This is a list of all the characters of relative significance that appear in the BBC television series Young Dracula.

The series has many links to the original book Dracula by Bram Stoker, including that the characters of Count Dracula and Renfield appear in both. Another is that many of the other characters share their names with those of original characters. First of all, Miss Harker the headteacher and Jonathan Van Helsing are named after Jonathan Harker, who appears in the novel. Others are Eric Van Helsing, who may be decended from the character Abraham Van Helsing, and his wife Mina Van Helsing who is named after Mina Harker. Magda Westenra, the Count's ex-wife, shares her surname with Lucy Westenra from the novel.

B = Breather
V = Vampire
B/V = Breather who turned into a Vampire

S = Slayer
W = Wolf / Werewolf

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Chloe Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Lucy Borja
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to Kidnapped, Bad Reflection to The Chosen One
The sister of Robin and friend of Vlad. She is very intelligent, being able to read Egyptian hyrogylyphs and study the brain, and also being able to talk in technical jagen about the Staff of Carpathia. She is also the voice of reason in the Branaugh family and is the only character ever to take any consideration of Renfield. At the end of the second series her memory was modified by Vlad so she had no recolection of vampires.

Elizabeth Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Beth Robert
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to Kidnapped, Bad Reflection to The Chosen One

Graham Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Aneirin Hughes

Appearances: When You're A Stranger to Kidnapped, Bad Reflection to The Chosen One
A plumber and the father of Robin. From the start of the first series he was aware of the Count being different to regular people but did not think he was a vampire until Vlad accidentally told him in Eclipse. He is supposedly a very good plumber, being able to fix the heaters in the woodwork rooms and unblock the sewers under the castle. He is also very protective of his family, his wife in particular. At the end of the second series his memory was modified by Vlad so he had no recolection of vampires.

Ian Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Ben McGregor

Paul Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Luke Bridgeman

Robin Branaugh (B)[]

Played by Craig Roberts
Appearanaces: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One


Chandu (?)[]

Played by Frank Rozelaar-Green
Appearances: The Mummy
A Hungarian count and chess master, with whom the Count fought to win Magd's hand in marraiage. The Count won by cheating, and Chandu was sentenced to death by mummification. Chandu then came back to life in the episode The Mummy, and he and the Count have a rematch in which he wins by cheating. It is then decided that both he and the Count can stay alive.

Professor Cheney (S)[]

Played by Frank Baker
Appearances: When Vampires Go Bad

A member of teh Slayer's Guild who bullied Eric Van Helsing all the way through slayer school. In the episode When Vampires Go Bad, he comes to inspect Van Helsing and Van Helsing fails, leading to Cheney shutting down the Slayer HQ.

Will Clarke (B/V)[]

Played by Harry Ferrier
Appearances: Love Bites to The Chosen One
A normal and good-looking schoolboy with whom Ingrid fell in love. He was good at art and woodwork, and fancied Ingrid in the same way that all the other boys seemed to. However, he won over Ingrid's affections by making her jealous, and it worked. However, in the episode Eclipse, Ingrid bites Will in the cinema and he turns into a vampire. In the episode When Vampires Go Bad, Boris Dracula (disguised as Justice Moori) calls Will a half-fang due to not being born a vampire, and challenges him to a duel, however Ingrid makes sure the duel never happens. In the episode The Chosen One he is slayed by Kurt Moller and it is his death that causes Ingrid to commense war on Stokely at the end.


Delila (B)[]

Played by Klariza Clayton
Appearances: Love Bites
A girl new to Stokely Grammar School in the episode Love Bites and was a love interest to both Vlad and Robin. She was a typical footballer's-wife type person, obsessed with sunbeds and castles. After Vlad and Robin fighting over her all episode, they agreed never to fight over a girl again. She has not appeared since.

Deputy Head Teacher (B)[]

Played by Marilyn Le Conte
Appearances: Kidnapped, Insomnia

The Deputy Head teacher at Stokely Grammar School, who attends to school affairs when Miss Harker cannot. She arranges a meeting with the Count in the episode Insomnia, only for Vlad to become unconsious in her office.

Dinnerlady (B)[]

(Actress Unknown)
Appearances: Love Bites, Bodyswap
A large and smiley dinnerlady who appears in various episodes, but never has any lines and is not credited.

Doctor (B)[]

Played by Nathan Sussex
Appearances: Insomnia
A doctor who attends to Vlad in hospital after he becomes unconsious and goes into 'Dreamworld'. At the end of the episode he says that Vlad has to stay in hospital overnight.

