The following is a list of minor characters who appear on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Characters listed here are those who are portrayed by actors not billed in the opening credits, but have still contributed to the storylines. These are characters worth mentioning, or have frequent appearances. The characters are listed in order of appearance on the Degrassi: The Next Generation series.

Teachers and adults[]

Jeff Isaacs[]

Jeff Isaacs
File:Jeff Isaacs.jpg
First appearance Mother and Child Reunion, Part 1
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance Dressed in Black
(episode 2.17)
Family Toby Isaacs (son)
Ashley Kerwin (stepdaughter)
Episode Count 6
Portrayed by Nigel Hamer

Jeff Isaacs is the father of Toby Isaacs, stepfather of Ashley Kerwin, husband of Kate Kerwin, and ex-husband of Anne Marie Isaacs.

First seen touring the new school with Toby in the first Degrassi: The Next Generation episode, Mother and Child Reunion, Part 1, Jeff Isaacs has made a number of appearances throughout the first season of the series. Though a loving father to Toby, he in his ex-wife Anne Marie cannot have a conversation without it turning into an argument. After splitting up, he and Toby move in with his new girlfriend, Kate Kerwin (Ashley's mother), which causes some friction between the new siblings. He essentially treats Ashley like a step daughter even though he is not officially married with Kate.

On Degrassi Community School's Parents Day, the relationship between him and his ex-wife is revealed. It is apparent that they cannot even be in the same room without each other without arguing and as they were meeting for their son's parent-teacher interview, Jeff promises Toby that they will have no arguments. However, even though Jeff tries not to engage his ex-wife further during the interview, he eventually falters and joins Anne Marie in an escalating argument. Jeff takes a strong stance that Anne Marie breaks her commitment to their family to instead, pursue her casting career. The specific reason for why they separated is unknown but its revealed that it was Anne Marie left, who also cites that threats are "Jeff's area of expertise".

In the episode "Secrets & Lies", when Ashley comes home from being dropped off by her father, she walks in on Jeff and Kate arguing over doing the dishes. When the argument is seemingly about to be escalated by Jeff, he sees his step-daughter and simply jokes that Kate was in "one of her moods again". Even though it seemed their relationship may have been faltering and deteriorating into Jeff's previous relationship with his ex-wife, it was not the case as they both still share a strong and loving bond.

Ms. Kwan[]

Main article: Ms. Kwan

Ms. Kwan is the English teacher at Degrassi and is known to be strict, but is a rather good teacher. She briefly left the first year she worked at Degrassi to take care of her sick husband causing Spinner and Jimmy to feel guilty over a series of mean-spirited pranks they played on her.

Kate Kerwin[]

Kate Kerwin
File:Kate Kerwin.jpg
First appearance Family Politics
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance Voices Carry, Part 2
(episode 4.12)
Family Ashley Kerwin (daughter)
Toby Isaacs (stepson)
Episode Count 12
Portrayed by Maria Ricossa

The mother of Ashley Kerwin and girlfriend of Jeff Isaacs, she splits up with her husband after finding out that he's gay and cheated on her. When Jeff and his son Toby move in, to accommodate Toby, she dotes him and always takes his side sometimes over her own daughter Ashley. This, in addition to Toby's attitude and behaviour, causes the sibling like rivalry between him and Ashley.

It's shown that she has some knowledge of science when her and Jeff comically interrupt Toby and J.T., who were watching porn. When Toby questions "... are those real?", Jeff and Kate, who have come home early unbeknownst to the two boys, Jeff responds with "actually, I'll say silicon" and Kate retorts with "or saline solution". They both agree on disciplining J.T. and Toby by forcing to watch porn with them (including gay) so they can learn the hard lesson about objectifying women.

She has also been seen briefly in an episode, scolding Ash for writing music instead of being sick, like she had claimed after Craig broke up with her.

