The Lylat System during the time of Star Fox Command, roughly 9-11 years after the Lylat Wars (the events of Star Fox 64)

The Star Fox (also known as Lylat Wars) series of video games from Nintendo features a number of fictional planets and locations. The majority of these belong to the Lylat System, the central system in the Star Fox games.

Aparoid Homeworld[]

The Aparoid Homeworld is home to both the aparoid race, including the queen. It is featured in Starfox: Assault, the fourth installment of the Starfox franchise comprising the two final levels of the game. The Starfox team destroys the Aparoid Queen using a self-destruct program, created by the character Beltino Toad, Slippy’s father. This leads to the destruction of the entire planet.


Aquas is an underwater-based level in Starfox 64, where Fox Mcloud uses the “blue-marine”, a sub-marine designed by Slippy, to destroy a bio-weapon created by Andross. In Star Fox Command, four missions are played on this planet and Slippy's fiancée, Amanda, also appears here. All the ships have been upgraded to allow underwater navigation, as the battles which occur here are fought in Arwings, or the pilots' respective aircraft.

Area 6[]

Area 6, which is also known as “Venom Airspace”, is one of the final levels in Starfox 64. Area 6 is a region of space surrounding Planet Venom (home to Andross), protecting the planet from allied fire. The Starfox team have to decimate Planet Venom’s defense lines in order to reach the planet and defeat Andross. At the end of the level is a “boss”, known as the Gorgon. Area 6 has not been seen in any other game, apparently due to its destruction.

Black Hole[]

The Black Hole, seen only in Star Fox, was caused by Andross' experiments. It is stated that Fox's father (named James McCloud) is last seen there, and has subsequently gone missing. This explanation is contradicted in Star Fox 64 which states that McCloud is captured by Andross when sent to investigate Planet Venom with Pigma Dengar and Peppy Hare, who together made up the original Starfox team. The Black Hole has not appeared since Star Fox.


Bolse, is a defense satellite to the Planet Venom, in Starfox 64. The Starfox team successfully destroys the satellite and head for Planet Venom’s defences. If the team fails to destroy the rival Starwolf team in the earlier “Fortuna” level (or bypases the planet entirely), then any remaining members of Starwolf will assault the team while they try to complete the task of destroying the satellite. Bolse is not mentioned in any Star Fox games after that.


Cerinia is the home planet of Krystal; all the planet's inhabitants, including Krystal's parents, are dead. It is implied that the planet itself was destroyed as well; however, very little is known about Cerinia. None of the Star Fox games to date have gone into further detail; Cerinia is only mentioned briefly in the manual of Star Fox Adventures.


For notable Cornerians, see List of characters in the Star Fox series.

Corneria is the fourth planet of the fictional Lylat System, and is the most important planet in the Lylat System from the Star Fox series of video games. The planet is featured in all five Starfox games (as well as the unreleased Starfox 2) and is the location which most animal life-forms occupy. On the planet, the two seemingly largest corporations are Space Dynamics (a defense contractor to the Cornerian Military, similar to Boeing or Lockheed-Martin), and Lunastone Hotels.

The planet of Corneria is where most of the Lylatians live, while other planets are mostly used as research centers, criminal hideouts, military outposts and such.

The climate of the planet along with its appearance is much like that of Earth. Corneria is surrounded by an Asteroid Belt called Meteo. The people of Corneria are referred to as Cornerians. The Capital of Corneria is Corneria City as mentioned in Star Fox 64 and seen in Star Fox: Assault and Command.


During the conflict between Corneria and Venom (during Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars), Andross and his forces from the planet Venom used various planets on the Lylat System as bases and invaded Corneria. The Star Fox team, lead by Fox McCloud, managed to stop the invasion by destroying the Venomian commanders in charge of the assault on Corneria. By "island-hopping" to other planets and eliminating their respective leaders, the Star Fox team managed to eventually launch a strike on Venom.

During the Aparoid Invasion to the Lylat System (in Star Fox: Assault), the Cornerian Army and Fleet was devistated and the capital city of Corneria was left a smoking ruin. The Cornerian Commander in Chief, General Pepper was severely injured over the course of the battle. Only when Star Fox and Star Wolf fought together, the Aparoid invasion to Corneria halted. The Orbital Gate orbiting around Corneria was a prime target for the Aparoids. However, the combined forces of Star Fox and Wolf managed to beat back the invaders.

After the Aparoid invasion of Corneria's capital, a temporary government was established on the Orbital Gate until the city was rebuilt.

