The following is a list of characters that appear in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The characters are listed in alphabetical order. Most characters are seen in their classic appearance (Catwoman, Green Arrow) while others (Blue Beetle) have their current costume.


Adam Strange[]

  • Voice Actor: Michael T. Weiss

Adam Strange is a human space adventurer who defends the planet Rann. He is married to Alanna, a native of the planet. He asks Batman and Aquaman for help in "Mystery In Space!" when the Gordanians attack Rann. The Gordanians capture his wife Alanna when the effects of the Zeta Ray wear off on him. He goes in to rescue her after his confidence is rekindled by Aquaman.


  • Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

Aquaman is the ruler of Atlantis, and a superhero. He is old friends with Batman. Aquaman first appears in "Evil Under the Sea!", where his older brother Orm hires assassin Black Manta to kill him. After Manta fails, Orm becomes the Ocean Master, and attacks his brother. Batman rescues Aquaman and they work together to defeat Black Manta. Though upset by his brother's betrayal, he insists on not giving up on him, because they are family. In "Journey to the Center of the Bat!", Aquaman works with the Atom in order to cure Batman of a virus, and shrinks down inside Batman's body to stop it. Aquaman later joins other heroes in "Game Over for Owlman!", in order to hunt down Batman, mistakenly wanted for Owlman's crimes. He is captured by Owlman, who tries to kill him by drying him out. He is saved by a high tech, futuristic Batman and helps defeat Black Manta. In "Mystery In Space!" he inadvertently joins Batman on a mission to the planet Rann to help Adam Strange battle the Gordanians when they try to conquer the planet. Aquaman is seen as depressed, after failing to save a beluga whale from a group of whalers. After recovering from his melancholy, he comes up with a plan to defeat the Gordanians, by having Batman teleport Earth's moon to Rann. Aqualad was mentioned by Batman in "Color of Revenge" while lecturing Robin saying that even Aqualad had to scrub barnacles.


Aquaman's sidekick, Aqualad, was mentioned in The Color of Revenge! when Batman was lecturing Robin.

The Atom[]

  • Voice Actor: James Sie

The Atom is a superhero and friend of Batman. His secret identity is that of physicist Dr. Ryan Choi, a serious and calculating man. He helps Batman foil evil sorcerer Felix Faust. In "Journey to the Center of the Bat!", Atom and Aquaman team up and shrink themselves inside Batman's body in order to fight a virus inside of him. Originally clashing with Aquaman, they eventually bond, and fight the virus. He later joins other heroes in "Game Over for Owlman!", in order to hunt down Batman when Owlman impersonates him. He is captured by Owlman, who tries to kill him by shooting him with a lead atom. He is freed by a western styled Batman and helps defeat Doctor Polaris.


  • Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader

Batman is a superhero, and the main character of the series. Driven by the guilt of the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce Wayne vowed to stop crime and help people as a masked hero. He spent his years training in different types of fighting styles, including boxing from Wildcat, and martial arts from Wong Fei in China, where he met future ally Bronze Tiger and future foes Fox, Vulture, and Shark. He also trained his mind, and with his parents' fortune, created many advanced gadgets and vehicles. He became Batman, and established his career as a hero in Gotham City. Though usually grim and serious, he is willing to work with other heroes in order to foil villains. His close friends include Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and the Atom.

In the episode "Deep Cover for Batman!", Batman meet his evil counterpart from an alternate Earth, Owlman. In the following episode "Game Over for Owlman!", Batman travels to other alternate Earths and recruits other versions of himself, including a vampire Batman (inspired by the comics story Batman & Dracula: Red Rain), a Zorro-themed Batman (based on Scar of the Bat), a big-headed psychic Batman, a super-strong "Hulk" Batman (inspired by The Brave and the Bold #68 (1966)), a cowboy version of Batman (inspired by the Justice Riders comics miniseries), and a futuristic Batman. See Alternate versions of Batman for more details.


  • Voice Actor: Crawford Wilson

Batman has a sidekick named Robin. Teenaged circus acrobat Dick Grayson's parents were killed in an acrobatic accident. Learning the Caped Crusader's secret, he donned a costume and became Robin, the Boy Wonder. They have since gone their separate ways since a rift broke the Dynamic Duo apart, but team up again in "The Color of Revenge" when Crazy Quilt targets him. After Crazy Quilt was defeated, Robin had joined Batman when Killer Moth hijacks the Gotham Bank Money Train. Robin fights crime in Blüdhaven - Gotham's economically troubled neighboring city - which is the city he protects in the comics when he became Nightwing.


Batgirl was mentioned in a conversation between Jaime Reyes and his friend Paco in the episode "Night of the Huntress!"

Ace the Bat-Hound[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Ace the Bat-Hound is Batman's canine companion. In "Legends of the Dark Mite!", he helps Batman when Catman unleashes an endangered Sumatran Tiger on Batman. Ace fights the Sumatran Tiger and scares it off, followed by Ace cornering Catman up a tree. Batman rewards Ace with a Bat shaped Dog Treat. Ace is later seen in the main plot of the episode, as a guise Bat-Mite created himself. Around the end of the episode, Batman checks to see if Ace is still Bat-Mite in disguise. Upon learning it's not Bat-Mite, he tells Ace "Just checking."


  • Voice Actor: Paul Reubens

A creature from the Fifth Dimension, he is Batman's biggest fan. He kidnaps him to shape him into a better hero. Some of this includes figuring out which villain to fight Batman, spicing up the fire-power of the bank robbers and Calendar Man, and even toying with Batman. Near the end of the episode, a Green Arrow version of Bat-Mite is shown.

Black Canary[]

Black Canary is a superheroine with hand-to-hand combat prowess and a supersonic scream. She appears in the episode "Night of the Huntress!"

Blue Beetle[]

One of the alien versions had previously fought space pirate Kanjar Ro, but died in the battle. The first human was archeologist Dan Garrett, who found the alien scarab that granted him powers, and became a hero.

Ted Kord[]

  • Voice Actor: Wil Wheaton

After the death of Dan Garrett, one of his students, the wealthy scientist Ted Kord, vows to continue his legacy. However, Ted is unable to use the scarab on himself, instead using his intelligence to create gadgets and become the second Blue Beetle. Looking to unlock the secrets of the scarab, he gives it to his scientist uncle Jarvis Kord. However, Jarvis plans to build a robot army instead, and while stopping his insane plan alongside Batman, Kord deactivates a rocket ship with the robots, destroying it and keeping the scarab safe, at the cost of his life.

Jaime Reyes[]

  • Voice Actor: Will Friedle

The scarab eventually finds and bonds itself with teenager Jaime Reyes, and he becomes the third and current Blue Beetle. Batman mentors Reyes in how to use his powers and how to become a better hero, and even teams up with him to battle villains Kanjar Ro and Sportsmaster. Curious about his origin, Reyes finds Ted Kord's old lair in "Fall of the Blue Beetle!", and uses the Bug airship to travel to Science Island where he is manipulated by Jarvis (pretending to be Ted). Batman and Blue Beetle stop Jarvis's plan. Blue Beetle joins the other heroes in hunting down Batman in "Game Over for Owlman!", when Owlman disguises himself as Batman to commit crimes. He is captured by Owlman and trapped in an electrified cell. He is freed by a massive, muscular Batman and helps defeat Gorilla Grodd. In "Night of the Huntress," he develops a burgeoning crush on The Huntress.

Booster Gold[]

  • Voice Actor: Tom Everett Scott

A simple janitor from 400 years in the future who uses technology to fight crime in Batman's time. Booster aspires to be a famous hero, but has an ego problem. He first appears in "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman," he comes back from the future to stop Kru'll the Eternal, and teams up with Batman believing this will increase his chances of having his own franchise. However, after Kru'll kidnaps Skeets, he sacrifices his glory to save his only friend. Booster ends up earning Batman's respect.


  • Voice Actor: Billy West

Skeets is Booster Gold's robotic companion. He gets kidnapped by Kru'll the Eternal after Booster revealed what was powering him. Skeets later saves Booster from super-powered versions of Kru'll's henchmen by releasing his charge and reversing Kru'll's ray's effects.

Bronze Tiger[]

  • Voice Actor: Gary Sturgis

Bronze Tiger is a martial artist and an ally of Batman. He originally studied martial arts in Wong Fei's temple in China, alongside Bruce Wayne and Fox, Vulture, and Shark. He eventually left the school after his arrogant ways caused Wong Fei to lecture him. When the Terrible Trio and Shadow Clan murder Fei, Batman recruits Tiger in order to stop the clan. After defeating the Trio, Bronze Tiger decides to re-open the school, in honor of Wong Fei and to build an army if the Shadow Clan appears again. He first appears in "Return of the Fearsome Fangs!"

