name. In the anime, "Grandpa" appears frequently as a short, good-humored, unrepentantly lecherous man; in the manga he scarcely appears at all, and when he does, he is younger than his anime counterpart, taller, thinner, and boast a full head of hair and even a mustache. He is never mentioned in the live-action series. His most prominent appearances are in the anime, where he earns a bad reputation for trying win over young girls and often drags Yūichirō into it. In the first season it is revealed that he is one of the holders of the Nijizuishou (Rainbow Crystals) that make up the Silver Crystal.

Takashi Hino, Rei's father, is a very high ranked politician. Rei's mother died when Rei was a young child, and her father left her shortly after at the Hikawa shrine with her maternal grandfather, which was Rei's idea. He is the major reason why Rei does not trust men, in both the manga and live-action series. He is only named in PGSM.

In the live-action series it is said that while his wife, Risa, was dying, he was busy with work, and never came to see her--for which Rei never forgave him. Also in the live-action series, he and Rei have monthly "lunch dates" so that he can keep up the appearance of being a loving father to his constituents, but Rei knows the real meaning of the meetings and despises him even more for it. Late in the series, he tries to have Rei move back with him because an election is coming up and he doesn't want to lose face. Rei, however, refuses and runs crying to the Crown Karaoke Studio where she spends the night with Ami, herself having just run away from her mother.

In the manga he only meets with Rei on her birthday and always gives her bouquet of Casablanca lilies and a white dress, which are picked out by his secretary. As in PGSM, Rei dislikes him for not visiting his wife while she was dying in the hospital.

Risa Hino is Rei's late mother, who died while Rei was a child. Not much is known about her. In PGSM, she is said to have loved the story of Princess Kaguya. She is only named in the live-action version, and shown there indirectly. She is shown in flashback in the manga.

Azabu Jūban[]

Naru Osaka[]


Naru Osaka

Naru Osaka (大阪なる Ōsaka Naru?), known as Molly Baker or Molly Osaka[citation needed] in the dub, is Usagi Tsukino's best friend and schoolmate at the start of the series. Her birthday is listed as January 1.

In every incarnation of the series, Naru is the very first victim of a youma attack, and hero-worships Sailor Moon for saving her. Throughout the early series she continues to be a frequent target of youma and other monsters, which has become something of a joke both within the series and among its fans.[2] In the anime, Naru falls in love with the evil Nephrite, who eventually returns her feelings and attempts to atone. His death while protecting Naru leads to a long period of depression for her, which lasts throughout the remainder of the first series.

As the story progresses, Naru's role becomes smaller, as she is not one of the Sailor Senshi and Usagi no longer has as much free time to spend with her old friend. It is strongly hinted in the Black Moon Arc that Naru has figured out Sailor Moon's identity on her own, though this is not explicitly stated; she meets up with Usagi before she runs to face the Black Moon Clan, but stays behind and only makes Usagi promise to come back safely to school.

Naru plays a much more important role in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, even learning most of the truth about the Senshi. She is also more confident and outgoing in this version, which seems to be why she gets along with the equally outgoing Usagi. For a short while, she and Ami share a conflicted relationship as both seem to be jealous of the other's closeness with Usagi. However, they later resolve their differences and become good friends themselves.

In the anime, Naru ends up dating Gurio Umino. In episode 95 of the anime the two teenagers won a 'Love Contest', fighting against other couples, including Haruka and Michiru (who were on course to win themselves, but withdrew), to see who was most in love. Naru's final appearance in the anime is in the Ami-chan's First Love Special.

Naru's little sister, Naruru, features in a short side story in the Stars manga, although it is stated in the anime that she is an only child. See below. Naru at first makes an official cameo with Haruka, Michiru, and Usagi at the high school and is shown getting along with them. She only has lines in the "Stars" manga short side story.

