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Episode Synopsis[]

Season ?: 2009[]

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# Original airdate
305 Mar 27, 2009
Mamaji detects Vasundhara's curtness in voice.
306 Mar 30, 2009
Need details
307 Mar 31, 2009
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308 April 01, 2009
When Alekh and Sadhna returns, Alekh wants to paint. But Sadhna finds that someone has written 'Dadaji' on the painting that Alekh was making. In another painting she finds that someone has drawn a red color easy chair. She hides the paintings from him. Alekh is upset for not having his paintings. Alekh then demands to go to Mamaji's house. Sadhna gets permission from Vasundhara and takes Alekh to Mamaji's house. Alekh takes Mamaji and Sadhna to the garden as he wants to play music to the flower plants. Mamiji is not happy to see Alekh and Sadhna in her house.
309 April 02, 2009
Shlok comes back from his seminar and learns that Mamaji, Sadhna and Alekh are in the garden. When he goes to change his dress in his room he hears Alekh play mouth organ from the garden. He takes his guitar and starts playing the same tune that Alekh is playing. In the garden Sadhna and Mamaji are surprised to hear the guitar playing. Shlok then comes out to the garden. It is then shown that Shlok and Alekh were used to be best friend when they were kids. Young Shlok knew about Alekh's condition. Ranveer gathers everyone in his house so that he can leran more minor details regarding what happened when Alekh was a child.
310 April 03, 2009
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311 April 06, 2009
Mamaji and Vasundhara gets into a fight about whether slok should be given a chance to treat Alekh. Vasundhara insults Mamaji warns him to not to interfere in her family's personal matters. Mamaji insists that Sadhna is like her own daughter and he is only trying to help her and Alekh. The situation goes out of control and Sadhna asks both of them to please stop arguing. She requests them to give her some respect and let also to decide whom should Alekh see as his psychiatrist. Ragini tries to cheer up Sadhna and tells here to decide based on what her heart says. Ranveer meanwhile thinks that Sadhna will decide in favor of the Psychiatris from Delhi.
312 April 07, 2009
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