Corneria also comes under attack again in Star Fox Command by the Anglars. Some battles with them take place in Corneria City. General Pepper has since given his power to Peppy Hare, who is now the current general.

Video games[]

Corneria was the first stage that the player had to play in both the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64. The Corneria seen there is a city, called 'Corneria City' in Star Fox 64, which is being attacked by Venomian spaceships and a ground vehicle. The boss of the level was either a massive spacecraft called the Attack Carrier [which reappeared in the second game's Corneria stage as a hidden boss] or a bizarre ground vehicle called 'Destructor' that attacked with giant spinning blades, plasma blasts and missiles. In Star Fox 64, Destructor is replaced by a bipedal mech.

Corneria is not mentioned in Star Fox Adventures, which takes place on Sauria.

The part of Corneria seen in Star Fox: Assault is the Capital City (Corneria City) in the middle of an ocean that has been totally destroyed, full of Aparoids and infected soldiers and ships, the player must use a sniper rifle to destroy certain targets (such as radar jammers) to help the counter-attack, and destroy all the enemies while on Wolf O'Donnell's Wolfen ship, and destroy General Pepper's infected ship while still on the Wolfen.

The popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee has a stage called "Lylat System: Corneria", where the players battle on the dorsal fin of the Great Fox as it flies over Corneria. During the battle, Arwings will sometimes swoop in and begin shooting at the players. The Great Fox flies over a sea, a city and what appears to be some ancient ruins. A stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl also flies through the planet's atmosphere.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii has a micro-game where you pilot the Arwing through Corneria from the first Star Fox.

Cornerian Army[]

The Cornerian Army is a fictional military force responsible for the defense of Corneria, and almost all of the Lylat System under Cornerian control (such as Katina, Sector Y, and Fichina), except Venom. Unfortunately, the army doesn't seem to do a good job at it; they are constantly marred by repeated defeats. While clearly their inability to effectively fight is an attempt by the game designers to give the player more of a role in missions, some jokingly mock that, without the Star Fox team, the Lylat System would've been enslaved years ago.

Space Dynamics is a Cornerian defense contractor that manufactures weapons and vehicles for the Cornerian Defense Forces.


The Cornerian army seems to be an all-canine force. All the Soldiers, as seen in Star Fox 64, are anthropomorphic dogs. When the Star Fox team gets an award speech (as seen in Star Fox 64), there are uniformed dogs, or foxes on both sides. In addition, the two mentioned units are the "Bulldog" and "Husky" Units, both being names of breeds of dogs.

History of the Army[]

Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64)[]

During the Lylat wars of Star Fox 64, the army was devistated by Andross' army on Corneria, with its (supposed) capital city occupied. Whether the army stationed there was completely wiped out, or otherwise indisposed by other conflicts away from the city, is unclear. However, it is clear that they are unable to come to your aid, as you and your wingmen are forced to take back the city by yourselves.

Later, at the Katina base, you actually team up with a somewhat effective fraction of the army, lead by Bill Grey, against a fleet of Andross' fighters. However, once the fleet's mothership arrives, you once again have to take the initiative and fight the boss yourself, though it's pretty clear what is occupying the forces in this instance. Andross' fighters are deliberately colored similarly to the Cornerian fighters, so one must be careful what they are shooting at. In a rare victory, however, if you get over 100 kills in Sector Y, (where you assist the Cornerian Fleet) what remains of the fleet will go on to secure Katina while Star Fox moves to Aquas.

The army is mentioned fighting the enemy with Star Fox in most of the other levels, but they are hardly ever seen.

Aparoid Wars (Star Fox: Assault)[]

Prior to the Aparoid invasion in Star Fox: Assault, the Cornerian Army was fighting with the last of Andross's last resistance forces, led by Andrew Oikonny. They were winning at first, but soon the Venomians had the upper hand. The near defeated Cornerians were saved, once again, by Star Fox.

The Cornerian army is, probably, instantly defeated by the Aparoid invasion. The Katina Base (which is either a different base, or an upgraded version of the Star Fox 64 base) was the first place to be occupied by the Aparoids.

In Corneria City, which has been invaded by the Aparoids, the Army, once again, doesn't help out here, and is probably once again defeated by the enemy instantly, but there are many dog soldiers which may have been infected by, or collaborated with the Aparoids. There is also enemy aircraft that doesn't look like Aparoid craft. They may have been captured Cornerian ships.

The only engagement in which the Cornerian Army joined in was during a space battle above Corneria, but they are of only limited help.


