The following is a list of deaths for the HBO television series, Six Feet Under. Almost all episodes started with a person dying followed by a white screen with the name of the person along with his or her date of birth and death. Exceptions and variations are noted below.


Season 1 (2001)[]

# Deceased Born Died Cause of Death Portrayed by: Episode Title
1 Nathaniel Samuel Fisher 1943 2000 accident while driving a hearse Richard Jenkins Pilot
2 Chandler James Swanson 1967 2001 broken neck in diving accident Mark Devine The Will
3 Thomas Alfredo Romano 1944 2001 chopped up by dough mixer John Capodice The Foot
4 Manuel "Paco" Antonio Pedro Bolin 1980 2001 shot repeatedly in a gang killing Jacob Vargas Familia
5 Jean Louise McArthur "Viveca St. John" 1957 2001 electrocuted when her cat knocks electric curlers into her bathtub Veronica Hart An Open Book
6 Mildred "Hattie" Effinger Jones 1922 2001 natural causes, dies in her sleep Uncredited The Room
7 Victor Wayne Kovitch, PFC 1971 2001 Gulf War syndrome Brian Kimmet Brotherhood
8 Chloe Anne Bryant Yorkin 1959 2001 decapitated by the cherry picker on a utility truck when sticking head out of a limo Robin Riker Crossroads
9 Anthony Christopher Finelli 1994 2001 accidentally shot while playing with a gun Jake Gridley Life's Too Short
10 Jonathan Arthur Hanley 1946 2001 killed by his wife when she smashes a frying pan over his head John Billingsley The New Person
11 Dillon Michael Cooper 2001 2001 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Unseen character The Trip
12 Marcus Foster, Jr. 1978 2001 beaten to death in gay bashing Brian Poth A Private Life
13 Lilian Grace Montrose 1939 2001 hit in head by golf ball Uncredited Knock, Knock

Season 2 (2002)[]

# Deceased Born Died Cause of Death Portrayed by: Episode Title
14 Rebecca Leah Milford 1980 2001 cocaine overdose Alexandra Holden In The Game
15 Joshua Peter Langmead 1981 2001 heat stroke at football practice Page Kennedy Out, Out Brief Candle
16 Michael John Piper 1952 2001 cancer and pain medication David Andrews The Plan
17 Harold Mossback 1932 2001 natural causes, died on tour bus Hansford Rowe Driving Mr. Mossback
18 Emily Previn 1954 2001 choked to death on TV dinner, found a week later Christine Estabrook The Invisible Woman
19 Matthew Heath Collins 1959 2001 fell off boat and chopped up by propeller Steve Ryan In Place of Anger
20 Jeffrey Marc Shapiro 1963 2001 autoerotic asphyxiation while masturbating Chris Ufland Back to the Garden
21 Jesse Ray Johnson 1944 2001 motorcycle accident while dressed as Santa Claus, greeting children Franc Ross It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
22 Dwight Edgar Garrison 1936 2002 metal lunchbox dropped on head from top of the building Linwood Porter Someone Else's Eyes
23 Benjamin Srisai 1935 2002 heart attack while taking out garbage Ben Lin The Secret
24 Edith Kirky 1929 2002 nursing home roommate shoved a hot dog down her throat to silence her Lynda Scarlino The Liar and the Whore
25 Leticia Perfecta Perez 1922 2002 natural causes, died in sleep at beauty parlor Gina Morelli I'll Take You
26 Aaron Buchbinder 1976 2002 pancreatic cancer Glenn Fitzgerald The Last Time

Season 3 (2003)[]

# Deceased Born Died Cause of Death Portrayed by: Episode Title
28 Matthew Clark Hazen 1978 2003 shot by disgruntled co-worker Uncredited You Never Know
29 Martin Jacobs 1962 2003 shot by disgruntled co-worker Uncredited You Never Know
30 Andrew Wayne Milne 1952 2003 shot by disgruntled co-worker Jim Ortlieb You Never Know
31 Daniel Grant Showalter 1968 2003 shot himself after shooting co-workers Matt Ross You Never Know
32 Callie Renee Mortimer 1984 2003 hit by car after running from "attackers" who were really her friends Megan Austin Oberle The Eye Inside
33 Robert Lamar Giffin 1955 2003 dilated cardiomyopathy while watching movie Anthony Vatsula Nobody Sleeps
34 William Aaron Jaffe 1951 1975 car fell off a dirt road, found 28 years later Josh Radnor The Trap
35 Karen Postell Pepper 1964 2003 excessive nose bleed due to a deviated septum Donna Bullock Making Love Work
36 Bernard Asa Chenowith 1939 2003 stomach cancer Robert Foxworth Timing & Space
37 Daddy 1940 2003 natural causes Leon Rippy Tears, Bones and Desire
38 Melinda Mary Bloch 1965 2003 suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning Tereza Rizzardi The Opening
39 Jeanette Louise Bradford 1928 2003 bee sting while at picnic Ann Weldon Everyone Leaves
40 Dorothy Su 1945 2003 shot by a robber at her convenience store Momo Yashima Death Works Overtime
41 Edward Tully 1955 2003 electrocuted while on an electrical pole during earthquake Uncredited Death Works Overtime
42 David Raymond Monroe 1971 2003 collapsed at gym after exercising Uncredited Death Works Overtime
43 Carl Desmond Williman 1948 2003 executed by lethal injection Graham Beckel Twilight
44 Anahid Hovanessian 1951 2003 head smashed in by "blue ice" Violetta Gevorkyan I'm Sorry, I'm Lost

