This is a list of notable NPCs in the computer role-playing games Neverwinter Nights, its expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Neverwinter Nights 2, and premium modules:

Nasher Alagondar[]

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Lord Nasher Alagondar is a retired adventurer and the ruler of the city of Neverwinter in the original campaign.


Ayala is an elven Harper and associate of Drogan in Shadows of Undrentide. She comes to his aid after he is poisoned in the kobold attack on his home and uses her magic to keep him alive while she organizes the effort to recover the artifacts stolen by the kobolds.

Sir Becket[]

Sir Becket is a noble of the keep of Cyan in Kingmaker. He, along with Envid Divine and the hero, is one of the candidates running in the election of the new lord of Cyan. Becket is considered by most of Cyan to be corrupt and concerned only with his own ambitions.

Belpheron (Balpheron)[]

Belpheron is an ancient lich of great magical power referred to in Shadows of Undrentide as a villain who once tried to destroy Faerun; the mentor of Heurodis; and the original owner of the mummified hand, one of the four artifacts assigned to Master Drogan's guardianship by the Harpers and the only part of Belpheron's body that remained after he was destroyed. In Hordes of the Underdark, the hero encounters Belpheron in Cania as one of Grimgnaw's followers and is forced to defeat him.

Vengaul Bloodsail[]

Vengaul Bloodsail is the swashbuckling leader of the Bloodsailors in the original campaign. He and Nasher Alagondar have a long history of rivalry. Vengaul also appears in the Pirates of the Sword Coast premium module.


Calibast is an azer companion of the hero in Kingmaker. Though good and friendly in nature, he is given to alcoholism and lustful desires. If you do not give Calibast the position of the Hand he will tell you that he is upset that you didn't consider him.

The Crimson Prophet[]

The Crimson Prophet is the main antagonist in ShadowGuard. He is a powerful sorcerer who seeks to lead the northern lands of Abaran against the Sarakhan Empire.

Aribeth de Tylmarande[]

Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande is an elven paladin of Tyr, the Blind God of Justice. She is said to have been born in Thundertree, a town in the Neverwinter Woods of uncertain parentage; some say a union between half-elves, others a Moon elf and a human. The village was wiped out in an orc raid leaving her the sole survivor of the massacre. Vowing vengeance, she hunted down the perpetuators and slew them all, but, unsatisfied, continued to hunt and kill orcs in an obsessive quest until she was trapped in a sudden blizzard and rescued by a one-armed man she believed an avatar of the god Tyr, who took her to a monastery of Ilmater. Recovering her health there, she learned to be a paladin, gaining such fame that when she moved to Neverwinter, she was named to the elite bodyguard of Lord Nasher Alagondar, being the first woman and first non-human to be so honored. There she met and became engaged to Fenthick Moss, cleric of Tyr in that temple.

In the original campaign, Lady Aribeth is chosen by Nasher Alagondar to be in charge of the investigations surrounding the Wailing Death. She begins training adventurers at an academy to combat the forces who are behind the plague, and after the Waterdhavian creatures become scattered throughout the city, the hero, who was an exceptional student at the academy, is placed by Aribeth in charge of tracking them down. After her lover, Fenthick Moss, is found guilty by association and is hanged for trusting Desther, a false Helmite and agent of Maugrim who was actually in charge of spreading the plague, Aribeth views Neverwinter as having betrayed Fenthick and needing to atone for his death. It is revealed also that Morag appears to Aribeth in her dreams and tempts her to join Maugrim's cult with promises of revenge. Aribeth initially continues to lead Neverwinter's effort to find the cult as they search outside and around Port Llast, but eventually disappears. Upon reaching the Luskan's Host Tower, the hero learns that Aribeth has become a blackguard in the service of Morag and has agreed to lead Maugrim's Luskan army in their impending assault on Neverwinter. At the climax of this assault, the hero confronts Aribeth and defeats her in combat. The hero may then either persuade Aribeth to surrender and return to Lord Nasher to face judgement or be forced to fight her to the death.