Fichina is the Japanese name for the planet mistakenly called Fortuna in the English translation of Star Fox 64. Fortuna is an icy-barren winter world that the Star Wolf team make their first appearance on in Starfox 64.

In Star Fox 64, the mission on Fortuna is to regain control of a Cornerian base that Andross has captured. After enemy ships begin to leave the base the team learn that a bomb has been planted there. Before they can send someone to disarm it, the Star Wolf team launches an attack. If the player can shoot down all of the Star Wolf ships before the bomb goes off, Fox will fly inside and "take care of the bomb", otherwise the base explodes.

In Star Fox: Assault, the planet's name is translated to Fichina, and it is correctly identified as a separate Planet from Fortuna. The planet's appearance appears the same as in Star Fox 64, with the added hazard of a blizzard of which Fox Mcloud has to stop. The player has to destroy all three shield generators in order to break the shield surrounding the climate control center. Once this task has been achieved, Fox will then head inside the climate control center where he'll be attacked by security robots. Surviving their attacks, Fox will then be rescued by wing mate Falco; riding his wing Fox shall destroy the aerial enemies menacing the Arwing. Finally, Fox and Co. will have to destroy some live engineering apparatus before it explodes.

Fichina appears again in Star Fox Command, with a battle with Star Wolf taking place here as in Star Fox 64, and the revealing of Peppy Hare's only daughter, Lucy Hare.


Fortuna is a green planet full of many different and giant life forms. Andross's plans with Fortuna were to gain control of the creatures and use them as living weapons. He succeeds with the Monarch Dodora in the original Starfox.

In cancelled game Star Fox 2, the battle takes place in an ocean. The boss, like all of the Star Fox 2 bosses fought in the cores of planets, is a giant reactor.

In Star Fox 64, due to a translation error, Fichina was renamed Fortuna for the American version of the game. Fichina is the planet's name in the Japanese version.

Fichina's name was translated correctly for Star Fox: Assault, and Fortuna is a separate planet. The Fortuna in Star Fox: Assault resembles its counterpart in the SNES Star Fox game. Instead of being a barren snow-covered environment, it is a rainforest-style planet. Andrew Oikonny is defeated on Fortuna, before returning in Starfox Command. Starfox have their first encounter with the deadly Aparoids on this planet.


Katina, known as Katarina in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, is a barren planet except for a number of Cornerian bases.

In Star Fox 64, the Katina mission is a homage to the last battle scene in the movie Independence Day. The name of Fox's friend, "Bill Grey," is also derived from William Grey, the General in Independence Day. As with the movie, Bill's fighter squadron and the Star Fox team are menaced by an enormous alien mothership armed with dozens of fighters.

Later in Star Fox: Assault, Katina features in the main game when it is revisited by the Star Fox team after they receive a distress signal from the surface. Upon landing however, Fox is ambushed by Aparoids and must fight them off. Pigma Dengar then appears at the end of the level and steals the core memory from the defeated boss. Katina appears again in Starfox Command; in several of the missions that take place on it, Bill Grey is a playable character. One other notable mission that takes place on Katina involves Fox having to work together with Team Star Wolf, and Krystal's inner conflict reaching its climax.


Kew is briefly mentioned in one of the Star Fox Command endings. The only information known about Kew is that it is not located in the Lylat System, but at some point in the future Fox visits it for unknown reasons. In the Japanese version, it is located in a galaxy called Krazoa, and is called "Que".


Macbeth first appears in the original Star Fox. Andross uses the planet's interior as a munitions dump. The leader of the Venomian troops there is called the Spinning Core.

In Star Fox 64, the Macbeth stage centres around the train that is carrying resources. In Starfox 64, Macbeth is one of two areas where the Landmaster tank is used instead of the Arwing. The planet is very different in appearance to the original Starfox game. The boss is Mechbeth: a giant kit-life robot attached to the train. If the player manages to hit an eight-part switch, the railroad tracks shift, and the train is sent raging towards a fuel bunker. This ending does not only eliminate the need to fight Mechbeth, but also sends the player to Area 6. If Fox Mcloud defeats Mechbeth manually, it will lose control and crash into the locomotive. If Fox does not kill Mechbeth fast enough, the train will reach the supply depot and a flaming Mechbeth will kill Fox.

In the cancelled Star Fox 2 Macbeth is a superheated planet completely covered in bubbling magma.


The Asteroid Belt exists near planet Corneria. It is originally in Star Fox, where it appears to form a natural barrier to Andross' invasion fleet. Andross deploys the 'Rock Crusher' and 'Blade Barrier' to clear a path through it. Andross' fleet is faced directly afterward on the easy mission path.