Season 4 (2004)[]

# Deceased Born Died Cause of Death Portrayed by: Episode Title
45 Lisa Kimmel Fisher 1967 2003 unknown (possibly drowned by Hoyt, her brother-in-law) Lili Taylor I'm Sorry, I'm Lost (death)/Falling Into Place (funeral)
46 Bruno Baskerville Walsh 1951 1972 jumped off roof while under the influence of LSD Jonathan Tucker Falling Into Place
47 Dorothy Sheedy 1954 2003 hit by car while supposedly witnessing the Rapture Beth Grant In Case of Rapture
48 Kaitlin Elise Stolte 1989 2003 broken neck after falling off a bed while laughing Hallee Hirsh Parallel Play
49 Lawrence Henry Mason 1938 2003 struck by lightning Uncredited Can I Come Up Now?
50 Anne Marie Thornton 1966 2004 slipped in shower Elise Robertson That's My Dog
51 Robert Carl Meinhardt 1962 2004 shot by robbers in his home Ken Land Terror Starts at Home
52 Joan Morrison 1939 2004 cancer Lauri Johnson The Dare
53 James Dubois Marshall 1923 2004 natural causes, died in his car at Fisher & Diaz Lee Weaver Coming and Going
54 Lawrence "Larry" Tuttle 1969 2004 crushed by shelf after reaching for comic book Michael Cornacchia Grinding the Corn
55 Robert Duane Wething 1958 2004 alcohol poisoning Uncredited The Black Forest
56 Edward Gordon Gorodetsky 1956 2004 car accident by not concentrating on road Tom Virtue Bomb Shelter
57 Coco Grimes Gorodetsky 1962 2004 car accident Christine Mourad Bomb Shelter
58 Michael Timothy Gorodetsky 1992 2004 car accident Jordan Garrett Bomb Shelter
59 Amanda Lynn "Mandy" Gorodetsky 1995 2004 car accident Hunter Johnson Bomb Shelter
60 Kenneth Macdonald Henderson 1954 2004 cut in half by elevator Scott Burkholder Untitled

Season 5 (2005)[]

# Deceased Born Died Cause of Death Portrayed by: Episode Title
61 Andrea Kuhn 1963 2004 impaled in the eye by brass andirons Maggie Baird A Coat of White Primer
62 Samuel Wayne Hoviak 1965 2004 ran himself over with his car while reaching for a newspaper in his driveway Chris Pine Dancing For Me
63 Loretta Smith Sibley 1908 1953 suicide by drug overdose while her son George watches Janice Lynde Hold My Hand
64 Lila Simonds Coolidge 1909 2005 heart attack while on the toilet seat Glenda Tusher Time Flies
65 Daniel Holzenchenko 1939 2005 suicide (?) complications from diabetes Jack Wallace Eat a Peach
66 Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt 1952 2005 fell off a hill while hiking with Sarah Lee Garlington The Rainbow of Her Reasons
67 Peter Thomas Burns 1948 2005 heart attack while watching a play Stanley DeSantis The Silence
68 Pilar Sandoval 1970 2005 hit by a car while roller blading Dianna Miranda Singing For Our Lives
69 Laurence Hall Matheson 1971 2005 mauled by a cougar Tim Mikulecky Ecotone
70[1] Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. 1965 2005 complications from brain hemorrhage Peter Krause Ecotone (death)/All Alone (funeral)
71 Paul Ronald Duncan 1983 2005 suicide/euthanasia assisted by his sister Billy Lush Static
72[2] Ruth O'Connor Fisher 1946 2025 unknown, presumably natural causes Frances Conroy Everyone's Waiting
73[2] Keith Dwayne Charles 1968 2029 shot in armored car robbery Mathew St. Patrick Everyone's Waiting
74[2] David James Fisher 1969 2044 unknown, presumably natural causes; collapses at a family picnic Michael C. Hall Everyone's Waiting
75[2] Hector Federico Diaz 1974 2049 apparent heart attack aboard a cruise ship Freddy Rodriguez Everyone's Waiting
76[2] Brenda Chenowith 1969 2051 unknown, presumably natural causes[3] Rachel Griffiths Everyone's Waiting
77[2] Claire Simone Fisher 1983 2085 unknown, presumably natural causes Lauren Ambrose Everyone's Waiting