In the Japanese anime, Naru Osaka is voiced by Shino Kakinuma, with a strong Osakan accent. Her English voice actress is Mary Long, who gives her a strong Brooklyn accent. In the live-action adaptation of the series, she is played by Chieko Kawabe with no accent in particular.

Gurio Umino[]


Gurio Umino

Gurio Umino (海野ぐりお Umino Gurio?), known as Melvin Butlers in the English dub, is a student in Usagi Tsukino's class at school. He is usually called simply Umino, and begins with a severe infatuation with fellow student Usagi Tsukino.

His defining characteristic is his eyeglasses, which have odd swirls in them, denoting their thickness. He is a know-it-all, and he keeps Usagi informed on current events, new students, gossip, and any other information she might appreciate. In the anime, he eventually ends up dating Naru, and like her, his importance gradually decreases after the first anime series. He made his final appearance in the SuperS anime special Ami-chan's First Love.

Umino is commonly portrayed as "nerdy" and "weird," although to be fair, this is usually because the viewers are seeing him as Usagi does, and Usagi sometimes considers him an annoyance (although at other times she considers him a good friend; she is willing and eager, for instance, to help him out when he tells her he loves Naru; this results in a "Tuxedo Umino Kamen" spectacle that embarrasses Naru). He is characterized by over-enthusiasm (he once attempted to defeat one of Zoisite's youmas using only fried shrimp in order to ensure the monster wouldn't hurt Naru), an eager devotion to his studies, and sincerity and honesty sometimes to the point of bluntness. It is this sincerity, however, that enables both he and Naru to win a "Love Contest" in the Sailor Moon S season due to Umino's passionate, honest and genuine love confession. He enjoys drinking milkshakes, and in an episode where he believed Naru had fallen in love with Tiger's Eye, he drowned his sorrows with them. Also, during his appearance in the SuperS anime special Ami-chan's First Love, Umino reveals that he knows who Mercurius really is after being queried on the matter by Usagi and his friends. As it turns out, Mercurius looks exactly like him but with green hair.

In the manga, Umino is revealed to be incredibly handsome when he takes his glasses off, a joke riffing on his ordinarily nerdy appearance. This trait is shared with the one-off character Princess D.

The kanji in Umino's surname represent a pun meaning either "ocean field" or "of ocean"; as such, it is constructed in the same way as Usagi's and those of all four Guardian Senshi. His first name, Gurio, is given in hiragana and so its meaning is unclear.

He is voiced in the Japanese anime by veteran voice actor Keiichi Nanba, and in the English dub by Roland Parliament.

Haruna Sakurada[]



Haruna Sakurada (桜田春菜 Sakurada Haruna?), known as Patricia Haruna in the English dub, is the junior high school teacher of Usagi Tsukino.

She acts very young for her age in all versions of the series, however her personality does change slightly In the anime and manga, she has long, brown hair, and can be quite strict, especially when it comes to Usagi mucking things up with her laziness. However, she is also lovesick and obsessed with finding a husband, which makes her an easy target for the Dark Kingdom during the first series. Like most of the other minor characters, she fades into the background as the anime series progresses (and, vanishes entirely when the Senshi leave middle school).

In the live-action series, she is not strict at all, though she will assign pop quizzes and clean-up duty when needed. She has an extremely eccentric personality, and is very friendly and motherly towards her students, even Usagi.

Haruna's sister, Fuyuna, was featured in the side story "Dream Park de Mattete" from Naoko Takeuchi's earlier work, The Cherry Project. Haruna herself makes a very small appearance in The Cherry Project. Another sister, Natsuna, is the superintendent-general of the Metropolitan Police Board in another Takeuchi work, Codename wa Sailor V. Another charcter belived to be a relitive, Akina Sakurada (桜田秋菜) makes an appearance in P.Q. Angels.

The kanji in her name mean "cherry blossom" (sakura), "rice field" (da), "spring" (haru), and "vegetables" (na). Her sisters' names follow the same pattern, but with other seasons, namely winter (fuyu) and summer (natsu).