In Star Fox 64, the Asteroid Belt was renamed the Meteo Asteroid Field. Meteo is very similar to its counterpart in the SNES Star Fox, including the 'Meteo Crusher' as the end boss, which bears a striking resemblance to the 'Rock Crusher'. In subsequent games, Meteo is not referred to by its name, and is instead called the generic "Asteroid Belt."

In Star Fox Assault, Pigma hides from the Star Fox team in an Asteroid Belt located in the Lylat system, although it is not referred to as Meteo.

In Star Fox Command, the Asteroid Belt is located again near Corneria. Several missions take place here, most notably the final mission in the first storyline of the game. Asteroid clusters located on this map will form a unique "terrain" challenge as moving past them on the command map greatly decreases the character's movement ability and slightly randomizes the character's flight path.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Lylat Cruise stage flies through Meteo.


The Battle Base Meteor (to give its full name) only features in Star Fox and is an artificial asteroid created with the plan to build an amusement park on it called "Meteor Land." Andross captures it turns it into a base, using a vehicle called "Dancing Insector" as a sentinel.

Orbital Gate[]

During the aparoid attack in Starfox: Assault, the Orbital Gate is being defended by Cornerian forces (with the much needed help of team Starfox) as a large army of aerial Aparoids attack, later with a collection of powerful missiles. In Command, there is a circular space station in the Asteroid Belt, where Beltino Toad can be found.

Out of This Dimension[]

A bonus area in the original game, Out of This Dimension is an area of space populated by sheets that fold themselves into paper planes and origami creatures. The background consists of colourful planets with faces on them moving back and forth rapidly. The boss is a giant slot machine, and the boss music is "When the Saints Go Marching In". This area has not reappeared in any other game. Once the boss is defeated, the background stops moving and the credits appear, (while the player is still flying), and then "The End" appears.


Papetoon is the home planet for Fox McCloud.[1] Papetoon was first introduced in the Nintendo Power Star Fox comic. In this comic, is the location of team Star Fox's hideout, which they refer to as their "den". Papetoon is also mentioned in one of the nine endings in Command as being a planet at the edge of the Lylat system.

Sargasso Space Zone[]

The Sargasso Space Zone, also known as the Sargasso Region and Sargasso Hideout, is the third level in Star Fox: Assault. The Sargasso Space Zone is “a hideout for all sorts of criminals” and is owned by Fox’s rival Wolf O’ Donell. The player has to destroy a number of transfer devices, before Starwolf return to the area. What follows is classic laser shoot out between the Starfox and Starwolf teams.

Sauria (Dinosaur Planet)[]

Sauria, known as Dinosaur Planet in Starfox Adventures, is a planet inhabited by dinosaurs and is the setting for Star Fox Adventures.

Sauria is a majestic planet of multiple environments in the far reaches of the Lylat System. It houses several tribes of dinosaurs and unique vegetation.

In Adventures, Sauria is thrown off-balance, causing four key areas to abandon their surface and orbit around the planet. This upset would have caused the planet to explode, threatening the rest of the Lylat System. Hence, Fox McCloud is sent to Sauria to prevent its impending destruction. It is there that he meets Prince Tricky of the EarthWalker tribe, along with Krystal, who becomes trapped on the planet after she arrived to solve the planet’s problems. Fox is successful in restoring the planet and rescuing Krystal.

In Star Fox: Assault, the peace is broken when the Aparoids invade the planet. Several of the native dinosaurs are infected and killed upon the invasion, and the Star Fox team are sent to front the invaders. After wiping out the Aparoids on Sauria, Fox and Krystal are reunited with Tricky, who has become King of the EarthWalker tribe.

Sauria is mentioned a few times in Star Fox Command. Also seen in Ending 2: Good Bye, Fox.

Sector X[]

Sector X is one of the three nebulae featured in the Star Fox games, although in the original Star Fox it was completely different as it lies close to Corneria.

In Star Fox 64, this area is an enormous cloud of blue gas (red in Star Fox Command) that forms a giant X; this is where Andross had hidden one of his secret weapons. The base here is oddly abandoned and partially destroyed, with only automated defences remaining; a formidable automated 'interceptor system,'. If Slippy is thrown to Titania, the team will be forced to go there.

In Sector X, the Starfox team can find a secret weapon at the end of the stage or warp to Sector Z by opening all of the gates inside of the base. If the Katina mission had previously been successfully accomplished, Bill Grey will help to open some of the gates.