Boris Dracula (V)[]

Played by Claran Joyce
Appearances: The Yanks are Coming to Bad Reflection, When Vampires Go Bad

The son of the Count's brother, Ivan Dracula, and cousin of Vlad. Boris originally did not want to become a vampire, much like Vlad, however after he was forced to go through with it by his father and uncle, became manically evil, beyond even that of a regular vampire. He stole energy from the blood mirror, making the Count and Ivan into old men, but Vlad turned them back. He was then taken home in a straightjacket, but returned in When Vampires Go Bad, after killing Justice Moori, and killed the Grand High Vampire. He then turned to dust when he put on thre crown of power, intended only for the 'Chosen One'

Count Dracula (V)[]

Played by Keith-Lee Castle
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One
Vlad and Ingrid's father and one of the original characters from the book by Bram Stoker. He constantly tries to make Vlad become more vampiric, despite him wanting to be more like a 'breather' and normally fails. He is also frightened of mobs, and even the thought of them, after having been chased out of Transylvania by one. Despite his claims to being 'pure evil' he does display various acts of kindness towards various characters and is romantically in love with both Magda and Elizabeth Branaugh, who he originally hated.

Ingrid Dracula (V)[]

Played by Clare Thomas
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One
Vlad's sister who is constantly ignored by her father, despite wanting to be a vampire when Vlad does not. She is constantly ignored by the rest of the vampiric society as well due to being a girl, however is adored at school due to her good looks. She also causes a lot of trouble at school, as Miss Harker's list explained in the episode The Mummy and tries her best to be mean and selfish. In the episode Sweet Sixteen, she pulls out of her vampire transformation as she doesn't want to kill her boyfriend Will with whom she had fallen in love with in the previous episode. In this, it is revealed she is not really as bad as she tries to be and kind of-takes over her transformation at the end of the episode. However, in the episode Eclipse she bites Will, turning him into a vampire and it is him being slayed at the end of The Chosen One that makes her commense war on stokely at the end of Season 2.

Ivan Dracula (V)[]

Played by Philip Brodie
Appearances: The Yanks Are Coming to Bad Reflection

Count Dracula's brother who lives in the United States of America. Despite being bloodthirsty and evil years before the series started, he made himself a blood-free vampire, drinking soy sauce instead and only using the benifits of the vamoire powers (telekenisis, flight, pyokenisis, hypnosis, teleportation etc.), and renaming himself 'Harvey'. However, when he meets Eric Van Helsing in order to try and make peace between the two families, Van Helsing cuts his finger and after smelling the blood, Ivan returns to his old ways.

Olga Dracula (V)[]

Played by Maddie Rakic-Platt
Appearances: The Yanks Are Coming to Bad Reflection
The daughter of Ivan Dracula who is around the same age as Chloe. In front of the adults she pretends to be a nice little girl however in real life is spoilt and selfish. She takes great pleasure in being evil and upsetting Ingrid. She, much like Ingrid, would really like to be a vampire.

Vladimir Dracula (V)[]

Played by Gerran Howell
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One
The main character from the series. He is a vampire and son of Count Dracula, however would much rather be a 'breather'. The entire two series revolve around him and his attempts to become normal, trying to cure vampirism by smashing the blood mirror, finding the Saff of Carpathia, getting Renfield Sr. to make an anti-vampirism potion and many other ways. He find friends in Robin and Chloe Branaugh and enjoys school, at which he does well. It is revealed in the episode Insomnia that Vlad is in fact 'The Chosen One' - a special vampire destined to become Grand High Vampire, and lead vampires out of hiding. He does not like this, however accepts anyway in order to save his family. He then modifies the memories of Kurt, the Branaughs, the Van Helsings and Renfield at the end of series 2. He may have died.


Gertrude (?)[]

(No Actress)
Appearances: First Day At School

A dead animal and former pet of either the Draculas or Renfield that is found to be blocking the drains by Graham Branaugh.

Grand High Vampire (V)[]

Played by Keith-Lee Castle and Richard Elfyn
Appearances: Insomnia (Castle), When Vampires Go Bad to The Chosen One (Elfyn)
The most important and powerful vampire in the whole of the vampiric world. He is portrayed as being ruthless and unforgiving, having turned up at the castle to sentence the Count to death. He is killed by Boris Dracula in the episode When Vampires Go Bad, dressed as Justice Moori. Then, in The Chosen One he appears as a ghost to Vlad, telling him he is in fact the chosen one.