Aribeth is one of the romance options for male player characters. Right from the beginning, regardless of the player's gender, she makes it very clear that she holds them in the highest esteem and sees them as instrumental in saving Neverwinter form the plague. After Fenthick's execution at the end of Chapter 1, she confides in the player of her sadness and her fears and nightmares. If spoken kindly to, she relates the tale of how she became a paladin, as detailed above. With a male player, she goes further, and confesses her admiration for you and gifts you a ring, setting you as her romance and has special dialogue with you when you find the location of the cult. When the hero confronts her and defeats her at the climax, he may then use the ring to reach out to Aribeth, who surrenders readily when she realises, to her shock that you kept her ring despite her betrayal and did not give up on her.

After this, when the hero meets her in Castle Never's dungeon, Aribeth plays out her romance plot with the player who persuaded her to surrender, if he still has the ring in his possession. She confides that for the first time since Fenthick's death she sees now that she is not alone, and that all your heroics and your being there for her in her darkest hour has shown her how 'special you truly are' to her. Aribeth then goes on to confess her passionate love for the hero and is hopeful that once Morag is defeated, they may be able to continue their romance if she is pardoned. She then goes on to wish the hero good luck for the final epic battle for Morag.

Before the final battle with Morag, the hero rescues an elven paladin who albeit differently dressed looks uncannily like Aribeth. This doppelganger named Asheera thanks the player for his assistance and when told of the resemblance, suggests that she might be Aribeth's counterpart form her own realm, or vice-versa and may have been sent to redeem Aribeth on some celestial level for her actions. She then gives the hero a special protective amulet before disappearing.

In Hordes of the Underdark, Aribeth is revealed to have died. According to accounts of her given by Sharwyn, Daelan Red Tiger, Tomi Undergallows, and Linu La'ernal, Aribeth tragically died sometime after Morag's defeat. Upon encountering her spirit in Cania, the hero finds her distraught with her betrayal of Neverwinter. The hero can either persuade her to return to the service of Tyr, or accept the evil path that she has chosen; either way, she will be made available to join the hero in his/her quest.

While joined with the hero, Aribeth herself says that she died violently, though her memories were somewhat hazy. Presumably, the hero of Neverwinter attempted to defend Aribeth while she was tried for her crimes. The hero would have been heavily outvoted, since the majority of Neverwinter called for Aribeth's execution. Lord Nasher complied with the city's request and as a result, the hero of Neverwinter's friendship with Lord Nasher ended, and he (the hero is revealed to have been male) left Neverwinter, never to be heard from again. Because of the hero's falling out of favor with Lord Nasher, Nasher had revisionists play down his role in saving Faerun from destruction.

Aribeth is also one of the romance options available to the hero in Hordes of the Underdark. She reveals that she never really loved Fenthick, describing her feeling to be more like an innocent passion. Upon facing Mehistopheles, he tries to lure Aribeth to his side and the hero can make a persuade check declaring to love her, if successful, Aribeth will stay true to her vows to fight for the hero. It is said in the epilogue that Aribeth and the hero became lovers, that she (being a ghost) remained unchanged, while the hero grew old and gray and they remain together until the day he died. In his dying moments, the hero promised to meet her in the other life and so her spirit fades from the mortal realm to meet him and continue the rest of their existence together.

Envid Divine[]

Enivid is a paladin in Kingmaker who, along with Sir Becket, opposes the hero in the election to become lord of Keep Cyan. She is considered by most of the keep to be righteous and strong in character, but unqualified to be a ruler due to her lack of experience.