Sector Y[]

In Star Fox, Sector Y is home to giant aquatic life forms which have adapted to the harsh vacuum of space.

In Star Fox 64, this area is a yellow nebula that forms a giant letter Y, and is the site of a ferocious battle between Cornerian and Venomian fleets.

In Star Fox 64's Sector Y mission, they have to backup the squadron from the enemy armada in the base. If the player successfully destroys 100 or more enemies, the Cornerian fleet emerges intact from the battle and can go on to Katina, freeing Star Fox to investigate the bio weapon on Aquas. Otherwise, the team will have to go Katina themselves and aid in its defense.

It appears briefly in Star Fox: Assault in the asteroid field during the battle with Pigma and in a cut-scene, and in Star Fox Command.

Sector Z[]

In Star Fox, Sector Z is the designation for an area in orbit of Macbeth where Andross intends to build a supply base to supplement his stores in the planet's core. In order to keep the construction a secret from the Cornerians, a cloaking field is set up which hides most of the construction materials. This has the side-effect of making the area dangerous to navigate.

In Star Fox 64, this area is a cloud of a red/orange gas (pink in Star Fox Command) that forms a giant Z. It is part of Venom's air defense zone and is covered by a battery of six powerful long-ranged missiles. The Great Fox itself comes under attack from these missiles during the stage, hence the mission's name, "The Ambush of Great Fox". If the player defeated the Zoness stage prior to Sector Z, Katt Monroe comes to assist the player at the climax of the level, helping to destroy the missiles.

If any missile hits the Great Fox during this stage, it loses a wing and the player will be forced to take the easier alternative of the next level. During the ending sequence, the damaged Great Fox can be seen.

Sector Z is featured as a stage in the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Bros. The characters fight atop the Great Fox while laser-firing Arwings fly in occasionally and can be used as platforms, but the Arwings will almost always barrel-roll to shake them off after being ridden.


Solar is a star/planet (depending on the game) comprising molten rock and fire-based oceans similar in appearance to the sun. While referred to as the Lylat System's star in the English manual of Star Fox 64, it is not in the Japanese version, and is further more called a planet in Star Fox Command. It features as a level in both Starfox 64 and Starfox Command. In Starfox 64, the player's space-shooting ship, known as the Arwing, will take automatic damage due to the intense heat of the planet - the amount varies based on how close one flies to the surface. However, in Starfox Command it does not take any damage.

In the unreleased Star Fox 2, Andross has his base constructed in the outer stratosphere of Solar. In Star Fox 64, Andross develops a bio-weapon on the planet, which the Starfox team has to destroy. In Star Fox: Assault it can be seen in alot of the worlds as a bright bright star with a red ring around it. In Star Fox Command, the Anglar forces build a large solar-powered defense satellite on the star. By teaming up with Wolf O'Donnell, Fox and Falco tip the weapon into the molten surface, where it melts.


Titania is a harsh desert world. The once-beautiful planet was transformed into a sandy wasteland.

In the original Star Fox it is a barren planet fitted with a Weather-Control Unit. If deactivated, it causes the Titanian climate to turn into an eternal blizzard of snow. Titania in the Star Fox comic is not a desert world but a frozen world instead, possibly showing the reason why a Weather-Control Unit was needed. The boss is the mechanical Professor Hangar.

In Star Fox 64, Titania is one of the two missions played with the Landmaster tank. Fox deploys his team to rescue Slippy after a daring attempt to take out Andross' secret weapon causing the character to hurl to the surface of Titania. The Starfox team discover that the seemingly barren planet is actually plagued with robotic life forms and enemy fighters all belonging to Andross. When the team find Slippy, he is being held captive by Gollick, a large-boned creature vaguely reminiscent of the first game's Fortuna boss, Monarch Dodora, who appears as one of Titania's bosses in Command.

Titania also makes an appearance in Star Fox: Assault as a multiplayer stage. It is larger than any other multiplayer-only map.

In Star Fox Command, Titania is the location of Andross' ghost. The twisted scientist creates a secret device intended to purify the Venom Sea and make the planet more hospitable. The device is guarded by one of Andross' bio-weapons, awaiting the right person to claim it.


Venom is the fictional planet that represents evil in many games of the Starfox series. It serves as the Homeworld of the villainous Andross in Star Fox and Star Fox 64, and as his base of operations. In both games it is the setting for the final level. In StarFox Command, it is the base of operations for the Anglar Emperor.