In Japanese, she is voiced by Chiyoko Kawashima, and in English by Nadine Rabinovitch. She is played by Cheiko Ooduka in the live action version. She even appears in the musical and has been played by two actresses: Kasumi Hyuuga and Kiho Seishi.

Ryo Urawa[]


Urawa in the anime.

Ryo Urawa (浦和良 Urawa Ryō?, known as Greg in the English version), is a character who appears only in Episodes 27 and 41 of the anime.

Urawa is introduced as having the highest score in an exam, and secretly has powers that allow him to see the future, though it is unclear whether he used his powers to cheat. Urawa has feelings for Ami Mizuno, but is too shy to admit it. He becomes embroiled in the Rainbow Crystal arc for being the holder of the Yellow Rainbow Crystal, Bumbo. He is also one of the few good characters to explicitly state that he knows a Senshi's identity, as he often calls Sailor Mercury by her civilian name. It is implied that he knows this from his powers. In the Another Story video game, it is implied that he and Ami are in a long-distance relationship, but this is not stated in the anime.

The kanji in his name mean "inlet" (ura), "peace" (wa), and "good" (ryō).

In the Japanese version he is voiced by Shinichiro Ohta, and in English by Eric Kimmel.

Kyūsuke Sarashina[]

Kyūsuke Sarashina (更科九助 Sarashina Kyūsuke?) attends elementary school with Chibiusa. He is called "Kelly" in the English dub. He is targeted by the Amazoness Quartet in Episode 155. He is a friend of Chibiusa and known to be very athletic, but also sarcastic. In the episode he is targeted by Amazoness JunJun, he is attempting to overcome his fear of the vault, the only portion of the athletic relay he has trouble with. JunJun, in order to see his dream mirror, scares him into leaping over the vault, effectively giving Kyūsuke the confidence to continue in the athletic competition (after Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon save him from JunJun).

He also plays a significant role in a later episode, when Chibiusa befriends a boy named Hiroki, who is trying to build a flying machine. While Kyūsuke initially seems resentful of Hiroki and how impressed Chibiusa is with Hiroki's dream, Kyūsuke ends up being the one to encourage Hiroki continue building the flying machine after multiple failed attempts. He tells Hiroki that some dreams must be achieved with the help of another person and that a dream is no less beautiful as a result. With Kyūsuke's help, Hiroki completes the flying machine when he realizes that alone he lacked the power and endurance to keep the machine in the air, but with Kyūsuke helping him pedal, it would take flight.

Momoko Momohara[]

Momoko Momohara (桃原桃子 Momohara Momoko?) attends elementary school with Chibiusa. She is named "Melanie" or "Melly" in the English dub. In the fourth series, she is targeted by the Amazoness Quartet. She first appears in the second series with brown hair, but her character design is modified in the third and fourth series to have purple hair. She also jumps up in age to match Chibiusa's new age when she comes back in S. Both occur with no explanation.

Her first apearance in the series (In R) had her caught up in a fight with Chiral and Achiral, two Black Moon Droids, and badly injured as a result causing ChibiUsa to go into a fit and unleash her latent powers at the monsters.

Momoko is the first target of the Amazoness Quartet in the anime. When she goes to see the first performance of the Dead Moon Circus with Chibiusa and Kyūsuke, she falls victim to a spell cast by Flower Magician CereCere. In a hypnotic trance, she leaves her seat and is attacked by the Amazoness Quartet. Once her dream mirror is revealed and not the Golden Dream Mirror sought by Queen Nehellennia, the quartet summon a Lemures to devour Momoko's mirror. She is saved by Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon.

Momoko primarily appears as a classmate and friend of Chibiusa's.

Other humans[]

Motoki Furuhata[]

File:SM Motoki.png

Motoki in the Anime.

Motoki Furuhata (古幡元基 Furuhata Motoki?), known as Andrew Hansford in the English dub, works at the Crown Game Center, a video arcade Usagi frequently visits. In A Scout is Born,[3] an adaptation of the first anime three episodes by Stuart J. Levy, he is called Andrew Foreman.