Todd MacGregor[]

Todd MacGregor
File:Todd MacGregor.jpg
First appearance Eye of the Beholder (104)
Last appearance Don't Dream It's Over (317)
Family Terri MacGregor (daughter)
Episode Count 2
Portrayed by Geoff Bowes

Todd MacGregor is Terri's loving and caring father, though sometimes oblivious of his own daughter's issues and problems. After his wife's death, he's left looking after Terri by himself.

On the day of Degrassi's "Starlight, starbright" dance, Todd is seen optimistically complimenting and encouraging his daughter. However, Terri actually dreaded the coming of the dance, due to her inferiority complex about being overweight. Her father continues to praise her and mentions that "he could see the boys lining up for miles", to which she rebuts that she was fat and guys don't even notice her. Ridiculing and bashing that claim, Todd advises Terri to stop beating herself up and that she was indeed a beautiful girl, an aspect that he affirmed Terri would see at the dance. Terri bluntly responds that she wouldn't be going as nobody would "want to dance with a fat cow". Though Terri would eventually go to the dance with Spinner, she initially lies and says that Todd was making her do chores, so that she wouldn't have to go. Just prior to the dance, Todd is absent in attending to his daughter at home and thus, Paige was successful in getting Terri drunk to sabotage her chances with Spinner.

Todd is also present in the episode "Don't Dream It Over", where Rick put his daughter in a coma. At the hospital watching his daughter, Todd was obviously extremely upset and distraught. When Spinner and Paige visited them, Todd mentions that the prognosis of her condition was fairly unknown but that she would most likely pull through as his "little baby was a fighter". His attempts at optimism begin to fade and diminish when he wonders how Rick, a boy he perceived Terri to be so in love with, could do something like that. Finding out that Paige and Spinner had previously known about Rick's abusive tendencies, Todd immediately gets angered and questions why they did not inform anybody; or at least him. Despite their protests that they thought it was under control, Todd, in a fit of rage, sarcastically questions if they still thought it was under control. Leaving Paige and Spinner to contemplate their poor decisions, Todd goes to attend to his comatose daughter.

Scott "Tracker" Cameron[]

Main article: Scott "Tracker" Cameron

Tracker is Sean's older brother and they lived in an apartment together, until getting a unrefusable job offer in Alberta, leaving Sean alone when he moved there with girlfriend Kim. He dispenses brotherly wisdom from time to time and tried to keep Sean out of trouble again, by trying to keep him away from Jay Hogart, but to no avail. Tracker left Sean to be emancipated and left the apartment in Sean's care, until Sean too vacated the apartment for their parents' home in Wasaga Beach, leaving the apartment to Sean's girlfriend, Ellie Nash, who couldn't afford it on her own.

Anne Marie Isaacs[]

Anne Marie Isaacs
File:Anne Marie Isaacs.jpg
First appearance Parents' Day (105)
Last appearance Ibidem
Occupation Casting Agent
Family Toby Isaacs (son)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed by Christina Collins

The mother of Toby Isaacs, Anne Marie Isaacs often argues with her ex-husband Jeff, whenever they're together.

In the episode Parents' Day, we learn about Toby's living arrangement (weekends with his mother, the rest with his father). Though she is devoted in her career and advancing it, she does show some concern regarding the effectiveness of their living arrangement and its impact on Toby. Coming a bit late to Parents' Day because of her job, Jeff reminds Toby that lateness and breaking commitments is typical of his mother. Although it is unknown what specifically caused Jeff and Anne Marie's separation, during their arguments, its revealed that it was Anne Marie who left Jeff, to which Jeff thinks the reason behind it was her career that "meant so much more to her than they ever did".

As a casting agent, she falls victim to Ashley and Paige's futile attempts for her to notice them but however, she does spot Terri and gives her her business card saying that she was "interested in her look". It's later discovered that Terri got a job as a 'plus-size' model.

