This is a list of characters from the American animated television series Chowder. Most of their names are foods.

Main Characters[]


Chowder is a small and eccentric child. He wants to become a great chef, but he is always hungry and eats anything, even a customer's order. Chowder can make inedible objects he eats come out of his mouth, and thus can be used as a sort of storage container. He is the apprentice of Mung Daal, living with him and his family. Chowder has a pet stink cloud named Kimchi. Chowder is an adopted orphan. According to C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of the show, Chowder is a composite of a cat, a bear and a rabbit. He is named after the soups, chowder.

Mung Daal[]

A master chef, food inventor and Chowder's teacher. He invents rare food like the "No fruit" and has a personal, eccentric cooking style, often refusing to resort to traditional methods. Mung is more than 100 years old; in the episode "Certifrycation Class", he says he had cooked for more than 386 years. He often claims to be a ladiesman, despite being married. He is named after the dish Moong Dal.


Truffles is Mung Daal's wife, who handles the business side of Mung's catering business. She has a foul temper and easily loses patience with both her husband and their customers, causing intense fear and terror among the rest of the show's cast. She has wings on her back that allow her to fly, often convincing people she is a fairy. She is named after the rare truffle mushroom.


A professional chef who works at Mung Daal's Catering. His vocabulary consists of one word, "Radda", repeated over and over, although nobody has difficulty understanding him. He is frequently agitated, often getting stuck with menial labor or cleanup duty, and is easily angered by Chowder's antics (even to the point where he suggested chucking him in the furnace). He is referred to as a "rock monster", most likely due to his immense strength and appearance. He is named after the Jewish cuisine Shnitzel

Secondary Characters[]


A girl who has a crush on Chowder (who does not return the feelings), and lets him know this at every opportunity. However, when Chowder announces that he wishes to get married, she turns him away, although she has evidently since resumed her crush. She is Ms. Endive's apprentice, notably making better progress than Mung Daal with Chowder. According to the creator, she is of the same species as Chowder, although notably more fit than him. She is named after the Italian sandwiches, Panino.


A tall and pudgy chef who teaches cooking to Panini with strict discipline. She is the thorn in Mung Daal's side, berating his cooking style at every turn. A meticulous mountain of a woman who insists on perfection in everything she does, her cooking style is the complete opposite of Mung's; precise and textbook-perfect. She is often unkind, and considers Mung Daal to be her inferior rival. The creator describes her as Martha Stewart with Oompa-Loompa colors. She is named after the vegetable plant, Endive.


A mammoth-like storekeeper, selling strange food and playing pranks on his customers. He does his best to offer advice to Chowder when needed. He is often seen talking or selling to a certain customer. He is named after the cold Spanih soups, gazpacho.


An apprentice candle holder with a surly attitude. He has an issue with Chowder due to him having a better job(partly because Chowder doesn't have to wear a candle on his head. He appears to be a rat-type creature. He is named after the cheese, gorgonzola.


Chowder's pet and best friend, who lives in a bird cage next to his bed. Kimchi is a cloud of offensive odor with tiny eyes (an anthropomorphized flatus). He "talks" by blowing raspberries. He is named after the korean dish, kimchi.