In the anime, Usagi calls him Motoki-oniisan and has a very big crush on him in the beginning of the series. He is also friends with Mamoru Chiba, who attends the same college he does, Azabu Institute of Technology. His girlfriend is Reika, a wonderful science student. He has a little sister, Unazuki, who is also friends with Usagi and the others.

In the manga, Motoki holds part-time jobs at both the Crown Game Center and the Crown Fruit Parlor. He attends KO University. In the first arc of the manga, he recognizes the Senshi and learns their true identities, but promises not to tell anyone.


Masaya Kikawada plays Motoki Furuhata in the live-action version of Sailor Moon.

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Motoki first appears in Act 2, but his name is not given until Act 7. Crown Center is a karaoke parlor rather than a video arcade, and he spends much of his time obsessing over his pet turtle, Kamekichi. He initially goes on a triple-date with Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and his two friends from college, one of which is Mamoru. He and Usagi become separated in a maze, but he suffers from a claustrophobic faint and is rescued by Makoto Kino. After Makoto gives him a scarf that she had knitted for a school project, there is a recurring flirtatious relationship between the two.

Makoto and Motoki's relationship eventually becomes a bit more serious. They eventually go out on a date, but Makoto pushes him away from her, stating that she must always be alone because it is her destiny. Eventually there is a situation where youma are attacking the city and Makoto has to transform into Sailor Jupiter in front of Motoki, revealing her secret identity to him. Their connection grows stronger from this, and he buys her a small turtle, a good luck charm to protect her while she's fighting.

During the special act, which takes place four years after the series finale, Makoto owns a floral shop and Motoki is shown helping her out. The two seem to be dating, and at the end, Motoki catches the bouquet at Usagi and Mamoru's wedding and proposes to Makoto, who accepts.

Motoki Furuhata is voiced in the Japanese anime by Hiroyuki Satō. In English, he is voiced by Colin O'Meara. He is played by Masaya Kikawada in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Unazuki Furuhata[]


Unazuki Furuhata

Unazuki Furuhata (古幡宇奈月 Furuhata Unazuki?), known in the English anime as Elizabeth Hansford (Lizzie), is the sister of Motoki Furuhata. She first appears in episode 69 of the anime and is mistaken as a rival love interest for Mamoru Chiba.

She works as a waitress at the Crown Fruit Parlor, where the Sailor Senshi spend much of their free time in the latter parts of the anime. During the SuperS arc of the anime, this restaurant replaces the arcade and Rei's shrine as the usual location of gatherings between the main characters. Unazuki attends T*A Private Girls School with Rei Hino.

Unazuki appears for the second time in episode 94 of Sailor Moon S, dreaming of her first kiss (which results in being targeted by Professor Tomoe), and again in Sailor Moon SuperS. where she reappears as a major supporting character and is usually among Usagi's group. She becomes a target of the Amazon Trio in one episode.

In Japanese, she is voiced by Miyako Endou, except in her appearance in Sailor Moon S, where she is voiced by Eriko Hara. In the English adaptation, she is voiced by Catherine Disher.[4]

Reika Nishimura[]

Template:Sailor-Moon-stub-section Reika Nishimura (西村レイカ Nishimura Reika?), known in English as Rita Blake, is Motoki's girlfriend. She appears only twice in the anime series, and is the reincarnation of the Great Youma Rikokeidā, eventually leaving Jūban to do some studying in Africa. In the manga, she does not study in Africa, and she becomes Setsuna's friend. Her voice actress in the original anime is Rika Fukami, who also voiced Sailor Venus.

Yūichirō Kumada[]


Rei's grandpa teases Yūichirō.

Yūichirō Kumada (熊田雄一郎 Kumada Yūichirō?) (alternately romanised as Yuuichirou), known as Chad Holdenford in the English version, is a ragged-looking young man who appears only in the anime, helping out at the Hikawa Shrine. In the English version, he talks like a surfer dude and calls himself a struggling musician.