Anne Marie's relationship with her son's step-sister Ashley, is much less strained than any other of her family members seen. Leaving Parents' Day early because of her job, she apologizes over the situation with Toby, and "gives Ashley permission" to keep Toby in line.

Coach Darryl Armstrong[]

Main article: Coach Armstrong

Coach Armstrong is the Mathematics teacher for all grades at Degrassi, and shows he's dedicated to his job by taking time out to tutor students who are having trouble in the course. But this dedication started to spawn nasty rumours that he and Liberty Van Zandt were having an inappropriate relationship, when the real reason behind Liberty's tutoring is that she had a learning disability called dyscalculia. Coach Armstrong coaches the boys' sports teams and takes an active part in Degrassi's sports programme.

Albert Manning[]

Main article: Albert Manning

Albert Manning is Craig's abusive surgeon father. First seen in "When Doves Cry" Last seen when killed in a car accident at the end of season 2.

Matt Oleander[]

Matthew "Matt" Oleander
File:Matt OleandeR.jpg
First appearance Neutron Dance (410)
Last appearance Death of a Disco Dancer (503)
Nickname(s) Mr. O
Status Moved to Vancouver to paint houses.
Occupation Former Teacher Assistant at Degrassi Community School; House Painter
Episode Count 6

Main article: Matt Oleander

Matt started out as a student teacher's assistant under Mr. Simpson, and yoga instructor at Degrassi. Paige crushed on him and got her way when he kissed her, starting their secret relationship. This lasted the entire second semester of the school year. Matt was a struggling college student and a teaching enthusiast. He lived in an apartment worse than Sean's, and tried to shield Paige from seeing it to allow her to keep her fantasy vision of how wonderful it must be. One person was in on the secret, and that was Manny, who witnessed their kiss. Manny was good about keeping the secret until Paige made her mad by missing spirit squad rehearsals, so Manny started a cat fight with Paige and revealed the secret to the crowd. Manny also accidentally informed Hazel, who is well known for being "secrecy-challenged", but Hazel only caused some heat. Matt was questioned about his paramour, and took responsibility, realizing that calling her a stalker wasn't cool. He was kicked out of school, and left for a couple of months. He came back scraggly-looking and unkempt, and told Paige about plans to move to Vancouver as a painter. He supplied her with a marijuana joint, which caused some problems....


Sydney is a real estate agent who had a short-lived relationships with Joey Jeremiah. Things between the two disintegrated when Joey realised that he still loved Caitiln Ryan, his old flame, and they ended on bad terms. Apparently the terms weren't bad enough when Joey went back to Sydney to try and sell his house, which Caitlin bought right back within a day or two of it being on the market. It's safe to say that Caitlin and Sydney resent each other, because they both have feelings for Joey, and Caitlin won Joey's attentions from her.

Ms. Sauve[]

Ms. Sauve (pronounced soe-vae) is the school guidance counselor. She is there in times of need, such as helping people through the after-effects of the school shooting, helping Paige after she was raped, helping Ellie realize she needed to stop cutting, or helping J.T and Liberty figure out what to do with Liberty's teenage pregnancy. And also helped the students with the grieving process after J.T.'s death.

Students and kids[]

Angela "Angie" Jeremiah[]

Angela Jeremiah
File:Angela Jeremiah.jpg
First appearance Mother and Child Reunion, Part 1
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance Our Lips Are Sealed, Part 1
(episode 5.15)
Nickname(s) Angie
Year of Birth 1995
Occupation Student
Family Joey Jeremiah (father)
Julia Jeremiah (mother)
Craig Manning (half-brother)
Episode Count 22
Portrayed by Alex Steele

Only a minor character in the Degrassi series, Angela Jeremiah is the daughter of Joey Jeremiah and Julia Jeremiah and the half-sister of Craig Manning.

Living with her single father, Angela was deeply affected by the loss of her mother and needed to be around other people, as mentioned by Joey. As he essentially "cut himself off from the world", this impacted Angela's life as she basically would only breach this isolationism to start kindergarten in the first season. Angela is often seen as a young, childish, naïve girl loving of her brother.