B'wana Beast[]

  • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

B'wana Beast has the magical power to fuse two animals into a hybrid with the abilities of both. In the episode "Enter the Outsiders!" he works with Batman to stop Black Manta from robbing an armored truck. In his fight with Black Manta, B'wana Beast uses his powers to merge a policeman's horse and a spider to form a creature to catch up with Black Manta and later merges a pelican and a shark to form a creature to stop Black Manta. However, the two hybrids ate each other near the end of the teaser, which Batman admit was disgusting.


  • Voice Actor: Michael Rosenbaum

Deadman is the ghost of Boston Brand, a trapeze artist in Haly's Circus that was shot and killed by an unknown man with a hook. He wanders around the world, saying that he hasn't crossed over because he 'hasn't been invited', until he encounters the spirit of Batman in London, England in the episode "Dawn of the Dead Man!" Deadman uses his powers to help Batman, Green Arrow, and Speedy, to stop Gentleman Ghost and his zombie army from destroying London. After this, Deadman is inspired to become a hero, and uses his powers for good and to investigate his murder. In the final scene of his first appearance, he helps Batman fight the Triad. Deadman's powers including the power to fly, phase through solid objects, and possess people. In the episode he possesses an unknown stranger, Batman's body and Speedy's body. He can also fight other spirits as he is a ghost too. His catchphrase is, " Are we just gonna sit here and twittle, or are we gonna get down to business?"

Doctor Fate[]

  • Voice Actor: Greg Ellis

Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson, who uses his magic helmet to become the hero Dr. Fate. In "The Eyes of Despero!" he and Batman team up to stop the evil Wotan from breaking into the Library of Eternity. While a capable sorceror, Doctor Fate has also taken boxing lessons from Batman in case his helmet is knocked off, and puts these to good use against Wotan.

Elongated Man[]

  • Voice Actor: Sean Donnellan

Elongated Man is Ralph Dibny, a detective with the ability to stretch his body like rubber, and can even shapeshift into other people. Because of their similar powers, he has a rivalry with Plastic Man, saying that while he is more professional the public apparently likes O'Brian better. This is proven when the crime boss known as Baby Face can't remember his name. In "Journey to the Center of the Bat!" Elongated Man and Plastic Man spend their time bickering as to whom Batman likes better while they try to fight Baby Face and his gang. Batman shows up later to capture Baby Face, stating that ,"Given the choice, I prefer to work alone".

Etrigan the Demon[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Etrigan is an immortal demon, and ally to Batman. Etrigan always talks in rhyme. Jason Blood was cursed with being the host of the demon Etrigan. Etrigan works for Merlin in medieval times in Camelot, but Morgaine Le Fey hypnotizes him and uses him as her servant. Batman and Green Arrow fight Etrigan, and Merlin breaks his spell. He later helps them in defeating Le Fey. After Morgaine Le Fey was defeated, Etrigan left to fulfill his own destiny. Blood is later framed for crimes in 19th century England, caused by Gentleman Jim Craddock, and asks Batman for help in clearing his name and stopping him and Astaroth in the underworld.


Fire is a superheroine with the ability to shoot fire, and ally to Batman. Fire helps Batman and Plastic Man when Gentleman Ghost robs a bank in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead celebration.

The Flash[]

  • Voice Actor: Andy Milder

Jay Garrick has superhuman speed, and uses his abilities as the Flash. He helps Batman thwart a Halloween plot by Scarecrow and Scream Queen to infect all of Gotham City with Fear Gas infused pumpkins. While Batman is fighting Scarecrow, Flash is attacked by Scream Queen, but manages to defeat her by shoving a fear gas infused pumpkin into her mouth, causing her to hallucinate. He then rounds up all the pumpkins and deposits them on Scarecrow's doorstep, which avalanche onto him when he tries to escape. When the people get angry at him for stealing their pumpkins and demanding an explanation, he looks to Batman for help only to find that he has disappeared.

Green Arrow[]

  • Voice Actors: James Arnold Taylor

Green Arrow is the world's greatest archer, and close friend of Batman. Like Batman, Green Arrow is wealthy, has themed gadgets and vehicles (arrows instead of bats), which has him in a friendly rivalry against him. Green Arrow and Batman both battle the Clock King together, and both help Merlin and Etrigan fight Morgaine Le Fey in Camelot. He and Speedy later help the astral projection form of Batman dig out his body and fight Gentleman Ghost's army. He joins the other heroes in hunting Batman, when Owlman disguises himself as Batman. He is captured by Owlman and nearly killed by a giant cross bow but is rescued by a vampire-like Batman and helps defeat Gentleman Ghost. Batman calls on his help when Joker robs a bank in Hail the Tornado Tyrant!.


  • Voice Actor: Jason Marsden

Green Arrow's sidekick is named Speedy. Always cheery, Speedy helps him fight crime, and has been possessed by both Deadman and Batman. Speedy was mentioned in "Color of Revenge" while Batman was lecturing Robin.

The Green Lantern Corps[]

The Green Lantern Corps is an organization of intergalactic police, and each member is given a power ring and is assigned a sector of the galaxies. Among the hundreds of member include:

Guy Gardner[]

  • Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor

Guy Gardner is the hot-headed member of the Green Lantern Corps. His antics caused a K'Vellian prisoner to go on a path of destructive rage, but thanks to Batman, the prisoner was stopped and he has Guy clean up the mess it made. He reappears in "The Eyes of Despero" to help Batman overthrow dictator Despero. He, Sinestro, and Gnort create a Batarmor for the job upon him requesting that he come. When he sees Sinestro attempting to blow up a rogue Mogo; they do battle, with Guy winning. Guy imprisoned Sinestro in his ring at the end of the episode.

Hal Jordan[]

  • Voice Actor: Loren Lester

He is first seen leading many other Green Lanterns into battle against Despero, only to have them be turned against him by Despero's mind control. Releasing a discharge of power from his ring, he seemingly perished in the blast alongside his fellow Lanterns, with his ring going across the universe in search of another wielder. It makes its way to Batman, sending him into space. Hal, the missing in action Lanterns, and the Guardians of the Universe were revealed to be alive and in the ring near the end.


  • Voice Actor: Alexander Polinsky

He, Sinestro, and Guy Gardner call upon Batman to space to help track down many Green Lanterns who are missing in action after a battle with Despero. His backstory is the same as originally presented in the comics, as Sinestro mentions G'nort's uncle had "pushed" him through Lantern training. He later proves vital for helping Batman stop the brainwashed Mogo. After Batman compliments him twice and helps G'nort earn the respect of the Corp, he jumps into his arms to lick him, only to get a reprimand ("No licking."). It is also shown that he cannot fully memorize the Green Lantern motto and was only able to do so by reading it form a "cheat sheet" he had written on his left wrist. Even with this "cheat sheet", his lack of intelligence is shown; he misspells many of the words, including "Green".


  • Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader

In "Day of the Dark Knight," he was taking in a K'Vellian prisoner when Guy's antics caused that prisoner to go into rage. Thanks to him and Batman, the K'Vellian prisoner was caught. In "The Eyes of Despero," he was in Hal Jordan's army when he was brainwashed by Despero. He was later revealed to be alive and was in Hal's Power Ring.


Mogo is a living planet and Green Lantern member. Despero takes control of Mogo as part of his plan, giving Mogo the ability to hypnotize entire planets at a time. It is later freed by Gnort.


A Green Lantern who resembles a squirrel.


A pink-skinned Lantern with 4 arms.


An oranged-skinned female Lantern with blond hair and pointed ears.

Jonah Hex[]

  • Voice Actor: Phil Morris

Jonah Hex is a disfigured mercenary, and ally of Batman. A hero of the Wild West, he is captured and tied by the Royal Flush Gang after he tried to stop them. However, a time-warped Batman saves him, and the two capture the gang. Hex is grateful of Batman's help, but mocks the fact that he is in "a ridiculous bat-getup" tossing him a coin so that Batman could buy himself a "proper cowboy hat", because he "can't be partnering up with someone whoparades around in a ridiculous bat getup". He seems to be a bit chivalrous; when he was asked if he had any last words he replied that he did and added that none of them were "fit to be spoken in front of the lady."

In "Duel of the Double Crossers," Mongul brings Jonah Hex to the present and would return him to the past in exchange that he brings Batman to War World.

The Huntress[]

  • Voice Actress: Tara Strong

The Huntress is a masked vigilante, and ally of Batman. She first appears in "Night of the Huntress!", where she helps Batman and Blue Beetle III battle Baby Face. Her civilian identity is Prof. Helena Bertinelli, a teacher at Gotham City University.

The Justice League[]

The League is mentioned in a conversation between Batman and Plastic Man in the episode "Terror on Dinosaur Island!", implying that Batman and Plastic Man are members of the League.