In both the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Venom is the final level in which the player must confront Andross. In the original game, there are three possible routes to Venom in which the player must fight through waves of fighters, missiles, and other orbital defenses before fighting a boss and descending down to the surface. In Star Fox 64, the world is guarded by the massive Bolse defense satellite as well as a fleet of capital ships at Area 6. The player is given the choice as to which route to take in order to reach Andross.

Video games[]

In the cancelled Star Fox 2 Venom appears as a standard "Enemy Base" Level, having the appearance of a lush, green forest.

In Starfox 64, they are two separate ways to Venom; an easier version, and a harder version. In the easier version the player will battle through Venom’s defences before finally facing Andross himself. In the end, Andross turns out to be a decoy, as andross' face burns away to reveal a robotic head. In the harder version, Starfox will have a final showdown with the rival Starwolf team before facing Andross; an Andross which differs from the easier version; once defeating him the player will have to defeat Andross in his “true form”- a grotesque looking brain.

In Star Fox Command, Venom is home to the evil Anglars and the Anglar Emperor. The Anglars make there base at the bottom of the acidic Venom Sea that instantly corrodes and soon destroys any non-Anglar vessel that enters it. The Anglars then begin their invasion of the Lylat System. In most endings of Star Fox Command the Star Fox team use Andross' secret device to purify the Venom Sea, allowing them to enter and destroy the Anglars base and the Anglar Emperor.

Venom is also a stage in the Nintendo Gamecube game Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the entire battle takes place on the wings of the Great Fox as it flies above Venom's surface. Sometimes, Arwings and Wolfens will fly in and start shooting at the players.

Venomian Army[]

The Venomian Army refers to the force that Andross commands against the forces of Corneria and the Lylat System.

In Star Fox 64, Andross's army was largely composed of apes and lizards.

The army, at least, the remnants of the former Venomian Army, was not featured in Star Fox Adventures. Although the SharpClaw Army did supposedly receive foreign military aid from them in the form of spaceships, fighter crafts and equipment.

In Star Fox: Assault, even after the defeat of Andross, the Venomian Army still had the numbers to be considered a significant threat and were recruited under the command of Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny, as the Oikonny Rebels. Unfortunately, the Oikonny Rebels lost their leader at the battle over Fortuna and had to take a back seat to the new menance of the Star Fox universe, The Aparoid Swarm. In the aftermath of the War against the Aparoids, the Fortuna Status Report details that the Oikonny Rebels were completely wiped out along with the Invading Aparoid Forces. Oikonny, however, managed to survive, which is later revealed in Star Fox: Command.


In the original Star Fox, the Venomian Army has at its disposal a large space fleet which blocks the route to Venom. In Star Fox 64 the fleet seems to have increased in size as both Sector Y and Venom itself are defended by massive armadas.

Warp 1[]

Warp 1 is a secret level in Star Fox 64, not visible on the map. Warp 1 can take the player to Katina by flying through seven warp rings at the end of Meteo. Instead of a space background, it has swirling pastel colours, and instead of battle music it has an array of different sounds. The obstacles are mostly spinning white boxes and cubes, however there are occasional asteroids. As the characters move in Warp 1 their ships leave multi-coloured shadows behind them.

Warp 2[]

Warp 2, though lacking asteroids, is similar to Warp 1, and is also a secret area in Star Fox 64. Although easier to get to, it is more difficult to navigate than Warp 1 because of its giant X- and square-shaped girders. The player can use Warp 2 to travel from Sector X to Sector Z by shooting open four gates on the left path of Sector X. If the player came to Sector X from Katina, Bill will also help open the gates.


Zoness is a planet Star Fox 64. It is also featured in Star Fox: Assault as an un-lockable multiplayer stage.

In Star Fox 64, Andross has facilities on the planet as well as numerous spotlights to prevent any sneak attack against him. The player can execute a successful sneak attack on the planet by destroying all the searchlights. The sea itself is covered in platforms and large, corroded tanker ships.

Once a vacation spot of the Lylat system, Andross' experiments, and his pollution from the level's boss, Sarumarine, has turned the planet into a toxic dump.

In Star Fox: Assault the Zoness Sea Base is a dark, stormy area that appears to have recovered from the 64 pollution. This is also shown in the Corneria level, on a billboard proclaiming "Zoness Water Quality Environmental Conference".

In early footage of the level from the Shoshinkai software exhibition (included on a promotional video in the first issue of N64 Magazine), Zoness had a clean ocean and a clear blue sky.

Zoness does not appear in Star Fox Command.


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