• 1973: "This Fall, Seven has it all" (borrowed elements from NBC's "This Fall, NBC Has it All")
  • 1974: "Come and See Seven '74" (borrowed elements from NBC's "Come and See NBC '73")
  • 1982: "Channel 7, Our Pride is Showing" (borrowed from NBC's '81 slogan)
  • 1987-89: "Come Home To Channel Seven" (borrowed elements from NBC's "Come Home to NBC")
  • 1991-93: "The Place to Be" (borrowed from NBC's 1990 slogan) (After the music stops and lights go out, the promo ends.)
  • 1993: "It's a Whole New Seven" (borrowed elements from NBC's "It's a Whole New NBC")
  • 1994: "The Quality Shows on Seven" (borrowed from NBC's '92 slogan)
  • 1995: "It's Seven"
  • 1998-2009: "The Network is You"
  • 2009: "Something's happening on Seven" (borrowed elements from ABC's "Something's Happening")
  • 2010-present: "More Colorful" (borrowed from NBC's 2009 slogan)