  • Voice Actor: Mikey Kelley

Kamandi is a human hero of a post-apocalyptic future, where animals have evolved into sentient beings. Kamandi and Dr. Canus help Batman escape from the ratmen that inhabit New York City. Dr. Canus helped Batman find bacteria for a vaccine that Batman needed to save Gotham City, and Kamandi helps Batman return to his time by locating the time portal he came through. Batman doesn't want to leave Kamandi and Canus to the mercy of the ratmen, and instead leaves a time-capsule in the Statue of Liberty's left nostril that contained a superweapon to fight off the ratmen.

Kamandi and Dr. Canus later appear in The Last Bat on Earth! helping Batman find and defeat Gorilla Grodd.

Dr. Canus[]

  • Voice Actor: Greg Ellis

Dr. Canus is a highly-evolved dog that is Kamandi's companion.

Prince Tuftan[]

  • Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Prince Tuftan is a highly-evolved tiger who is the son of Caesar, king of the tiger-people, and a friend of Kamandi.

The Man-Bat Tribe[]

The Man-Bat tribe is a group of highly evolved bats that have (quite ironically) made the Batcave their home in the post-apocalyptic future. In the The Last Bat on Earth, they attack Batman, Kamandi & Dr. Canus for invading their home (and because they perceived that Batman was mocking them with his costume). Batman defeated the Man-Bat's leader and the group fled. They return later, during the final battle with Gorilla Grodd's army, but on the side of Batman & his allies (having gained respect for the Caped Crusader).

NOTE: They don't appear to have any relationship with Dr. Kirk Langstrom (the original Man-Bat from the comics).

Mister Miracle[]

  • Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal

Mister Miracle is a superhero and the universe's greatest escape artist. He and Batman teamed up to put on an escape stunt to raise money for an orphan fund. After the event while Batman gives out autographs to fans, Barda complains about Mister Miracle not helping around the house. Batman remarks that no matter how good Mister Miracle is at escaping, he won't be able to get out of a wife's demands.

Big Barda[]

  • Voice Actor: Diane Delano

Big Barda is the wife of Mister Miracle. She helped her husband and Batman put on a escape stunt to raise money for an orphan fund. After the event when Mister Miracle is bragging about his escape, Barda replies "You know what would be a real miracle? If you would finally clean out the garage." As she walks away, Batman quips "Guess that's one trap you can't escape from."

The Outsiders[]

The Outsiders are a group of teenage superheroes, and are allies to Batman and Wildcat. They consist of leader Black Lightning, the silent Katana, and the goofball Metamorpho. They started out as a gang of teenage criminals that were manipulated by Slug. After Wildcat took down Slug in a boxing match, he and Batman convince them to battle Slug and use their powers for good. After that, they receive boxing training and guidance from Wildcat. In "Duel of the Double Crossers," Batman trains the Outsiders by using a simulation of Despero attacking the city.

Black Lightning[]

  • Voice Actor: Bumper Robinson

He is the apparent leader of the trio, leading them on an attack of a shopping center. He has the power to manipulate electricity. His outfit is a blue hoodie with yellow lighting bolts on it, and black cargo pants. Though somewhat confused and angry at the world, Black Lightning doesn't give the appearance of being evil. After Batman and Wildcat infiltrate their underground headquarters and defeat their monstrous leader, Slug, Black Lightning uses his electricity to save Wildcat's life, with instruction from Katana, to jumpstart the elder's heart when he suffers a cardiac arrest. He is seen at the end of the episode boxing with Wildcat. In the teaser for Duel of the Double Crossers!, he reveals that he has an afro-style haircut underneath his hood.


  • Voice Actor: Vyvan Pham

The lone female in the Outsider's trio, she has no super powers, but is a highly skilled martial artist and swordswoman. Katana is generally silent (stating to her friends that "you know how I hate to repeat myself"), typically letting her actions speak for her. After Batman and Wildcat convince her and the Outsiders to turn against their monstrous boss, Slug, Wildcat suffers from a heart attack, causing Katana to take charge of the situation, and speak. She instructs Black Lightning to jumpstart Wildcats heart while Metamorpho becomes oxygen to fill his lungs in order to revive him. She is later seen at Wildcat's gym, dumping out one of his 'Tiger Tonic's (comprised of tuna, banana's, raw eggs and tabasco sauce) into a nearby house plant (It should be noted that Batman did this earlier in the episode, and the plant died instantly). Her appearance is that of a teenage Japanese girl in a red skirt and yellow shirt, two shurikens in her hair and she always carries a sword with her.


  • Voice Actor: Scott Menville

Metamorpho has the ability to change his body into any shape, as well as transforming into any member of the periodic table of elements. Metamorpho helps in saving Wildcat's life when his heart stops in the middle of a fight by turning his body into oxygen in order to get into Wildcat's lungs. His appearance is like that of his comic-book alter ego, though he appears to be younger than the Rex Mason version. His unique abilities apparently require lots of energy, as he is seen almost constantly eating during the show. At the end of the episode he is seen at Wildcat's gym heartily drinking down Wildcat's Tiger Tonic.

Parallel Earth Heroes[]

The villains in the alternate reality are the good guys and often oppose the Injustice Syndicate. They are part of Red Hood's group. The good guys from this Earth are:

  • The Red Hood (voiced by Jeff Bennett): The Red Hood is a disfigured masked hero, and ally of Batman. Red Hood is the heroic version of the Joker, who was knocked into a chemical vat by Owlman and Scarlet Scarab, but continued fighting crime as the Red Hood.
  • Parallel Dimension's Black Manta: A heroic version of Black Manta who has the color scheme of Aquaman.
  • Parallel Dimension's Brain: A heroic version of the Brain who was only seen in a flashback when Silver Cyclone was interrogating Red Hood.
  • Parallel Dimension's Clock King: A heroic version of the Clock King.
  • Parallel Dimension's Doctor Polaris: A heroic version of Doctor Polaris with the color scheme of Marvel Comics Magneto and Red Tornado.
  • Parallel Dimension's Gentleman Ghost: A heroic version of the Gentleman Ghost who wears black, and shoots green flame.
  • Parallel Dimension's Gorilla Grodd: A heroic version of Gorilla Grodd who is white and brown. Batman almost punches the counterpart, but stops short and explains "You look like someone I know."
  • Parallel Dimension's Kite Man: A heroic version of Kite Man who was only seen in a flashback when Silver Cyclone was interrogating Red Hood.
  • Parallel Dimension's Sinestro: A heroic version of Sinestro who uses the Yellow Power Ring.

Plastic Man[]

  • Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Plastic Man is a light-hearted, elastic hero, and friend of Batman. Patrick "Eel" O'Brian was the henchman of the villain Kite Man, and went to a heist with him on a chemical plant. When Batman stopped Kite Man, though, he accidentally pushed O'Brian into a vat of chemicals that changed his body chemistry, giving him elastic powers. After Batman stayed with him for recovery in the hospital, he begins to reform by testifying against Kite Man and having Batman help him get parole. He becomes Plastic Man, and tries to redeem himself by being a hero. However, he still has urges to steal money whenever he has the chance. Plastic Man and Batman team up to fight Gentleman Ghost and Gorilla Grodd, where in both events, Batman is doubtful of Plastic Man's redemption and his criminal urges. Plastic Man and Elongated Man later team up to fight Baby Face, while arguing who does Batman like better, an argument that gets them tangled up together. He joins the other heroes in hunting down Batman when Owlman, disguised as him, frames the dark knight. Despite the fact that the other heroes don't really want his help (Green Arrow said to him "And no, O'Brian, your assistence is not required"), he comes closer to actually catching Batman than anyone else (though Batman escapes). He later helps a psychic-Batman from an alternate universe stop The Brain by distracting him.

The Question[]

  • Voice Actor: Nicholas Guest

A mysterious figure with no face and Zen philosophy. Batman rescues the Question alongside Gorilla Grodd from a scale trap set by Equinox.

Red Tornado[]

  • Voice Actor: Corey Burton

He lives in a suburban neighorhood in his civilian identity as "John Ulthoon", a college professor of archaeology. He is an android but wishes to understand mankind and feel what they're able to. He can project tornadoes from his arms and legs, having great control over them, also being a robot, he can be destroyed and rebuilt if need be. In the episode "Invasion of the Secret Santas!", Red Tornado tries to understand the spirit of Christmas, while helping Batman stop Fun Haus's holiday crime spree. Red Tornado destroys Fun Haus's giant robot and defeats the villain, but his body is destroyed due to an overload. However, shortly before exploding, he finally experiences the "tingling sensation" that he believes to be Christmas Spirit. His pieces are picked up by hazmat scientists and taken to be rebuilt at S.T.A.R. Labs. He appears in "Game Over for Owlman". When Owlman framed Batman by posing as him, Red Tornado was among those hunting Batman only to be caught in a trap set by Owlman. Owlman tries to kill him by having him pulled to pieces by a magnatic field but is saved by a Zorro-like Batman and helps defeat Clock King. He eventually becomes lonely in "Hail to the Tornado Tyrant!" and thus builds himself a son named Tornado Champion. Red Tornado adds human emotions to him, but eventually, Champion goes insane and wants to wipe out mankind. Renaming himself Tornado Tyrant. Batman and Red Tornado battle with Tyrant, Red Tornado seeking to reason with his son but suffering severe damage in the process. In the end, Red Tornado is begrudgingly forced to destroy his own son by driving his hands into Tyrant's chest and blasting with his powers. Despite the fact that he claims to have no human emotion, the ending of the episode sees him shed a tear at the loss of his son, though it seems Red Tornado doesn't understand what this means (he stated that it was 'oily discharge'). This episode also shows he considers Batman a close friend, so close that he wanted him to witness the creation of his son.