Drogan Droganson[]

Drogan Droganson is a renowned dwarven wizard and cleric of Mystra who is mentor to the protagonist of Shadows of Undrentide and his/her fellow students. He is also secretly a member of the Harper organization. After kobolds attack Drogan's home to steal the artifacts that he protects on behalf of the Harpers and he is stricken with poison during the attack, Drogan places the hero in charge of recovering the artifacts while Ayala, a fellow Harper, nurses him back to health. Drogan later, after recovering his health, teleports to the hero's side to aid him/her in reactivating a portal in some ruins in the Anauroch Desert through which a mysterious woman leading a group of demonic creatures was seen entering. Upon the reactivation of the portal, a booby trap set by the woman is activated, causing the ruins to cave in. Drogan sacrifices himself to save the hero by using his magic to hold up the ruins long enough for the hero to enter the portal and escape.

Aarin Gend[]

Aarin Gend is Lord Nasher's spymaster and a former slave. He is actually a prisoner, serving his sentence as a dutiful employee to Neverwinter. His arrest was brought about from his association with a group of vicious pirates. Aarin Gend is reputed to be a reluctant murderer; he avenged his mother's death and killed his former master, yes, but he feels ashamed of that act.

Whilst working for Lord Nasher, before meeting the PC, he is sent after a woman (named Calliara) to kill her, but falls in love with her. In the end, he tells her that he was sent to kill her, and begs her to leave her life and come with him. She refuses, and he is left with little choice but to kill her, although it pains him greatly to do so.

You can play out a romance plot with Aarin (he will tell you the story of his childhood and his life up to meeting you. He'll then give you an amulet, which you must keep). During which, he'll admit that he loves you with all his heart, yet he fears that if you were to die in battle, or at the hands of Lord Nasher's forces (the way Fenthick did) he would question his loyalty to Neverwinter, as Aribeth did. He's also afraid that he will have to choose between his duty and his love for the player character, the way he did with Calliara. As above, this part of the story is only available if you're playing a female character. The male counterpart to this is a romance with Aribeth.

"This is a man who measures each step with the smooth grace of a stalking panther. His eyes shift around the room with an intense awareness." —Chapter Two, Port Llast, Neverwinter Nights

"Silent as a spectre, dark as the moonless night, Aarin Gend stalks the alleys of Luskan in Lord Nasher's service. It takes both wit and a keen blade to survive as Neverwinter's Spymaster in this rugged, pirate city and this soft-voiced young man has more than enough of either. His calculated air of calm and confidence hides a profound intensity, a deep-rooted will to perform whatever is necessary, whatever the cost." —Chapter Two, Luskan, Neverwinter Nights

Boddyknock Glinckle[]

Boddyknock Glinckle is a male gnome sorcerer from Lantan, an island nation of mechanical wonders whom the hero of the original campaign encounters. Like most Lantanese gnomes, he is committed to a logical, scientific approach to his thoughts, and this cautious nature overshadows even the raw power granted by his sorcerous abilities. He is slightly obsessive with anything he does. Unlike the other companions in the first Neverwinter Nights game he does not appear in the Hordes of the Underdark expansion.


Grimgnaw is a dwarven monk and member of the Long Death, an evil monastic order which worships the very essence of death, which is personified as the "Silent Lord", and seeks to bring as many living beings to death as possible. He was originally from the clan of Bruenor Battlehammer, the king of Mithril Hall, but left to pursue initiation into the order of the Long Death. Akin to the cult, Grimgnaw has a deep, morbid fascination with death and dying and detests undead, as he believes undeath to be a means of escaping a natural death. In the original campaign, Grimgnaw is one of several henchman who can be hired by the main character. In the Hordes of the Underdark campaign, Grimgnaw is encountered in Cania. It is said that after the Hero of Neverwinter defeated Morag, Grimgnaw mysteriously vanished, and due to his presence in Cania, apparently died somehow. Grimgnaw informs you that as Mephistopheles has abandoned Cania, it is necessary for it to have a new ruler, and proclaims himself this ruler. He is accompanied by several companions, including Maugrim and Balpheron (a lich, which is ironic seeing as how Grimnaw is reputed to despise undead in any form), as well as the minotaur showed at the Neverwinter Nights Original game, fighting Lord Nasher Alagondar, who support his claim to leadership of Cania. Believing that the hero poses a threat to his rule, Grimgnaw and his companions attack him/her, forcing him/her to defeat them.