His family is very rich and even have a lodge in the mountains. In episode 38, he takes Rei Hino and her friends to his parents' lodge, where they go skiing. He falls in love with Rei at first sight, and decides to stay at the Hikawa Shrine so he could always be near her. Even though she does not show her feelings to him, he remains faithful and tries to protect her.

In the first Japanese anime series, he is voiced by Bin Shimada. In the English dub, he is voiced by Steven Bednarski.

Naruru Osaka and Ruruna Kobe[]


Ruruna and Naruru

Naruru Osaka (大阪なるる Osaka Naruru?) and Ruruna Kobe (神戸るるな Kobe Ruruna?) are fashion-loving classmates of Chibiusa who appear only in the manga. The "Chibiusa's Picture Diaries" story in Volume 17 of the manga revolves around them. Naruru is the younger sister of Naru Osaka.

Naruru and Ruruna are both good friends with Chibiusa, but Chibiusa's other friend Hotaru Tomoe refers to them as 'bimbos'. The have a great relationship with Makoto Hanmatsuura, who owns the Hammer Price Shrine, the local pawn shop. The previous owner of the shop made several bad business deals, resulting in a landraising deal that Makoto is forced to honour. Greedy land developers evict him and destroy the shop. Of course, Naruru and Ruruna would not allow this, so they decided to dress as Sailor Senshi to attempt to save the pawn shop. During the fight, an ancient spirit, Otakura, emerged from the demolished storehouse. The two were sucked towards the storehouse by a swirling vortex of air, but saved when a net was thrown over them, pulling them to safety. Their rescuer was actually Makoto Hanmatsuura, the owner of the pawn shop, who was dressed in a cape and mask, calling himself "Debutcho Kamen" ("Chubby Mask"). Eventually, the evil spirit was destroyed by Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, and everyone returned to normal.

During the course of the story, Naruru expresses a great fondness for "Channel"-brand products, and Ruruna gushes about "Guccicci." These are references to the real-life brands of Chanel and Gucci, although Naoko Takeuchi wrote her fictionalized names clearly in romaji to avoid any legal difficulties. Because of these jokes, and because the two dress up as Senshi, fans of the series sometimes refer to Naruru as "Sailor Channel" and to Ruruna as "Sailor Guccicci," but these names never appear in the manga.

While dressed up, Naruru and Ruruna team up to do a physical attack called Super White Kick, in which they lunge at their opponent.

Makoto Hanamatsuura[]


Makoto Hanmatsuura

Makoto Hanmatsuura (凡松浦マコト Hanmatsuura Makoto?) is a fictional character who appears only in the Sailor Moon manga in volume 17 "Chibiusa's Picture Diaries". He owns a pawn shop called the Hammer Price Shrine. In the manga, he states that his birthday is October 27, his blood type is B, and his hobby is embroidery. His dream is to turn the pawn shop into a nicer place.

The previous owner of the Hammer Price Shrine made several bad business deals, resulting in a landraising deal that Makoto is forced to honor. Greedy land developers evict him and destroy the shop. Two young shoppers at the pawnshop, Naruru Osaka and Ruruna Kobe dress in sailor suits and attempt to defend the shop from the land developers. However, Makoto has been told by his grandmother since childhood that destroying the storehouse would release an evil spirit, and it did. A mist appears from a crack in the wall, and the spirit Otakura emerges. Naruru, Ruruna, and Makoto are sucked toward the storehouse by a vortex of air. Makoto quickly dons a mask and cape, and uses a net to bring the two girls to safety. He calls himself "Debutcho Kamen," meaning Chubby Mask. Sailor Moon and Sailor ChibiMoon destroy Otakura, and Naruru and Ruruna tear the land developers' contract to shreds, ensuring that the Hammer Price Shrine belongs only to Makoto. Later, Makoto rebuilds the pawnshop as a skyscraper.