Superman is a powerhouse from the planet Krypton. He has not appeared yet, but was referenced in "Legends of the Dark Mite" when Batman told Bat-Mite that a friend from Metropolis told him that inhabitants of the 5th Dimension were mischievous.


  • Voice Actor: R. Lee Ermey

A crime fighter from a bygone era who originally taught Batman how to box, as seen sparring with Batman at the start of the episode, Wildcat is a gruff and fiesty crime fighter who is slightly depressed that no one wants to come and learn boxing from him nowadays. He helps Batman in his fight against the Outsiders when they attack a shopping mall, and are apparently working for a gross mutant named Slug. They later find Slug's hideout, but ended up captured and are about to be fed to his giant mutant snapper turtles. Due to trash talking, Slug released Wildcat, but left Batman for the giant turtles in a deep pit. Wildcat fought against Slug while Batman escaped the pit. Wildcat defeated him and threw him in the toxic waste-filled river, which mutated him into an even larger, tentacled freak. Wildcat managed to convince the Outsiders not to consider themselves freaks, saying that he used to be an 'outsider' when he was younger. When Slug emerged from the polluted river, the Outsiders joined Batman in defeating him when Wildcat suffered a heart attack. With advice from Katana, Black Lightning and Metamorpho reactivated Wildcat's heart. Wildcat later trains the Outsiders in boxing. Wildcat later helps Batman fight Bane at the beginning of "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!" He mentions that he has "4 lives left"; if that is correct, then he has already died 4 other times, plus the heart attack in this episode. This may be a reference to his superpower in the comics, which was having literally nine lives. It is unknown if he was joking or if this incarnation has that power.


60's Batman Villains[]

The villains from the 1960s Adam West Batman TV series make cameos as prisoners at Iron Heights prison in the episode "Day of the Dark Knight!" Among these villains include King Tut, Egghead, Archer, Bookworm, False Face, Black Widow, Siren, Marsha: Queen of Diamonds, Louie the Lilac, Ma Parker, and Shame. They are all defeated by Batman and Green Arrow when they try to escape. In "Night of the Huntress," Archer, Egghead, False Face, and King Tut make cameos as inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison while Louie the Lilac made a cameo at a Crimelord Summit in Little Sisters of Gotham Convent.


  • Voice Actor: Tony Todd

Astaroth is a demon (blue skinned with large horns and apparently stands about 20 feet tall) who was imprisoned in the underworld by Merlin and Etrigan centuries ago. In the 19th Century, Gentleman Jim Craddock made a deal with him for immortality in exchange for 10 souls. Etrigan faced off against Astaroth while Batman fought Jim Craddock. Despite Batman's warnings, Jim Craddock hands the souls to Astaroth. Batman and Etrigan fought Astaroth until they threw Craddock's iron cane in Astaroth's mouth, apparently neutralizing him and allowing the souls to escape and return to their previous hosts.

NOTE: Astaroth resembles the hero Blue Devil.

Baby Face[]

  • Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Alfonso Vincenzo Giuseppe Face is a ruthless gangster with the face of a young child, but a manly voice of Edward G. Robinson. Though when he is defeated he whines like a baby, and he also wears diapers. He was defeated by Batman, Plastic Man, and Elongated Man in "Journey to the Center of the Bat!"

Baby Face returns in "Night of the Huntress!" , now married to his sweetheart, Miss (now Mrs) Manface) and fights Batman, Blue Beetle III and The Huntress when he springs his crew from Blackgate Prison. After freeing the inmates there, he and his gang escape. He then plans to break into Warehouse X to obtain the criminal weapons there. Batman, Blue Beetle, and Huntress tried to stop them, but end up defeated and trapped in an hourglass trap that was previously used by Clock King. Babyface leads his gang to Little Sisters of Gotham Convent (the peaceful part of Gotham) where a crime lord summit is being held and ends up attacking them. Batman, Blue Beetle, and Huntress escape and Batman uses his transforming Batmobile to combat Babyface's robot while Blue Beetle and Huntress deal with his gang. Batman manages to blow up Babyface's robot, defeating him.

Hammer Toes[]

Hammer Toes is a member of Babyface's gang. Babyface raided Blackgate Prison to spring him out. He has large feet that are hard as hammers and has spikes on the top of his toes. He is defeated by Huntress. Babyface's gang clearly is a tip of the hat to the Villains Chester Gould set Dick Tracy against.

Lazy Eye[]

  • Voice Actor: Will Friedle

Lazy Eye is a member of Babyface's gang. He has eyes that are lazy. During Babyface's prison raid, Babyface wouldn't free him since he "can't have a look-out that can't do his job." When Lazy Eye commented that the gang hasn't been the same since Babyface married Mrs. Manface, Babyface grabbed him and started to strangle Lazy Eye until Mrs. Manface calmed him down.

Mrs. Manface[]

  • Voice Actor: Ellen Greene

Manfreda Donatella Face is the wife of Babyface. She has the face of a square-jawed man (complete with a five o'clock shadow), but the voice and body of a normal woman. When she tried to help Babyface, the hands on her robot were ripped off by Batman in the Batbot. When she asks if Batman wouldn't hurt a lady, Batman responds by saying "The Hammer of Justice is always unisex" and knocks her down.

Polecat Perkins[]

Polecat Perkins is a member of Babyface's gang. Babyface raided Blackgate Prison to free him. He has abnormally offensive body odour, and is capable of knocking people unconscious. He is defeated by Huntress.

Skeleton Keys[]

Skellington J. Keyes is a member of Babyface's gang. Babyface raided Blackgate Prison to free him. He has fingers in the shape of keys which are able to pick locks. He is defeated by Blue Beetle.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee[]

Deever and Dumfrey Tweed are twins who are members of Babyface's gang. Babyface raided Blackgate Prison to free them. Blue Beetle tricks them into attacking each other.

In "Legends of the Dark Mite," Tweedledum and Tweedledee appear as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. They were knocked down by Batman who sent one of them toward the other villains.


  • Voice Actor: Michael Dorn

A criminal who uses a special performance-enhancement drug called 'Venom' to enhance his strength. In "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman," he battles Batman and Wildcat. He was at first seemingly incapacitated by a batarang. However, he was eventually electrocuted to unconsciousness when Wildcat threw Batman's batarang at the cords which fell onto the train tracks.

Black Manta[]

  • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

Black Manta is a criminal from the surface world who was hired by Orm to kill Aquaman. When Orm succeeds in capturing Aquaman and becomes "Ocean Master", Black Manta betrays and imprisons him. He planed to use a machine to destroy and plunder Atlantis, but was stopped by Aquaman, Ocean Master, and Batman. He was arrested and locked in Iron Heights. He appears again in the episode "Enter the Outsiders!" where he is robbing an armored car but is defeated by Batman and B'wana Beast. Black Manta teams up with Owlman and the other villains assembled by Owlman in "Game Over for Owlman". In "Night of the Huntress", Black Manta makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison. Black Manta had a reputation as even Deadman knew who Black Manta was and considered him a force good enough to kill Batman.

The Brain[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

He controls Chemo and used him to attack a Bialyan city. After Chemo steals and eats a nuclear missile, Brain makes his demands for the people to surrender. After Chemo was defeated, Batman looks for Brain and finds him in an offshore submarine. Batman fell on top of Brain knocking him on his side, immobilising them both. After the Atom and Aquaman destroyed the seed cell causing Batman's illness, Brain managed to stand himself up only for Batman to recover and defeat him. Brain later joins Owlman and other villains in a following episode, but is defeated in a psychic battle against an alternate universe version of Batman, who also had psychic powers. Besides his psychic powers, he displayed a variety of weapons mounted on extendable robot arms, most of which proved ineffective once Batman was healthy again. He obviously seems to speak in a French accent.