Haedraline is a Word Slave in the original campaign, one of the creator race who was bound to the Words of Power. The player first meets her in the third act while searching for the words of power, and she offers help in finding the Words and eventually defeating Morag.


Halaster is an insane but very powerful wizard responsible for creating "Undermountain", a network of dungeons under Waterdeep. The first time the player meets him, he is being held captive by a Drow priestess who is trying to extract information from him on how to open the portal to Waterdeep so more drow can enter. Halaster refuses to talk. After you have killed the drow and released Halaster, he demonstrates his power by effortlessly wiping out a large platoon of drow that try to attack. Halaster, who speaks entirely in rhymes, reveals to the player his plot to lure the Valsharess out with his clone and kill her. The clone appears and they start arguing over which one of them is the real Halaster. The meeting ends with Halaster putting a Geas on the player character to kill the Valsharess and teleporting them to the Underdark. Halaster lets the player keep Deekin as a companion but returns any others to the surface world.


Heurodis is the major antagonist in Shadows of Undrentide, though her real identity isn't revealed to the player until act two. A sorceress who studied under Balpheron and seeks to lay claim to the secrets of the Netheril, Heurodis is medusa who kills Drogan and turns the player into stone before raising the city of Undrentide. After being returned to flesh by lizardmen, the player must fight their way through Undrentide and defeat Heurodis to save Faerun.

Desther Indelayne[]

Desther Indelayne is an antagonist in the original campaign. After the plague breaks out in Neverwinter, Desther and followers of his arrive, claiming to be priests of Helm sent to help cure the plague with their blessings. Upon the successful creation of a cure for the plague, Desther takes this potion and retreats through a portal to Helm's Hold. It is learned that Desther was actually an agent of Maugrim sent to Neverwinter to help spread the plague through his followers' "blessings", and that he and his false Helmites had killed the true Helmites and taken Helm's Hold as their base of operations. The hero follows Desther through his escape portal to Helm's Hold, confronting him there and defeating him in combat. Desther is then taken back to Neverwinter to face judgement, and is executed for his crimes along with Fenthick, who is unfairly denounced as having been in conspiracy with him.


Jaboli is a Rakshasa wizard companion of the player in Kingmaker, who can be chosen as a henchman. She tells the player the story of her exile as the game progresses, and if treated well, will offer the player an amulet when in The Masked Man's Stronghold.


J'Nah is a half-fiend Elf who appears in the first chapter of SoU (Shadows of Undrentide) as an antagonist. She had made a deal with the white dragon, Tymofarrar to acquire the four relics in the keeping of Drogan Droganson. In her betrayal, she sent a group of Gnolls under her control to attack Tymofarrar's Kobolds (who were sent in ahead of time because Tymofarrar wished to see the artifacts for himself first) who were returning from hilltop with the artifacts. Due to this betrayal, Tymofarrar wants her dead and will offer an Item which will aid in killing her. J'Nah is working in the service of Heurodis in trying to acquire the Tower Statue which contains within it a mythallar.


Kaidala is a nymph henchman available in the Kingmaker Premium Module. Her face being scarred from a fire set to her forest by paranoid villagers, she has a low opinion of herself in the beginning and begs to be left to die when the player talks to her soul. She is kind-hearted, however, and generally remains loyal to you throughout the entire module (if treated well).

Even though Kaidala says at the start that she doesn't harbor any romantic feelings towards the player, it is still possible to flirt with and romance her if the player is male or female --- one of the few romantic options available in the module, in fact.

Maugrim Korothir[]

Servant of Morag (second in command), Maugrim unleashed the Wailing Death upon Neverwinter and, being one of Morag's elites, plays a large role in the masterminding of the attack on Neverwinter. The main character defeats him in Neverwinter Nights and also has to kill him in Hordes of the Underdark when Maugrim is encountered as one of Grimnaw's followers.