  1. At the end of the Ecotone episode, viewers learn that protagonist Nate Fisher has died, with his title card and dates displayed as the episode's final moment. Nate's death in this episode implicitly serves in place of the usual opening death for the following episode, All Alone, which does not open with a death or title card.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 The end of the August 21, 2005 series finale, Everyone's Waiting, flashes forward to each of the main characters' deaths, many of which do not show enough information for an actual cause of death to be determined. There is no opening death scene; instead, the episode opens with the birth of Nate and Brenda's daughter Willa. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "Everyone's Waiting" defined multiple times with different content Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "Everyone's Waiting" defined multiple times with different content Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "Everyone's Waiting" defined multiple times with different content Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "Everyone's Waiting" defined multiple times with different content Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "Everyone's Waiting" defined multiple times with different content
  3. On the DVD commentary for this episode, series creator Alan Ball quipped that Brenda was "finally talked to death by Billy"

Other deaths[]

With the exception of the series finale, the following deaths were not featured during the opening teaser sequence. The following are not counted in the Statistics tally.

# Deceased Cause of Death Year of Death Featured when: Episode Title
1 Mr. Bloomberg natural causes 1970s Nate has a flashback seeing his first cadaver. Pilot
2 Mrs. Doyle cancer 2000 Viewing where David breaks down Pilot
3 Mr. Suarez natural causes 2001 Body Nate picks up from nursing home The Will
4 Mrs. Bond cause unknown 2001 Federico is airbrushing her casket. The Foot
5 Unidentified Elderly Woman cause unknown 2001 Federico is embalming and washing her hair Familia
6 Mr. Jones natural causes 2001 Nate finds Mr. Jones dead after his wife's viewing The Room
7 Mr. Senopolis cause unknown 2001 Nate drives the deceased's body from San Diego Brotherhood
8 Mr. Pearlmutter cause unknown 2001 David prepares the deceased's body for viewing A Private Life
9 Unidentified Older Man natural causes 2001 Taylor witnesses David and Rico embalming the deceased's body Driving Mr. Mossback
10 Unidentified Bald Man cause unknown 2001 Ruth asks Rico a favor while he is prepping the deceased's body Driving Mr. Mossback
11 Mrs. Hirsch breast cancer 2002 Federico asks Nate if he can babysit while he embalms the deceased's body The Secret
12 Mrs. Folger cause unknown 2002 Claire takes the deceased's body to the crematorium. Perfect Circles
13 Unidentified Woman cause unknown 2003 Federico washes the deceased's hair while arguing with Nate and David. Nobody Sleeps
14 Unidentified Overweight Man cause unknown 2003 Arthur has trouble getting the deceased back into his casket due to the deceased's obesity. Making Love Work
15 Unidentified Armless Man cause unknown 2003 Federico embalms the deceased's body while talking to Vanessa. Timing and Space
16 Mrs. Martha Fasteau cancer 2003 Nate performs an intake with the deceased's husband Everyone Leaves
17 Unidentified Man cause unknown 2003 Arthur ties the deceased's shoes while Nate and David argue. Falling into Place
18 Hoyt Woodworth committed suicide with handgun 2004 Confronted by Nate about his affair with Lisa and her murder and when his confession is overheard by his wife. Untitled
19 Unidentified Korean Man cause unknown 2005 George tries to crash the deceased's funeral in his bathrobe. Hold My Hand
20 Unidentified Man cause unknown 2005 Federico embalms the deceased as Vanessa confronts him. Eat a Peach
21 Mr. Felix cause unknown 2005 David asks Rico to reschedule the deceased's viewing so it does not overlap with Nate's burial. All Alone
22 Unidentified Woman cause unknown 2005 Rico is preparing the body when David talks to him about not selling the business Everyone's Waiting
23 Unidentified Man cause unknown 2005 During the final montage in the series finale, David demonstrates embalming to Durrell sometime in the near future. Everyone's Waiting


During the series' five year run, there have been 77 deaths.

  • 1 death occurred in 2000.
  • 20 deaths occurred in 2001.
  • 5 deaths occurred in 2002 (not including alternate realities)
  • 20 deaths occurred in 2003.
  • 14 deaths occurred in 2004.
  • 8 deaths occurred in 2005.
  • 2 deaths have occurred during the 1970s, one in 1972 and the other in 1975.
  • 1 death occurred during the 1950s decade in (1953).
  • 2001 and 2003 had a large majority of the deaths followed by 2004 and finally 2005.
    • 2002 had the least amount of deaths.
  • Season 3 had the most deaths (17) followed by Seasons 4 & 5 tied at (16).
    • Seasons 1 & 2 had the least amount of deaths (13) respectively.

Causes of death[]

  • 13 people have died from natural causes.
  • 10 people have died from a car accident related fate.
  • 11 people have been murdered.
  • 8 people have committed suicide.
  • 9 people have died from a head injury.
  • 5 people have died of cancer.
  • 22 people have died from other complications.
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