The Calculator[]

  • Voice Actor: Armin Shimerman

Myron is a heavyset middle aged man who works out business outcomes with supervillains. He lives with his mother in a suburban home. Batman and Huntress interrogated him about why Babyface sprung his old gang out. He tells them that Babyface is planning a break-in at Warehouse X. He later appears in the Batman: the Brave and the Bold comic issue #6, only with a different look.

Calendar Man[]

  • Voice Actor: Jim Piddock

When Bat-Mite was deciding which opponent to fight Batman, he tricks Bat-Mite into summoning Calendar Man. Unaware of Bat-Mite's effect, Calendar Man is whispered to by Batman to take a dive. He does so, but Bat-Mite isn't pleased. He upgrades Calendar Man into Calendar King with the ability to conjure henchmen version of holiday icons (like Jack O'Lantern Monsters, Santa Claus-themed bikers, uber-patriotic Uncle Sam, and Mutant Easter Bunnies). After the henchmen and Calendar King are defeated, Bat-Mite sends Calendar Man back to where he pulled him from.


  • Voice Actor: Thomas F. Wilson

Catman is a supervillain that uses cat-themed weapons. In "Legends of the Dark Mite," he tries to sell an endangered Sumatran Tiger to the highest bidding poacher, animal collector, and chef. Catman was then attacked by Batman. The poacher, collectors, and chefs end up fighting Batman. Catman released the Sumatran Tiger to attack Batman only for it to fight Ace the Bat-Hound. After the Sumatran Tiger was defeated, Catman was cornered up a tree and begged Batman to call him off. Catman was then sent to Blackgate Prison. He later appeared as an illusion in Bat-Mite's fantasy alongside the other Batman villains. Bat-Mite defeated him by turning him into a cat.


  • Voice Actor: Kari Wahlgren

Catwoman is a cat-themed cat burglar. She is first mentioned in "Night of the Huntress!" in a conversation between Jaime Reyes and his friend Paco. She makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the Fifth Dimension. She was bowled over by Batman when he sent Tweedledum and Tweedledee into the villains. She appears again in "Hail the Tornado Tyrant" where she robs a nearby bank after Batman and Green Arrow thwart Joker's robbery.

The Cavalier[]

  • Voice Actor: Greg Ellis

A criminal who dresses like a French Musketeer and uses swords in battle. Before fighting him, Batman thought "Somewhere, Shakespeare is spinning in his grave." In "Night of the Huntress," Cavalier makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.


  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

A gigantic humanoid chemical monster. Chemo was under the control of The Brain and attacks a nuclear plant where he encountered Batman and Aquaman. Batman ended up getting sprayed with some of his phyllosilicates, causing him to mutate. As a result The Atom and Aquaman are forced to go into Batman's body to destroy the chemical compounds. While they are doing that, Batman tries to stop Chemo from getting to the offshore oil platform, despite orders to not engage in strenuous activity by The Atom. After defeating the Navy, Chemo steals and devours a nuclear missile as Brain makes a transmission for the people of Bialyan City to surrender to him. Batman ejects from his Batboat before Chemo eats it. As Chemo attacks Bialya, Batman heads into him and eliminates the missile, before tossing a bat-bombs that breaks up Chemo.

Clock King[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

William Tockman is a criminal who uses time/clock-themed weapons and tools. His costume resemble the clothing of British royalty and he has a clockface for a mask. He also has two henchmen named 'Tick' and 'Tock'. He seems to speak in a German accent.

He is defeated by Batman and the Green Arrow in"Rise of the Blue Beetle". He appears in "Day of the Dark Knight" trying to escape from Iron Heights, but was thwarted by Batman and Green Arrow. Clock King joins forces with Owlman and an army of villains in "Game Over for Owlman". In "Night of the Huntress," Clock King makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.


Copperhead is a snake-themed villain with snake-like abilities and dressed like a snake. In "Legends of the Dark Mite," he was seen robbing a museum when Green Arrow stops him.

Crazy Quilt[]

  • Voice Actor: Jeffrey Tambor

In "Trials of the Demon," Batman thwarts Crazy Quilt's art robbery before being transported to 19th Century England by Blood. Batman threatens to take him to Arkham Asylum during battle. His helmet fires red, blue, and yellow energy beams.

In a flashback in "The Color of Revenge," Batman and Robin took on Crazy Quilt and his henchmen Red, Green, and Blue. Robin deflected a color beam shot from a Stimulation Emission Light Amplifier which blinded Crazy Quilt. Some years later, he escapes from Arkham Asylum and arrives in Bludhaven in a plot to get revenge on Robin. Crazy Quilt trapped Batman and Robin in a kaleidescope trap and trashed Robin's motorcycle upon escape. Crazy Quilt and his henchmen raided S.T.A.R. Labs to steal the Stimulation Emission Light Amplifier. He succeeds in stealing the device and captured Batman in the process. Robin manages to find them in an abandoned Bludhaven textile factory where Crazy Quilt has hooked up the device to his helmet. After freeing Batman, they fight Crazy Quilt where Robin knocks out Crazy Quilt. He is then taken back to Arkham Asylum.


  • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

A red-skinned alien tyrant with a third eye that grants him psychic powers. He tried to hypnotized the entire Green Lantern Corps into serving him, but Hal Jordan trapped himself and all of the corpsmen in his ring, so Despero thought they all died. He later tried to control Mogo, a Green Lantern who is also a living planet, so he could hypnotize entire planets at a time, but he was beaten by Batman, Guy Gardner, and G'Nort.

In "Duel of the Double Crossers," Batman uses a simulation of Despero to train the Outsiders.

Doctor Polaris[]

  • Voice Actor: Lex Lang

A blue-armored villain with the ability to control electromagnetic fields. Doctor Polaris attempts to rob a gold reserve, but is foiled by Batman (even though a talkative and unconcerned Blue Beetle distracts him). Doctor Polaris appears in a gang of villains recruited by Owlman in "Game Over for Owlman". In "Night of the Huntress," Doctor Polaris makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape from Blackgate Prison.


  • Voice Actor: Oded Fehr

A mysterious villain obsessed with balance who tried to kill the Question and Gorilla Grodd as a part of life's goal to bring balance to society. Managed to escape Batman, foreshadowing his return in a later episode. What makes him odd is that he fell from atop a building into an alleyway, yet survived. Before he fell he said that if Batman was to survive he was to also. He starts a fight between Shrapnel and OMAC in "When OMAC Attacks!" This time, he demonstrates reality-bending powers, such as turning batarangs into real life bats. After Batman sacrifices himself to deactive a nuclear reactor, Equinox bring him to life, stating that his death would unbalance the universe.In The Fate of Equinox it was reveled that the lords of Chaos and Order gave him both the the magics of both light and dark when he was a baby and taught him.when his body was destroyed his spirit aborbed the power of his old masters and tries to remake the universe in his own image but batman with combine powers, weapons and skills of Doctor Fate,Aquaman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Beetle, Fire, Flash I, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and Red Tornado flowing thugh him he fought Equinox and when he made Equinox realize he was not in perfect balance because he hated his old masters, the magic of Chaos and Order inside him destroyed Equinox forever

Although he tried to destroy a villain to restore balance to the world he needed to destroy the Question to make sure that the power of good didn't overpower the forces of evil. This makes him slightly neutral of villainy but is still considered a villain.

Felix Faust[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Felix Faust is a sorcerer with vast mystic powers. He plotted to open Pandora's Box only to be defeated by Batman and The Atom. He is later shown in "Day of the Dark Knight!" as an escaping inmate from Iron Heights only to be stopped by Batman and Green Arrow. In "Night of the Huntress," Felix Faust makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.

Fun Haus[]

  • Voice Actor: Gary Anthony Williams

During the holiday season, Fun Haus planned on robbing various homes using action figures he created called "Presto Playpals" when he was cornered by Batman and Red Tornado. He merged the action figures into a giant robot and attempted to destroy them along with the families he had robbed. Ultimately, he was stopped by Red Tornado who pushed himself to the point of self destruction. In "Night of the Huntress," Fun Haus makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.

NOTE: Fun Haus is based on the Jack Nimble version of Toyman.

The Gentleman Ghost[]

  • Voice Actor: Greg Ellis

James Craddock is a ghostly criminal who's mostly invisible except for his white, Victorian-era clothes and monocle. Gentleman Ghost loots a city in the middle of a Day of the Dead celebration, and fights Batman and Plastic Man. But Plastic Man leaves the battle to "rescue" the stolen money and Batman has to fight alone. With a little help from Fire, Batman defeats him using Nth metal brass knuckles and handcuffs.

In a second episode "Dawn of the Deadman", Gentleman Ghost manages to bury Batman alive, and later uses artifacts to revive and command an army of undead criminals to destroy London, England. However, he and his army is defeated with the aid of Deadman, Green Arrow, and Speedy. The vengeful army betrays Gentleman Ghost, and buries him along with them after Batman destroys one of the artifacts. In "Game Over for Owlman," Gentleman Ghost is one of the villains assembled by Owlman.