Linu La'neral[]

Linu La'neral is a female elven cleric of the elven goddess, Sehanine Moonbow. She hails from the city of Evereska. Linu is clumsy (some say unfortunate), often causing accidents in her wake. She has a somewhat naive worldview but is well liked by many players for her constantly positive outlook and her kindheartedness to the player character and others. She has a great deal of humorous lines and stories, including how she met her now dead husband.

She is hands down the easiest male romance option in the Original Campaign, as long as you complete her quests and help her discover what happened to her husband (who died in a cave near Neverwinter), and can also become attached to player characters in the first chapter of Hordes of the Underdark.

The Masked Man[]

The main antagonist in Kingmaker, the Masked Man is directly vying against the player for control of the Keep of Cyan. The player is forced to fight through his forces and weaken his position before finally fighting him in his stronghold. In the final dialogue, the Masked Man's true identity is revealed, as are his reasons for competing with the player.


Markius is the leader of the emperors eliter soldiers the ShadowGuard. He is described as being one part warrior, one part ambassador and one part angent of vengeance. He has a long hatred of Jhordak and his bloodhawk slavers.


Mephistopheles was the Duke of the eighth plane of Baator (one of nine planes of the D&D equivalent of 'hell'). The player came upon the Relic of the Reaper while in the Realm of Shadows. The Relic, which is actually a piece of Mephistopheles' own flesh, binds you to him and prevents you from dying in Chapters 1 and 2 of Hordes of the Underdark. Mephistopheles tricks you into thinking that the Reaper is your servant but, when you try to go against Mephistopheles, he forces the Reaper to trap you in the 8th of the 9 Hells by using the Reaper's true name, allowing Mephistopheles to take your place on Toril. The only way to defeat Mephistopheles is to learn the Reaper's true name and get him to send you to Mephistopheles. There, you can kill him or learn his true name and command him to die.

Mephistopheles' goal is/was to make the Prime Material Plane the 10th Hell, thereby gaining control over the other 9 Hells. At the end of the game, you have the choice of either automatically fighting Mephistopheles or being able to choose to defeat, replace him (with him serving you) or serve him. This choice is effected by either knowing or not knowing Mephistopheles' true name (Tra'axfyl the Ambitious), which can be learned by having the Knower of Names (under the command of using her own True Name) tell you.


Mischa is one of the students under Drogan. She is a Paladin of Mystra with a black and white view of the world. In her eyes, people and creatures are either good or evil and often fails her tests due to this one-minded attitude.

Xanos Messarmos[]

Xanos Messarmos is a male half-orc barbarian/sorcerer. He is quite intelligent but is egotistical and somewhat power-hungry. Xanos is one of the disciples of the master adventurer, Drogan Droganson.

Xanos is arrogant, but always has a point and tells ironic jokes about other people.

Although it is rather difficult, it is possible to enter into a romantic relationship with Xanos, provided that you are a female character and your charisma is high.