When Craig becomes introduced, Angela is the subject of his photographs to complete his "My Perfect Family" collection. In an instance where he photographed her in her school playground, Angela spotted her half-brother almost immediately and they both talk. With Angela notes that he had been gone for an extended period of time, Craig remarks that he has returned from camp and that they wouldn't be separated, despite his father's wishes. Craig's wish to not reveal their relationship to both their fathers puts some strain on Angela as she accidentally tells Joey that Craig saw her, as she immediately quiets herself when she realizes her mistake. Being babysat by Emma, Angela got to see more of his brother more openly as he lied to Joey saying that Albert was okay with their visits. When they were tickling each other, Angela was the first to see the bruises Craig received from his father's beatings but accepted his claim that a "dinosaur" did it. She later retold it to Joey, which consolidated the allegations of Craig's abusive father.

When Craig leaves his father and moves in with Joey, Angela could more openly and frequently see her brother.


File:Lily (D-TNG).jpg
First appearance Basketball Diaries
(episode 1.07)
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Jordan Chan

Lily is a student in Degrassi who conducts the video announcements. Operating the camera while directing those on the air, Lily was particularly agitated and nagging when Liberty was late in giver her announcement script for Ashley. When Liberty Van Zandt was about to give her announcements (a privilege she annoyed Ashley into relinquishing), Lily informed the oblivious Liberty that they were already airing, as she was doing embarrassing facial exercises on air. After the disastrous announcement, Lily futilely attempted to uplift the bummed out Liberty by saying that it "wasn't bad for her first time". Though Lily suggested that they should go to the gym and watch Degrassi's game against Earl Grey, Liberty simply ignored her and after being laughed at by some students, Liberty runs to the washroom to cry.

Isabella Jones[]

Isabella Jones
First appearance Can't Hardly Wait (604)
Last appearance It's Tricky (704)
Nickname(s) Bella
Year of Birth 2003?
Family Mia Jones (mother)
Episode Count 3

Isabella Jones is the daughter of Mia Jones. Isabella is fan of J.T's television program. She is three years old.

Chante Black[]

Chante Black
First appearance Modern Love
(episode 4.18)
Occupation Enrolled at Degrassi Community School (Junior Year)
Episode Count 6

Chante Black is on the Spirit Squad and is best friends with Darcy Edwards. She had a significant lust for Chester Hosoda-Bloom, helped in the scheme that broke Paige Michalchuk's leg, and revealed to Paige that Manny's topless video was circulating around the school, ultimately getting Manny kicked off the Spirit Squad. She seems to be gossipy and catty.

Trey "Towerz" Hightower[]

Towerz was a member of Jay's gang, but the gang seems to have disbanded since Alex ran for President in her junior year. In their sophomore year, it was revealed that he had a "thing for smart girls" through fellow gang member Sean, and it resulted in Liberty's first steady boyfriend for a period of time before breaking up over a summer. He has not appeared since. Played by Travis Donegan

Chester Hosoda-Bloom[]

Chester Hosoda Bloom
First appearance Bark at the Moon
(episode 4.13)
Last appearance Modern Love
(episode 4.18)
Occupation Enrolled at Degrassi Community School (Junior Year)
Family Chad Hosoda-Bloom (brother)
Chuck Hosoda-Bloom (brother)
Episode Count 2

Chester was a short lived character in the series. Chester is a grade below Manny Santos and Emma Nelson. Chester gives Manny and Marco an idea of a dance to help relieve the school shooting. This led Manny to a crush on him The two of them kiss at the dance but Manny quickly realizes that she wants to be with Spinner. After he is rejected by Manny he sets his eyes on Emma, even though she is the only one who seems uninterested in him. The girls who were actually intimidated by his presence were Manny Santos, Darcy Edwards, and Chante Black. He continues to taunt Emma and her friends, then leaves.