In "Trials of the Demon," Gentleman Jim Craddock has been using his magic to absorb the souls of women in the 19th Century and was setting up Jason Blood for the crime. He plans to use these 10 souls to free Asteroth. He briefly managed to fight Sherlock Holmes before Batman and Etrigan arrived. He manages to steal Holmes' soul to offer to Astaroth while Batman and Etrigan defeated an ogre he summoned. Astaroth granted him immortality in that his 'soul would never pass from Earth', making it so his soul would remain on Earth after death, however Astaroth didn't make his body immortal, and Watson openly implies that he was executed for his crimes. At the end of the episode, Jim Craddock rises from his grave as a ghost vowing revenge on Batman. In "Dawn of the Deadman', Gentleman Ghost hints he was hung as when retrieving a hangman's noose (one of the artifacts in needed to revive an undead army), he comments it as his 'old necktie'.

Gentleman Ghost can fly, become intangible, and summon a skeletal horse; he also carries 2 pistols that shoot energy, and a cane that shoots energy from the skull-shaped cap and also has a built-in sword. His weakness is Nth Metal.

Gorilla Grodd[]

  • Voice Actor: John DiMaggio

A super-intelligent gorilla criminal from Gorilla City. He has the strength of a normal gorilla, but he also wears a helmet that gives him psychic abilities. He and his ape followers plotted to devolve the human race with an E-Ray from their headquarters on Dinosaur Island. They ran into conflicts with Batman and Plastic Man. With Batman devolved to an ape, Plastic Man helps the Ape-Batman fight Gorilla Grodd and his servants. When the E-Ray is activated, it evolved the humans (Batman put the E-Ray on reverse when Gorilla Grodd wasn't looking) back to their natural state. It even evolved Gorilla Grodd to a human who ended up incarcerated at Iron Heights in the end planning his revenge. He was later shown in "Day of the Dark Knight" escaping Iron Heights (still in human form) and attempting to attack Batman, but stopped by Green Arrow. The original Grodd (now a gorilla again) joins Owlman and other villains in "Game Over for Owlman!" Gorilla Grodd and the Question are caught by Equinox in the teaser for "Mystery in Space!". Batman rescues Question, but leaves Grodd hanging by the flames.

In "Legends of the Dark Mite," he is brought by Bat-Mite to face Batman, apparently reading a magazine when he was transported though upon seeing Batman, attacks him without question as to what happened. He is then traded to Solomon Grundy just as he is about to strike him. In Bat-Mite's fantasy, Bat-Mite in the role of Batman prevented Gorilla Grodd from stealing a device that would amplify his mental powers.

In "The Last Bat on Earth," Gorilla Grodd forced Professor Carter Nichols to send him into Kamandi's future in order to lead the highly-evolved gorillas against the other highly-evolved creatures. He uses a sonic cannon to disable the Tiger Men and uses a giant gorilla named Tiny to smash the gates. He is shocked to discover that Batman is here and sends the Gorilla Soldiers after him. Gorilla Grodd and his army faces off against Prince Tuftan and his assembled army of Lion Men, Bear Men, Snake Men, and Rat Men. Batman, Kamandi, and Dr. Canus then join the battle. With help from the Manbats disarming the weapons, Batman faces off against Gorilla Grodd's army as he sicks Tiny on them. Batman then faces against Gorilla Grodd who ends up trampled by the retreating Gorilla Men. Batman then returns with Gorilla Grodd to his own time.

The Injustice Syndicate[]

The Injustice Syndicate is an alternate Earth's version of the superheroes that Batman has teamed up with. They plotted to blow up Batman's Earth. Among the featured members are:

  • Owlman (voiced by Diedrich Bader): Parallel Dimension's Batman. He is the leader of the Injustice Syndicate. Owlman uses the Phase Oscillator to go to Batman's dimension. After a scuffle, the Dark Knight locks him up. They end up switching places when Batman decides to stop the syndicate with Owlman imprisoned in the Batcave's cell. In "Game Over for Owlman", Owlman escapes and frames Batman by committing various crimes while disguised as him (Owlman's Batman disguise is almost the original 1930s version of Batman's costume, complete with hand only gloves, high wing mask, dark grey bodysuit and black accessories and bright yellow with circle utility belt). Owlman assembles Black Manta, Brain, Clock King, Doctor Polaris, Gentleman Ghost, and Gorilla Grodd to join him. With the heroes after him, Batman teams up with Joker (who was displeased that Owlman was upstaging him). Owlman used Batman's computer to figure out weaknesses to capture Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Atom, and Aquaman. When they end up captured, he negotiates with Batman to hand him the Phase Oscillator in exchange for their freedom. When it came to the fight with Owlman and his villain allies, Owlman allowed Joker to work on the wax trap. Batman revealed that he travelled to alternate Earths to round up the Batmen to fight the villains and free the captive heroes. Using a smokescreen, Batman managed to get Owlman and Joker trapped in wax. Owlman was returned to his dimension in bondage while the other villains were arrested.
  • Blue Bowman (voiced by James Arnold Taylor): Parallel Dimension's Green Arrow. He did not use the typical gimic arrows used by his Earth couterpart and mainly used lethal varities with razor sharp tips and explosive edges.
  • Dyna-Mite (voiced by James Sie): Parallel Dimension's Atom.
  • Scarlet Scarab (voiced by Will Friedle): Parallel Dimension's Blue Beetle. Scarlet Scarab shows psychotic tendencies, taking pleasure in terrorizing civilians, and claiming that he keeps the heart of an unnamed hero in a jar in his closet.
  • Silver Cyclone (voiced by Corey Burton): Parallel Dimension's Red Tornado. After the "Injustice Syndicate's" plan to invade Batman world is thwarted (the plan was changed to destroy Batman's world after Batman posed as Owlman), and his teammates are captured, he attempts to set off his bomb (revealed to only affect organic life) on his own world. Silver Cyclone reveals that he hates organic life and wishes to destroy it (in contrast to Red Tornado's desire to learn about and mingle with humanity). Red Hood stopped him by throwing one of his red aces into the side of his head, causing his head to blow up.
  • Parallel Dimension's Aquaman: An evil version of Aquaman who has the color pattern of Black Manta.
  • Parallel Dimension's Plastic Man: An evil version of Plastic Man with white hair and a black costume (similar to the old Plastic Man in Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again).
  • Parallel Dimension's Fire: An evil version of Fire with blond hair and a red and black costume.
  • Parallel Dimension's Wildcat: An evil version of Wildcat who was only seen in a flashback when Silver Cyclone was interrogating Red Hood.
  • Parallel Dimension's B'wana Beast: An evil version of B'wana Beast who was only seen in a flashback when Silver Cyclone was interrogating Red Hood.

The Joker[]

Batman's archenemy once teamed up with the Caped Crusader to defeat Owlman when the villain was upstaging Joker. He joined Owlman when he gave him an opportunity to kill Batman at last. During the fight, he and Owlman ended up trapped in wax. As Owlman was returned to his dimension in bondage, Joker alongside the other bad guys were sent to prison. Joker did comment that he enjoyed working with Batman before being loaded into the paddy wagon. In "Legends of the Dark Mite," Joker makes an appearance as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. He was bowled over when Batman bowled Tweedledum and Tweedledee into the villains. He appears again in "Hail the Tornado Tyrant" where he is being tailed by Batman and Green Arrow. He was defeated by the combined efforts of Batman and Green Arrow.

Jarvis Kord[]

  • Voice Actor: Tim Matheson

The evil scientist uncle of Ted "Blue Beetle II" Kord. When his nephew Ted Kord became the Blue Beetle, he was unable to get the Scarab to work for him. Ted later asked Jarvis to unlock the scarab's secrets, but Jarvis decided to use the scarab to take over the world using robots based on scarab technology. Blue Beetle manage to stop Jarvis, and sends the Scarab somewhere else.

Later, Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle) came to Science Island to look for Ted Kord and ran into Jarvis Kord (who was posing as Ted). Jarvis managed to dupe Jaime to use the Scarab's powers to power up the beetle robots to help make the world "better" (which was a cover-up for his world domination plot). Jaime stumbled upon the beetle robots in Jarvis' only to be ambushed by Jarvis in a large beetle-like exo-suit. Batman managed to disable his exo-suit as Jarvis commands his robots to attack. Batman managed to take some of them down before Jarvis forced him to surrender. Jarvis then prepared for world domination. Jaime helps Batman defeat Jarvis and overload the reactors to destroy Science Island.

