This is a list of monsters in the Ultraman Nexus series.

Pedoleon Kurain[]

One night at a gas station a truck pulled up to get some gas, but a strange liquid from underneath the truck began to reform and would cause problems. The liquid turned into Pedoleon Kurain, the first of many Space Beasts to come to Earth, and was close to eating a gas station worker had a shot not been fired, forcing it to flee. The assailants of Pedoleon Kurain were none other than the elite task force created by TLT, Night Raiders, who soon tracked the bizzare organism into a tunnel and blasted it to pieces. However, it wasn't the only member of its species to come to Earth. Another Pedoleon Kurain later appeared mysteriously as it attacked a bus full of people. Kazuki Komon, an unknowing transfer member of Night Raiders, found the bus and was soon found by Pedoleon Kurain. Before the monster could devour him a fire ball from the sky destroyed the organism and the fire ball revealed itself to be a silver giant. This would be the first of many appearences of Ultraman Nexus and faded away just as Night Raiders showed up. Two more appeared in a forest weeks later and managed to eat two unfortunate teenage men. As one was about to eat a young woman Night Raiders arrived and killed both of the Space Beasts. The Pedoleon Kurain threat would continue for over a year, but all of them would meet their demise either by Night Raiders or Nexus.

Pedoelon Guros[]

After Pedoleon Kurain lost four members of its species Pedoleon Guros appeared in a factory and already devoured a worker as it chased after two others. Night Raiders were sent in and after one of Pedoleon Guros lost a tentacle it spawned two more and grabbed the two men it was chasing as hostages. Night Raiders was ordered to shoot the Space Beast, but before anything was done it began to walk away. Just then a man in black turned into Ultraman Nexus and used the Savage Belt to free Pedoleon Guros's two hostages and placed them down gently. Before the battle could start Night Raiders member Nagi began to open fire on Nexus. It wasn't enough to stop Nexus as he began to assault the space beast until it began to emit gas from its back that was highly flammable and turned into Pedoleon Furigen. Even after its death more members of the Pedoleon Guros species would come and meet their demise.

Pedoleon Furgian[]

After Pedoleon Guros turned into Pedoleon Furigen Ultraman Nexus and Night Raiders went after the space beast by air. Nexus quickly switched from Anphans mode to Junis Red and trapped Pedoleon Furigen in the Meta Field. Before Nexus took Pedoleon Furigen into another dimension and destroyed him. More members of the Pedoleon Furigen species would come to Earth, but would be destroyed trying to do so.


Jun Himeya, the second dunamist or host of Ultraman Nexus after Shinichi Maki, began to have strange nightmares with swarms of creatures known as Beesectars, attack an old temple. However, upon waking up, the Beesectar thought was soon gone, but it had a source.


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Early one morning three men were stranded in a forest when some sort of odd yellow gas appeared and choked them to death. As Jun went to investigate that night he found that the human victims were dissolved except for their clothes./ Suddenly Dark Faust appeared and as Jun turned into Ultraman Nexus Night Raiders arrived. As Faust left Lafleya appeared from underground. A Chester fired a short, but Nexus stopped it, the gas Lafleya emitted was highly flammable and would destroy a town only eight kilometers away. After Nexus used the meta field to contain Lafleya the two began to battle, but Faust came from underground and made his dark field to complicate the situation. Nexus didn't give up and after a few uses of the Border-Ray Phaser and Faust retreated and Lafleya would appear again later. The next night Lafleya returned once again from underground. Nexus quickly revealed himself and used the meta field to trap the space beast once again with Night Raiders using their new chester combination Chest Striker. Upon Chest Striker entering the field Faust appeared once more and Nexus was out matched once again. After the spider missiles failed to launch all of Chest Striker's power was directed for one shot of the Strike Vanisher. Komon went with his gut and fired it on Lafleya. Just before impact Nexus got away from Faust and Lafleya exploded with Faust feeling the effects.


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Coming to Earth one night Arakunia was found by Night Raiders in a factory. It turns out that not one, but two of them were roaming the building. After a smaller Arakunia was shot down a larger tried to sneak up on the team only to be shot down by Nagi.