Dylan Michalchuk[]

Main article: Dylan Michalchuk

A graduate of Degrassi class of ‘04 and Paige's older brother, Dylan is openly gay. He was Marco's first boyfriend and only intimate partner, and they recently broke up due to Dylan wanting an "open relationship". It is theorized that Jay may have an old feud with Dylan, though no explanation has ever been offered. It could just be plain homophobia. Dylan is a jock, playing both volleyball and college hockey. He recently got back together with Marco at the end of season 5. However the two have since broken up again.

Rick Murray[]

Main article: Rick Murray

Rick is an intellectual, psychotic young man. He had major anger problems, where he would turn violent. He was in love with Terri but was a controlling, obsessive, abusive boyfriend. He shoved her, to tell her to leave, but instead she fell backwards. she fell back onto a concrete block,putting her in a coma. He never meant to hurt her, so he was in shock and when her friends came looking for her, they found rick huddled over her body. He left school, to return a little late next year to a place where he was not welcome. In return, his tormentors dumped paint and feathers on him in front of the school. He returned after lunch that day with a gun. He was mislead by Spinner and Jay into believing his friend, Jimmy, pulled the prank. He confronted him, and shot him in the lower back. He was on his way to shoot Emma because Rick had begun to believe she loved him since she was friendly but when he acted out in a romantic way, she denied him. Emma, and a few friends including Sean were found walking in the hall. the gun was narrowed to Emma when Sean lunged for him, tussled with the gun and twisted it back towards Rick. The gun went off, and Rick was killed.

Amy Peters-Hoffman[]

Amy is the once best friend of Alex Nunez. She dated Sean while he was on rebound from Emma; however, after a hot and heated relationship, they broke up. It was later revealed that Amy took part in the sexual activities that went on at "The Ravine", including giving oral sex to Alex's then boyfriend, Jay in the back of a van. She had many bracelets and the colours of the bracelets denotes that oral sex wasn't the only thing that she took part in at "The Ravine." From it all, Amy lost her best friend and contracted the STD gonorrhea from Jay.

Chris Sharpe[]

Chris is an aspiring DJ who has a talent in English, as shown by his like of Shakespeare when the class read it in Grade 9. He and Emma Nelson had a short-lived relationship, and it ended during the summer holiday between their Grade 9 and 10 years. Liberty had shown an interest in Chris, which resulted in Emma finding out and being quite rude about it, ending their friendship. However, it was apparent that Chris wasn't looking for anything huge with Liberty. Chris was hurt by Emma's racy and ill-lived relationship with Jay and by her contracting gonorrhea, but covered for it by making rude and sly comments in Media Immersions class during the student-teacher, Matt Oleander's lecture.

Dean Walton[]

Main article: Dean Walton

Raped Paige in the epidode "Shout". During the episode How soon is Now, Dean comes back to Degrassi to play with his basketball team in the tournament. Paige tells J.T. about her rape and he attempts to beat up Dean. In the episode Ghost in the machine, Paige faces Dean in court and loses. Then after she crashes a Frat party announcing Dean is a rapist, she totals Spinners car by slamming into Deans.

Kendra Mason[]

Main article: Kendra Mason

Kendra Mason is Spinner's adoptive sister, but is of Chinese heritage, as revealed during a discussion of race in the aftermath of a hate crime at International Day at Degrassi. She's very into Japanese anime, and shares this love with Toby Isaacs, who she had a short-lived romantic relationship with. After the break up she had fewer and fewer appearances on the show until eventually she just disappeared all together.


Tim is the short-lived boyfriend of Marco Del Rossi, He became friends wirh Marco after his homophobic friends abandoned him after coming out. he later broke up with Marco because he was "used" by him. In Marco's anger at his ex-boyfriend (Dylan Michalchuk), Marco wanted to make Dylan feel jealous.