Kanjar Ro[]

  • Voice Actor: Marc Worden

A space pirate who was enemies with the alien Blue Beetle years ago, and managed to defeat him using a sonic-emitting Gamma Gong that the Scarab is vulnerable to. He returns to the same planet to capture the amobea-like aliens because their bodies can apparently be used as fuel. He was beaten by the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle in the first episode, after Batman fought and distracted him when Kanjar Ro got hold of the Scarab and Jaime used the Gamma Gong to remove it from the space pirate.

Killer Moth[]

Killer Moth is a super villain who wields moth-themed weapons. At the end of "The Color of Revenge," Batman gets a call from Commissioner Gordon that Killer Moth has hijacked the Gotham Bank Money Train. He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension.

Kite Man[]

  • Voice Actor: TBA

A kite-themed criminal. In a flashback, he is the leader of a group of thieves equipped with high-tech glider kites that allows them to commit crimes. Kite Man is stopped by Batman, and his former henchman Eel O'Brian (who Batman rescued from the vat of chemicals he fell in) testified against him in court, and was later arrested. Kite Man later appears in "Day of the Dark Knight" as an inmate trying to escape Iron Heights, but was foiled by Batman and Green Arrow. In "Night of the Huntress," Kite Man makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape from Blackgate Prison. In "Legends of the Dark Mite," Kite Man makes an appearance as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. Bat-Mite defeated him by turning him into a kite.


  • Voice Actor: Richard Green

Kreegaar is the general of the Gordanian forces that invaded Rann to look for the Eye of Zared, a solar-powered doomsday weapon once used in a civil war on Rann. After Batman, Aquaman, and Adam Strange cause a solar eclipse to shut down the Eye of Zared, Kreegaar and his forces surrender. A Gordaian is seen in Duel of the Double Crossers fighting on War World.

Kru'll The Eternal[]

  • Voice Actor: Michael Dorn

Kru'll is a caveman who was exposed to a meteor that made him immortal. With his immortality, he conquered lands, but his people kept dying out. In the present, he stole that same meteor that could grant someone immortality. He fought Batman and Booster Gold. He kidnapped Skeets, Booster Gold's robot sidekick to power his device. He has minions that are warriors based on the time periods that he lived through that he wanted them to be immortal also. In the fight against Batman and Booster Gold, he used his device to power up his warriors. After Batman managed to trap Kr'ull, he then used the device to make Kr'ull's henchmen too strong enough for the machine to overload and return them to normal. Kr'ull and his henchmen were sent to jail. In the future, he runs into Booster Gold's secret identity and ends up learning who he is.

NOTE: He is based on Vandal Savage and King Kull.


  • Voice Actor: Jane Singer

She is one of Kru'll the Eternal's henchmen.


  • Voice Actor: Nika Futterman

Lashina is a Female Fury from Apokolips. She is a member of Mongal's team and had an interest in Jonah Hex.

Mad Hatter[]

Mad Hatter is a supervillain that is modeled after the Alice in Wonderland character of the same name. He made a cameo in "Day of the Dark Knight" as one of the inmates trying to escape Iron Heights only to be defeated by Batman and Green Arrow. He later makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the Fifth Dimension. He was turned into a hat by Bat-Mite.

Major Disaster[]

  • Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor

Major Disaster is a supervillian that can command natural disasters like hurricanes, thunderstorms, lighting, and earthquakes. He attacked a seaside carnival demanding a high ransom only to be defeated by Batman, Red Tornado, and Tornado Champion. His attack caused Tornado Champion to have emotions. Major Disaster later attempted to escape Blackgate Prison only to fight Batman, Red Tornado, and Tornado Champion again. When Major Disaster knocks Red Tornado into a bunch of wires, Tornado Champion fiercely attacks Major Disaster only for Batman to intervene.


  • Voice Actor: Gary Anthony Williams

Mongul is the dictator of War World. To bring more gladiators to War World, Mongul transports Jonah Hex from the past in order to capture Batman. Batman and Jonah Hex release the prisoners who chase after Mongul and Mongal.


  • Voice Actor: Gary Anthony Williams

Mongal is the sister of Mongul. She is in competition with Mongul when it comes to his fighters fighting against her team. She tries to get Hex to leave. Jonah Hex ended up tying her to his robotic horse. She broke free just as Batman and Jonah had freed the prisoners where she and Mongul were chased by them.

Morgaine Le Fey[]

  • Voice Actor: Tatyana Yassukovich

An evil sorceress who tried to usurp her half-brother, King Arthur. She uses her magic to take over Camelot and Etrigan resulting in Merlin gaining help from Batman and Green Arrow. When it came to the location of Excalibur, Morgaine took control of Batman and turned him into a Dark Knight to retrieve Excalibur for her. Merlin engages Morgaine le Fey while Green Arrow is sent to stop Batman from claiming Excalibur for Morgaine. Batman was eventually freed from the spell. With Etrigan also freed, Morgaine transformed into a dragon. When Batman wasn't able to budge Excalibur, she attacked them and turned Merlin and Etrigan to stone. Green Arrow and Batman pulled Excalibur from the stone and combined their moves to defeat Morgaine le Fey by launching it into her chest, causing her to vanish in an explosion of light. It is unknown if she was killed by this or merely beaten.

Mr. Zero[]

Mr. Zero is a scientist who was caught in an accident that made his body cold. He wears a sub-zero suit to survive and wields a freeze gun. He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite". He appears alongside the other villains as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. Batman used his Batarang to deflate him.

Music Meister[]

  • Voice Actor: Neil Patrick Harris

The Music Meister is a villain who can make anyone break out into song. He will appear in the episode "Mayhem of the Music Meister".

Ocean Master[]

  • Voice Actor: Wallace Langham

Aquaman's villainous brother, Orm has tried many ways to take over Atlantis. Here, Orm has returned to Atlantis after Aquaman gives him a second chance. After an attempted assassination on Aquaman's life is thwarted by Batman, the Dark Knight is hesitant to believe that Orm has turned over a new leaf. Later on, it is revealed that he is working with Black Manta to steal the throne from Aquaman, and he even succeeds in capturing his brother (donning the mantle of Ocean Master during the process). Black Manta betrays him however, leading to the two putting aside their differences to save Atlantis. Orm is imprisoned in the end, and is forced to listen to tales of heroism from Aquaman (much to Orm's disdain). Despite what happened, Orin gives Orm a second chance (because "they are family").


Penguin is a villain that's dressed as a gentleman and uses a variety of umbrella weapons. He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. He was bowled over when Batman sent Tweedledum and Tweedledee into the villains.

Polka-Dot Man[]

Polka-Dot Man is a supervillain who uses polka dots in his crimes. He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. Polka-Dot Man is defeated when the real Batman jumps in three dots in this uniform, causing him to "TILT" and shut down.

Punch and Jewelee[]

  • Voice Actors: Diedrich Bader (Punch), Jane Singer (Jewelee)

A husband and wife team of criminals who use jester-themed costumes and gadgets. Batman stopped the two during a bank heist in "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman". Booster Gold gave them his business card upon seeing Batman cart them off to police.

The Riddler[]

Riddler is a supervillain who uses riddles in his crimes. In "Deep Cover for Batman," Batman mentioned in his call to Commissioner Gordon that he halted Riddler's "crossword puzzle crime spree". He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the Fifth Dimension. He was bowled over when Batman sent Tweedledee and Tweedledum into the villains.

The Royal Flush Gang[]

This version of the Royal Flush Gang were depicted as a western outlaw gang. They tried to kill Jonah Hex, but he and Batman captured them. Their members include:

  • Ace (Diedrich Bader)
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack (Edoardo Ballerini)

The Scarecrow[]

  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Another Batman villain, who uses a special gas to invoke his victims' worst fears. He and Scream Queen plotted to ruin Halloween only to run afoul of Batman and Flash. He was defeated when the pumpkins Flash gathered buried him. In "Night of the Huntress," Scarecrow makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.

Scream Queen[]

A female criminal who uses sonic scream attacks. She and Scarecrow plotted to ruin Halloween only to be defeated by Flash when he used Scarecrow's own fear gas on her.

Shaggy Man[]

An android covered in thick brown fur. He was among the villains that Bat-Mite wanted to engage Batman in battle.


An ordinary tiger shark was exposed to chemicals that gave him a humanoid appearance and a criminal mind. He makes a cameo in "Night of the Huntress!" amongst the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.


  • Voice Actor: Xander Berkeley

A stern Green Lantern who believes he is above the law. He helped Batman, Guy Gardner, and Gnort defeat Despero. He along with Gnort and Guy Gardner were freed from an Oan holding cell by Batman who was transported by Hal Jordan's ring to Oa to help the remaining members of the Corps after Despero seemingly destroys all the active members. He and the others empower Batman's suit for the job. When Batman was fighting Despero, he mentioned that Sinestro was in jail for destroying the Okaran warships, taking every living being on those ships with them. Sinestro then created a puppet government loyal only to him. He attempted to blow up Mogo, only to be stopped by Guy Gardner. Gardner imprisoned Sinestro in his ring at the end.