Miss Harker (B)[]

Played by Betsan Llwyd
Appearances: First Day of School, The Mummy
The headteacher at Stokely Grammar School, who is completely very environmentally friendly, riding her bike wherever she goes. She turns up at the castle in First Day at School, informing the Count that the children have to go to school, and is flattered by the Counts various random compliments he gives her in the episode The Mummy. She is not seen in Season 2, as all her jobs are done by Deputy Head Teacher.


Jangshi (V)[]

(Actress Unknown)
Appearances: The Chosen One

A chinese vampire who is very good at using her teleportation and superspeed powers. She is nominated to be the next Grand High Vampire, but is turned to dust by the crown of power.


Librarian (B)[]

Played by Cindy Agnew
Appearances: Insomnia, Sweet Sixteen
The librarian at Stokely Grammar School. She is portrayed as being a vampire along with everyone else in Vlad's dreamworld and tells Ingrid to stop smoking when she is burning in the sunlight in the episode Sweet Sixteen.


Cheftain MacDonald (V)[]

(Actor Unknown)
Appearances: The Chosen One
A Scottish vampire whos accent the Count cannot uncerstand. He is nominated as being the next Grand High Vampire, but is turned to dust by the crown of power.

Kurt Moller (S)[]

Played by Guy Porritt
Appearances: The Chosen One

Justice Moori (V)[]

Played by Claran Joyce

Appearances: When Vampires Go Bad


Nurse (B)[]

Played by Patti Clare
Appearances: Insomnia


Patrick (W)[]

(Actor Unknown)
Appearances: Mum's Return (Voice)
Magda's boyfriend, whom she ran away with after leaving the Count. He is a werewolf and it is said by Zoltan that he won an award for 'best hair'. He is supportive of Magda, has his back waxed and has a son with her originally called Vladimir Slobboden Napoleon Dracula, though it is assumed his name is changed to Barry after the episode Baby Dracula.

Mr Perkins (B)[]

Played by Dafydd Emyr
Appearances: The Mummy
The art teacher at Stokely Grammar School, who meets Mr and Mrs Branaugh at parents evening and asks whether Robin is happy at home due to his various paintings of vampires. Jonathan Van Helsing says he smells.


Renfield (B)[]

Played by Simon Ludders

Appearances: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One

Renfield Sr. (B)[]

Played by Simon Ludders
Appearances: Dad's Back
Renfield's father who is brought back to life by Vlad in the episode Dad's Back, in order for him to make a potion for anti-vampirism. However, he is really making something that will make him immortal, and is not a nice person. He is nasty to his son Renfield and at the end of the episode he turns back into a bone after Refield sprays him with some anti-regeneration liquid.


Eric Van Helsing (S)[]

Played by Terence Maynard
Appearances: First Day of School to The Chosen One

Jonathan Van Helsing (S)[]

Played by Terry Harwood
Appearances: First Day of School to The Chosen One

Mina Van Helsing (B)[]

Played by Jo-Anne Knowles
Appearances: Insomnia to The Chosen One

Porfiria Van Helsing (S)[]

Played by Terence Maynard

Appearances: Mirror, Mirror (In a Painting)
An ancestor of Eric Van Helsing who's poortrait hangs in their Slayer's HQ. She was a slayer and discovered that vampirism could be cured by smashing a family's blood mirror. However, she was put into a 'mad house' by the authorities due to her vampire obsession.


Atilla Westenra (V)[]

Played by Howell Evans
Appearances: 13th Birthday
The father of Magda Westenra and father-in-law of Count Dracula. He is strict and is appauled at the Count's un-vampireness, as is his wife. However, he sits in a wheelchair and cannot speak in anything other than babbleing Transylvanian.

Krone Westenra (V)[]

Played by Rosamund Shelley
Appearances: 13th Birthday
The mother of Magda Westenra and mother-in-law of Count Dracula. She is strict and appauled at the Count's un-vampireness, and calls the family the 'Dracu-loosers'. She tries to get Vlad to drink the blood of a Transylvanian vampire bat in order to turn him into a full vampire, however is forced to leave when Ingrid threatens to tell the authorities about her daughter running away with a werewolf.

Magda Westenra (V)[]

Played by Donna Grant

Appearances: Mum's Return, Countdown, Baby Dracula, Sweet Sixteen


Zoltan (W)[]

Played by Andy Bradshaw
Appearances: When You're A Stranger to The Chosen One
Vlad's pet stuffed wolf who is made of werewolf hair stuffed with soardust. He can talk and is intelligent and nice, despite many people simply treating him like an object. Ivan and Count Dracula used to throw him off the top of castles before the series started, and it is repeated again at the end of The Yanks Are Coming.