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One foggy day the space beast Golgolem fed on three unfortunate hikers that cross its path and disappeared. As Night Raiders investigated the sight where they three were eaten Golgolem made itself known to the team and they went straight for their chesters as Ultraman Nexus came to the scene. However, because nexus has not fully recovered from his battle with Dark Mephisto Golgolem was beating him down, but the hero didn't give up. After phasing through Nexus's assault the hero used the meta field to entrap it befor Golgolem could get away. Nexus slid his way into Golgolem, but the space beast proved itself more than a match in combat as his assaults were knocking Nexus around. As the two fought on Golgolem's crystals managed to weaken the meta field and soon both giants were out in the open. With Nexus greatly weakened and Golgolem leaving the scene the hero had no other choice but to revert back into Jun. Night Raiders used spider missiles to attack the space beast, but Golgolem's danger sense allowed it to vanish before it could be harmed. At their base Night Raiders came up with a new plan to trap and destroy Golgolem as he was heading for a large town. Golgolem fell into the trap and the crystals on his back were destroyed. However, the space beast was enraged and used its lightning bolts to intimidate Night Raiders. After being hit with dozens of spider missiles Golgolem ate an unfortunate photographer that was taking pictures. The fact that his two friends were still around forced Night Raiders to take to the air using Chest Striker. Before Golgolem could do any more damage Nexus arrived once again. Even after Golgolem used one of his acidic fire balls on the hero's left shoulder Nexus didn't give up and soon the space beast was forced to flee after his tongue was cut off with the Particle Phaser. As Nexus reverted back into Jun Golgolem made its way into the nearby town. The Strike Vanisher was used on Golgolem and fell down, but by this time its crystals regenerated and disappeared. The next day Night Raiders launched the new Chrome Chester Delta with Komon as the pilot. That night the first three Chrome Chesters morphed into Mega Chester Cannon and Komon tried to find Golgolem. The space beast was soon found in dimension of F56 and Komon began to battle it. After the crystals were destroyed Golgolem was revealed by Night Raiders, but the Mega Cannon Vanisher was absorbed by its facial force field and instantly regenerated Golgolem's crystals. After Nexus came and fought with Golgolem for a bit he used the meta field once again to prevent serious damage. However, since Nexus hasn't had enough time to fully recover he soon fell down unconscious. With Nexus fainted Golgolem proceeded to exit the meta field and was even attacked by Strike Vanisher only to be stunned. With what little strength of his was left Nexus used the Over-Ray Storm to reduce Golgolem to blue particles.


In a factory people began to start disappearing, but no one took it seriously until Night Raiders detected a new space beast. After seeing one of the workers being grabbed by a tentacle and sent into another dimension Night Raiders began to wonder what was going on. Jun had no choice but to transform into Ultraman Nexus and began to fight off the tentacles. After some help from Night Raiders the tentacles retreated. As Jun fled the scene the source of the tentacles, Kutuura, made itself known and released a black gas that made Jun pass out. After analyzing the recent appearences of space beasts Night Raiders discovered Dark Mephisto left a code based on ancient Greek encryption that was soon decoded as a seventh seal opening at midnight like the Book of Revalation. Jun was in a factory when Kutuura's tentacles attacked, making him transform into Nexus. As the hero followed the tentacles into a wormhole Nexus found himself in a realm made by Mephisto called the death land and Kutuura began to attack. Nexus easily beated down Kutuura until its tentacles got a hold of him and began to toss him around after creating explosions from its gas. As Night Raiders went through the gate at midnight Nexus fell dead and his body was displayed as Night Raiders entered the death land. Kutuura ensnared the fighters with his tentacles and tossed them around, but Night Raiders' shots forced the it to let go and before long the Ultimate Vanisher was fired, reducing Kutuura to blue particles.


After the database of CIC was hacked and all data on Jun Himeya was deleted the insect-like space beast Grantella appeared. Grantella started to cause destruction to a local forest using its electric balls. Before Night Raiders could do serious damage Ultraman Nexus came to the scene. He changed from Anaphas mode, but instead of Junias Red he turned into Junis Blue for the first time. This was because the new Dunamist was now a genetically modified human named Ren Senjyo. After Nexus used the meta field the clash began. Try as Grantella might he was easily out manuvered and was too slow to give Nexus a real fight. Even when the crustacean space beast launched fire balls it wasn't enough for a win, but Grantella still held his own against the hero and Night Raiders. Before the battle could go on mych longer a large portal known as the Unknown Hand appeared and transported Grantella. The crustacean space beast returned the next night and Komon and Nagi took Chrome Chester Delta to collect data in the Unknown Hand returns to the scene. As Nexus arrives to use the meta field the Unknown Hand returns using the Dark Field G, dissolving the meta field before it even former. Grantella began to use the fire balls from his chest and managed to knock Nexus down. After Chrome Chester Delta only annoyed the space beast with Abi-Lock Missiles Grantella opened fired on the fighter and knocked out its power. Before Grantella could finish them off Nexus used the Cross-Ray Storm on the space beast while its back was turned. The Unknown Hand soon arrived and Grantella became more powerful and began to beat Nexus mercilessly. Nexus didn't give up and after avoiding many of Grantella's fire balls he reduced the space beast to blue particles by using the Arrow-Ray Storm for the first time.


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One night the space beast Lizarias came to Earth and was doing a rampage in a forest. Night Raiders and Ultraman Nexus arrived to do battle. Once Nexus used the meta field there was little Lizarias could do and it was soon reduced to blue particles after being cut horiztonally in half by the Storm Sword. However, one of the pieces of flesh TLT failed to find disappeared and would evolve into Lizarias Golar.

Lizarias Golar[]

Evolving from a piece of flesh from Lizarias came the space beast Lizarias Golar. Two nights after the appearence of the first Lizarias Golar began to stalk a forest region and managed to frighten off some campers. Night Raiders and Ultraman Nexus arrived with the Unknown Hand showing tself shortly after. Once in the meta field neither Night Raiders nor Nexus could best Lizarias Golar as it was beating the hero mercilessly. After Nexus was beaten the Unknown Hand gave Lizarias Golar hyper beams, which he failed to hit Nexus with. The space beast tried again only for Nexus to reduce it to blue particles with the Arrow-Ray Storm.