  • Voice Actor: Alexander Polinsky

Slug is a mutant who lives in the sewers and manipulates people like the Outsiders to commit crimes for him. In the confrontation with Batman and Wildcat, Slug went head to head with Wildcat and was defeated by him. Wildcat then threw him into the toxic waste-filled waters. He emerged later on with tentacles and the ability to spew slime. Slug was defeated when the Outsiders turned on him.

NOTE: Slug bears a strong resemblance to Sleez, especially the gray tone of his skin, his massive body mass, ears, and face.

Solomon Grundy[]

  • Voice Actor: Diedrich Bader

A gangster who was killed and rose again as swamp zombie. This version's mouth is stitched together with 2 stitches, so he can only speak in grunts and growls, but his right-hand man Weasel understands his orders. He battles Batman and Black Canary when he and his gang threaten a scientist to give Solomon Grundy a new brain (namely the scientist's brain). In "The Color of Revenge", he is seen robbing a bank in Bludhaven, but is defeated by Robin. Solomon Grundy appeared in "Legends of the Dark Mite" to fight Batman before Bat Mite replaces him with Shaggy Man.


  • Voice Actor: Jason Marsden

A gangster who interprets for Solomon Grundy.

The Sportsmaster[]

  • Voice Actor: Thomas F. Wilson

A sports-themed villian who is particularly fond of exploding baseballs as a weapon. He interrupts a holiday bowling tournament by creating human bowling pins out of the participants, only to be defeated by Batman and Blue Beetle. In "Night of the Huntress," Sportsmaster made a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison. He appears in "Hail the Tornado Tyrant" where he and two of his henchmen are robbing a bank, only to be stopped by Red Tornado and Tornado Champion.


  • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

Steppenwolf is a warrior from Apokolips. He is a member of Mongul's team and War World's champion fighter. He fought against Batman and other warriors in a match. He was defeated by Batman with help from Jonah Hex.


Stompa is a Female Fury from Apokolips. She is a member of Mongal's team.

The Terrible Trio[]

  • Voice Actors: Phil Morris (Fox), Edoardo Ballerini (Vulture)

Fox, Shark, and Vulture are bored millionaires who become martial artists that wear masks of the animals they represent. As members of the Shadow Clan, they plan to steal the Wudang Totem from its respective temple, first killing off Master Wong Fei with a dart containing 7 different venoms. Batman and Bronze Tiger end up battling them to protect the Wudang Temple. When the Terrible Trio obtains the Wudang Totem, they turn into monstrous versions of the animals they represent. Attempting to take over Hong Kong, they are stopped by Batman and Bronze Tiger (who managed to use the Wudang Totem's powers to become monstrous versions of the animals they represent).

Tiger Shark[]

Tiger Shark is a full-armored crimelord who operates at sea and on Gotham City's waterfront. He made an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. He attacks Bat-Mite in the water.

The Top[]

A criminal with the power to spin at high speeds. In "Return of the Fearsome Fangs," He attempted to rob a bank, but was thwarted by Batman. In "Night of the Huntress," Top made a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison.

Tornado Tyrant[]

  • Voice Actor: Carl Lumbly

Red Tornado builds a robotic son and names him Tornado Champion and they fight crime together. He is eventually hit by lightning by Major Disaster. This causes the son to go haywire, unhinged and develop the ability of emotion and real pain. When Major Disaster escapes from jail, Tornado Champion nearly kills him and Batman in an insane rage. Red Tornado brings the son back to his hideout and has no choice but to shut him down. Tornado Champion is actually not shut down as he removed the shut down circuits. Tornado Champion rebuilds himself and renames himself as the Tornado Tyrant with the mission to annihilate mankind. Tornado Tyrant nearly slaughters people at a beach until Batman and Red Tornado manage to defeat him with a scrambler device. Red Tornado was nearly destroyed trying to reason with Tornado Tyrant. Red Tornado then jams his hands into Tornado Tyrant (whose last word was "Father?") and destroys him by launching a tornado into Tyrant. Red Tornado having little choice destroyed Tornado Tyrant and later melted him down.


Two-Face is a supervillain with a split personality. He made an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. He was bowled over by Batman when he sent Tweedledum and Tweedledee into the villains. In another appearance in "The Fate of Equinox", he has Batman cornered, and has his henchmen kill him. However, after flipping his coin, he ends up saving Batman's life. When flipping to decide whether he himself kills, he is knocked out by the hero.

Two-Face was featured in issue 3 of the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" comic series.

Weather Wizard[]

In "Night of the Huntress," Weather Wizard made a cameo as a client of the Calculator who tells Weather Wizard that he'll have the Flash out of Keystone City so that Weather Wizard can establish his next plot.


  • Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor

An evil sorcerer who tried to steal from the Library of Eternity, but was defeated by Batman and Dr. Fate.


  • Voice Actor: TBA

A criminal with diamagnetic powers and stripes running all over his body, hence his name. He makes an appearance in "Legends of the Dark Mite" as an illusion in the 5th Dimension. Batman pulled off Zebra-Man's stripes causing Zebra-Man to become embarrassed and leave. In "Duel of the Double Crossers," Batman prevents Zebra-Man from stealing an armored truck.

Other Characters[]

Alfred Pennyworth[]

Alfred Pennyworth is the butler of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. He has been a father figure to him even since his parents' murder on Christmas Day. So far he has appeared once in a flashback of the day Batman's parents were killed.

Commissioner James Gordon[]

The commissioner of Gotham City Police Department and ally of Batman. Gordon is one of the uncorrupt cops in Gotham. He hasn't appeared in the series yet, but calls Batman when criminals that he considers too dangerous for regular police to handle arrive.

In "Deep Cover for Batman," Batman called Commissioner Gordon up telling him that Riddler's crossword puzzle crime spree was thwarted. In "The Color of Revenge," a flashback showed that Batman got a call from Commissioner Gordon that Crazy Quilt had broken into the museum to steal the Stimulated Emission Light Amplifier. At the end of the episode, Batman got a message from him stating that Killer Moth had hijacked the Gotham Bank Money Train.

Great Caesar[]

  • Voice Actor: Peter Woodward

Great Caesar is the ruler of the Tiger Men and the father of Tuftan. He was displeased at the fact that his son had befriended Kamandi. Batman tries to persuade Caesar to let him help in his fight against Gorilla Grodd (who has taken over the Gorilla Men). When Gorilla Grodd's Gorilla Man army attacks, Great Caesar and those with him are affected by the Sonic Gates. He is then taken captive by Gorilla Grodd. After being saved by Batman and repelling the Gorilla Men, Caesar changes his opinions about the humans and thanks Batman upon giving the order to release the slaves.


  • Voice Actor: David McCallum

Merlin is a wizard who is a companion of King Arthur, the master of Etrigan, and the teacher of Morgaine le Fay. When Morgaine was taking over Camelot and took control over Etrigan, he traveled to the present and brought Batman and Green Arrow to medieval times after they prevented a break-out attempt at Iron Heights. He hoped to use them to retrieve Excalibur to help defeat Morgaine. When they reached the location, he engaged Morgaine le Fay in a magic battle. She then pt Batman under a spell. When Batman broke free from Morgaine's spell, she turned into a dragon and turned Merlin and Etrigan into stone. Following Morgaine le Fay's defeat, Camelot was freed and Batman and Green Arrow were returned to the present by Merlin.

In "Trials of the Demon", it was mentioned that he and Etrigan imprisoned Astaroth in the Underworld.


  • Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

Oberon is the short manager of Mister Miracle.

Professor Carter Nichols[]

  • Voice Actor: Richard McGonagle

Professor Carter Nichols is a scientist with an experimental time machine. Gorilla Grodd forced him to send him to Kamandi's future.

Sherlock Holmes[]

  • Voice Actor: Ian Buchanan

One of the world's greatest detectives, he was able to deduce much of Batman's life (such as the bat being a symbol of a past trauma, and his strong jaw being a characteristic of a doctor's son) when he arrived in 19th century London because of a spell created by Jason Blood. With his partner Dr. John Watson, they solve cases. An example being a supernatural one caused by Gentleman Jim Craddock (who is Gentleman Ghost later).

Sherlock Holmes carries a cane, which is also a scabbard for his hidden sword. He used this sword in "Trials of the Demon", while he says "As you see, my reflexes are as sharp as my mind! And my blade even sharper!"

Dr. John Watson[]

  • Voice actor: Jim Piddock

Watson is Holmes' partner in detective work. He aids Sherlock in his cases, though Holmes does playfully mock him by telling him not to be an idiot when he guesses wrong many times. An example of one being a supernatural case when Gentleman Jim Craddock (prior to becoming Gentleman Ghost) was stealing souls in exchange for immortality.