Makoto Hanmatsuura was a real person who won a bid at a charity auction for the Kobe Earthquake for the opportunity to appear in the Sailor Moon manga. According to the Volume Infinity artbook, his bid was two million yen (about $20,000).



File:Sailormoon pegasus.jpg


Pegasus (一角天馬 Pegasasu?) is a winged white unicorn. His name kanji combine the words for "unicorn" (ikkakujū) and "pegasus" (tenbo), but are given the furigana pronunciation of Pegasus only.[5] Helios (エリオス Eriosu?), is the priest of Elysion. Helios and Elios are both correct spellings of this name; the "H" in "Helios" is aspirated in Greek. Helios refers to the Greek God of the sun and "elios" is the Greek word for sun, making this a pun. Pegasus and Helios are two separate characters in the manga, but in the anime they are the same. He also is a good friend of Chibiusa in a filler arc.


In the manga, Nehellenia curses Helios into the body of his favorite horse. Thus, Helios is forced to appear to Chibiusa in this form. He is seen riding on Pegasus, separate from the body of his favorite horse when he says good-bye to Chibiusa.[6] Unlike his anime counterpart, Helios also lacks any sort of definitive power. He does not lend power to anyone to do attacks, nor can he physically change form himself. He can only transport himself between worlds and fight the curse put upon him. Helios also has a very well-defined romantic relationship with Chibiusa, seeing her older form in his dreams as "Lady Serenity",[7] being compared to being her prince,[8] and leaves with the promise that they will meet again.[6] Helios also claims in the manga to never have met Mamoru before, but to be aware of him. While he guards the Elysion, he does not guard the Golden Crystal directly. He is aware of the existence of it, but it is not in Pegasus's horn, but a part of Mamoru that only Mamoru can wield. Instead, he and Mamoru share a connection through the Earth.



Helios, as he appears in the anime.

In the anime, Helios plays a major role in the fourth series of Sailor Moon, SuperS. He becomes Pegasus after being captured by Nehellenia in order to search for a pure dream to live in and takes up residence inside Chibiusa's beautiful dreams. He willingly takes the form of Pegasus leaving the shell of his body behind. Pegasus becomes a friend and companion to Chibiusa. He has to keep some secrets from her at first, but as the series progresses they get to become closer than friends as they share a kiss and a hug in the anime. He protects the Golden Crystal which is on his forehead, this is eventually used by Sailor Chibi Moon rather than Mamoru at the end of the arc. Pegasus lends his power to Super Sailor Moon, for use in attacking Lemures, once he has been summoned by Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

In the manga, it is strongly implied that Helios will eventually marry Chibiusa and become her "prince".

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Taiki Matsuno. In the English version, he is voiced by Robert Bockstael.

Phobos and Deimos[]


Phobos' and Deimos' true forms in the manga.

Phobos (フォボス fobosu?) and Deimos (ディモス dimosu?) are Rei's pet crows that live at the shrine, which she named after the two moons of Mars. They have the ability to sense evil, and sometimes even attack enemies.[9]

While they appear in all versions of the series, the two are most important in the manga series, where they reveal themselves in Act 36 as Power Guardians--small, humanoid sprites, in charge of guarding Sailor Mars. They save Sailor Mars from being killed by Tiger's Eye and give her her Sailor Crystal.

They are later revealed to be from the planet Coronis[10] when they encounter Sailor Lead Crow, who also happens to be from Coronis. Sailor Lead Crow comes to steal Phobos and Deimos' starseeds, which she succeeds in doing.

In the live-action series, Rei's crows appear only briefly and are never called by name. In the Another Story RPG, they go with her on the search for the stone she was sent to find.

Dead Senshi[]


Sailor Coronis is the only of the dead senshi shown and only from behind.

In the Sailor Stars arc, a number of Senshi are mentioned who were from other worlds, and who were killed before the beginning of the series.