Jesse Stefanovic[]

Jesse Stefanovic
First appearance True Colours
(episode 6.03)
Occupation Editor at The Core Newspaper

Main article: Jesse Stefanovic

Jesse Stefanovic is a newspaper editor for "The Core" magazine. He is Ellie's boss and soon turns into Ellie's boyfriend. Jesse and Ellie break up and Jesse then starts seeing Paige. Soon after, they break up and he and Ellie start seeing each other again.


Nate is a student at Degrassi Community School, and was the Degrassi adaptation of Castle Dracula. He also had a little fling with Emma, and when she kissed him, he found out about her disease. His first appearance was in Voices Carry, during the early process of developing the play for drama class. His last appearance was in Secret, but was later mentioned in High Fidelity, during the Degrassi 50's Anniversary Variety Show.


Drake is a Lakehurst goon who shows up to Liberty's party but is kicked out by Jay and Spinner. He then ends up stabbing J.T., which results in his death. Drake is later said to be in jail for murder.

Kiko & Suki[]

Kiko and Suki are two girls who are roommates with Dylan, Marco, and Ellie. They are first seen in the first episode of season 6. They later show up at Emma's house with Marco and Ellie for Liberty's birthday party. Their names are finally revealed when Marco mentions Ellie went out with Kiko and Suki. By season seven, the two have moved out.

Johnny DiMarco[]

Johnny is a Lakehurst goon who is usually seen with Nick. He was involved in beating up Toby and also attended Liberty's birthday party at Emma's house. He urinates on JT's car immediately before Drake stabs JT, who ends up sitting in Johnny's urine. In the season 7 premiere, Johnny offered Toby a peace treay since the two would have to share schools, but Toby refused and then verbally assaulted Johnny and the other Lakehurst students on a podcast. Toby later apologized and offered to take the peace treaty offer, but the "treaty was off the table." He has also been brutally beaten up by Spinner. In previews for future episodes you see Johnny getting kissed by someone. Supposedly Darcy because she is not pleased with her current relationship with Peter Stone. It also seems Darcy is kissing a lot of people for reasons unknown.

Claire Edwards[]

Claire is Darcy's little sister. She is portrayed as being a goody-goody. In recent episodes, she is a main character.

Heather Sinclair[]

Main article: Heather Sinclair

A character who is always mentioned but never really seen. She has been mentioned by almost all the major cast members, and is used as an inside joke by the writers. Sister of Lakehurst transfer Holly J. Sinclair who we actually see.


A player on the girls' lacrosse team in season 6, Serena does not get along with Alex, who bullied her in the past. Alex apparently tripped her so that she broke her ankle and had to leave the volleyball team, and nearly blinded her with a laser pointer at her "First, and last debate." Serena somewhat turns Alex into the light, and more of a protagonist.

Carla Carlisle[]

Alex's second, now ex, girlfriend. She shows up to Dylan and Marco's for Thanksgiving, and speaks briefly with Paige while having dinner with Alex at the Dot. According to Alex, Carla is a graduate student studying at Toronto University and star track runner. She and Alex do not appear to have a very close relationship and it ends rather briefly; Alex tells Paige that she thought Carla and her had nothing in common (although, this was probably just an excuse, as Alex was still in love with Paige).


Mel helped Alex get a waitressing job at club Zanzibar, and is also the former girlfriend of Jay Hogart. She chided Alex for looking down on the strippers at the club, and later warned Alex not to become a stripper, with limited success. She gives Alex advice and the two appear to be good friends. Though she and Paige originally clash, the tensions between them soon dissipate. It is later mentioned in "Love is a Battlefield" that she dumped Jay, but the reasons are unknown.

Anya MacPherson[]

Anya is a Degrassi student who transferred from Lakehurst after the school burned down. She is usually following Holly J. Sinclaire around the school.


Trina is a girl with a handicapped disabilites gained after a rock climbing accident. She works out and tries physiotherapy at the same place Jimmy Brooke does and has encouraged him to not give up.

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