Sailor Coronis
Little is known about her other than she is from Coronis, the homeworld of Rei's crows, Phobos and Deimos. In the manga she was killed by Sailor Lead Crow, who took her Star Seed to gain Galaxia's favor. She is never mentioned in the anime. She is the only one of the Dead Senshi to ever be pictured.
Sailor Mau
Little is known about her other than she is from Mau, the homeworld of Luna and Artemis. In the manga she was killed by Sailor Tin Nyanko, who took her star seed to gain Sailor Galaxia's favor. Luna and Artemis call her their planet's only hero, implying she was Mau's only Sailor Senshi. She is never mentioned in the anime.
Sailor Chū
A manga-only Senshi who was killed by Sailor Iron Mouse, who took her star seed to gain Galaxia's favor.
Sailor Mermaid
A manga-only Senshi who was killed by Sailor Aluminum Siren, who took her star seed to gain Galaxia's favor. She is never mentioned by name even in the manga, but in general terms a Senshi of the planet Mermaid is known to exist.
Sailor Cocoon
Never mentioned in the anime or manga, Sailor Coccoon is only a theoretical senshi, created by following the pattern of the other dead senshi; for example, Sailor Mau being Mau's guardian Senshi and being killed by Tin Nyanko, and so on. Because Sailor Coccoon was never mentioned in the manga (the only place that Papillion appeared), it can be theorized that Papillion was the senshi of planet cocoon or that Papillion killed Sailor Cocoon for her star seed.

Guardian Cosmos[]

File:M guardiancosmos.gif

Guardian Cosmos as seen in the Stars manga

Guardian Cosmos (ガーディアン・コスモス Gaadian Kosumosu?) only appears in the Stars manga, last act.[11] She never appears in the anime version of Sailor Moon.

Guardian Cosmos is the guardian of the Cosmos Seed and of the Galaxy Cauldron which she also dwells in. She wears a bell-shaped dress and carries a staff. She appeared in front of Usagi Tsukino after the destruction of Chaos.

Guardian Cosmos allowed Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi to leave the Cauldron as themselves upon the request of Sailor Moon to return to their normal lives. Guardian Cosmos had given them the option to remain within the Cauldron in their pure "star" forms, but in the end, Sailor Moon chose to stay with the life that she had created for herself and her friends.

She is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Cauldron Guardian, the name Mixx/Chix Comix gave her in the English-language release of the Manga.

Sailor Astarte[]

Template:Sailor-Moon-stub-section Sailor Astarte appears in only one musical as her true self, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Transylvania no Mori. Her civlillan form is mention in another one and her evil forms appear in others. She first appears in the musical as a transfer student from Europe. Her mother is part phoenician, and used to live somewhere in the Meditarraen sea. She is introduced as Shiba (or sometimes spelled Shiva) Shingetsu Astarte. The term 'shiba' means firewood and 'shingetsu' means new moon.

Astarte has 4 different personalities:

Shiba Shingetsu Astarte: In this form, Astarte seems to be extremely introverted; or, she's independent, quiet, calm, and level headed. Being the new student she appeared to be very shy. Shiba is approachable and is not outspoken.

Dark Cain-Sama: The second personality is Dark Cain-Sama. Dark Cain-sama is an evil entity who doesn't come out often and is worshiped by the evil vampires in the Transylvania no mori musical.

Death Vulcan Shiba: Her third personality is Death Vulcan Shiba, who most people just call "Astarte". Astarte is an evil goddess like diety, who rules over the vampires, including Lillith, the evil vampire leader. Death Vulcan has control over the body of Shiba most of the time probably because she is the strongest.

Sailor Astarte: The fourth and last of the personalities. She appears when the senshi were in great danger, and saves them from certain doom. She calls herself "the tenth Sailor senshi, from the other side of the sun." She seems like a determined and strong character in this form; not scared at all, very bold. Sailor Astarte's attacks are "Solomon Jihad" and "Solomon Birth". She has only been portrayed by Aya Hosoda.


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