Morag is the main antagonist in the original NWN campaign. Ten-thousand years before the events of the campaign, Morag was a queen of the Creator Race, a powerful and cruel race of lizardmen from whom the present lizardfolk are descended. At that time, the continent of Faerun was a jungle, but after an ice age dawned upon Faerun, the Creator Race was all but wiped out. In order to sustain themselves, Morag and a handful of her subjects entered an alternate demension via a magical device known as the Source Stone, which protected them from the cold. Ten millennia later, at the time that the campaign has taken place, the city of Neverwinter has been constructed over the area where the Source Stone lies. Morag desires to regain her power and turn the continent of Faerun into a jungle once more, over which she shall rule as of old. One day Maugrim, who had heard rumors of the Source Stone, encounters it while on a search, and triggers the plague, which is a defense system of the Source Stone. Though infected and dying, Morag uses her power to heal Maugrim and tells him of her ambitions. As she will be able to gain power over from those who die within the vicinity of the Source Stone, she commands Maugrim to spread the plague throughout Neverwinter, which he does. After the execution of Fenthick, Morag begins to appear to Aribeth in her dreams, tempting her to defect to Maugrim's cause as a means of revenge against Neverwinter for seeking Fenthick's death. Aribeth eventually gives in, and agrees to lead a Luskan army in an attack on Neverwinter. Meanwhile, she also has Maugrim and his cult seeking the four Words of Power, ancient Creator artifacts that contain magical power which Morag can use to free herself from the Source Stone. Though the hero succeeds in recovering three of these Words before Maugrim can, the one that Maugrim does find is the most powerful of all, and combined with the power that Morag has already gained from those who have died of the plague and during the siege of Neverwinter, which is taking place by now, Morag has regained enough power to break free of the Source Stone, and will do so imminently. After killing Maugrim and recovering the last Word of Power, in order to prevent Morag's return, the hero uses the four Words of Power to enter the Source Stone and confront Morag. In the ensuing fight, the hero kills Morag and the realm contained within the Source Stone begins to implode. In order to save the hero, Haedraline opens a portal to an "astral pocket", which allows the hero to escape from the Source Stone, and subsequently opens a portal that leads back to Faerun.

Fenthick Moss[]

Fenthick Moss is an elf who is Lady Aribeth's lover in Chapter One of the original campaign. Fenthick is working to help find the cure to the Wailing Death, supposedly along with Desther, when Desther steals the cure shortly after its creation. Fenthick follows Desther in hopes of making him recant and ends up hanged for his "collaboration" with the false Helmite traitor Desther.

In Neverwinter Nights 2, the spirt of Fenthick appears in the Tomb of the Betrayers and must be defeated.


Nathyrra was a former member of the Red Sisters order of Drow assassins, and now a devout follower of Eilistraee. She is first met in the bowels of Undermountain offering assistance in freeing Halaster. She is later available as a henchman in Chapter 2, and is one of the romance options for male characters throughout the expansion.

The Night Hag[]

The Night Hag is a witch and a main helper in the Witchs Wake campaign. She seems to know you and is willing to aid you.


Okaris is the player's father in the ShadowGuard.When you first begin the game he is missing from your graduation ceremony and you don't meet him intill later in the game. Near the end of the game Okaris dies in an explosion caused by The Crimson Prophet.


Daughter of the headmaster of Neverwinter Magic Academy, Qara is a brash, arrogant young girl who views her abilities at much higher level than her peers. While extremely powerful, she sometimes has trouble controlling the amount of power she has which usually ends up causing trouble for her. She always says what's on her mind, and has no problem telling someone off if they annoy her. She feels that experience is the only real teacher for magic, and studying and scribing is a waste of time. She has a weasel familiar named Tamin.


Rakha is the emperor of the Sarakhan Empire. He is famous for defeating King Khagrim the Damned and for preaching words of peace. He is considered a god by the people of the Sarakhan Empire. He is not seen in ShadowGuard though there a statues of him around the city of Ghaarak, one of them is actually a tunnel that leads into the Council Chamber.

The Reaper[]

The Reaper is a pivotal character in Hordes of the Underdark. His realm is accessible to the player via the Relic of the Reaper, which is described as having come into the player's hands while they were in the Plane of Shadow after the fall of Undrentide in the second game. During the first half of the game, he serves the same purpose the Stone of Recall in the original campaign, drawing the player into his realm if he or she dies and reviving them as long as they have a Rogue Stone. Players can also use the Reaper's realm to set up a network of portals so they can mark places and then return there by passing through 'the Gatehouse' as the Reaper calls it. During Chapter 3, the player finds out the Reaper has been under the control of Mephistopheles the whole time, commanded to do the archdevil's bidding because he holds the Reaper's True Name. The Reaper informs the player he or she can command him to let them return home if he or she finds his True Name as well. He does not openly say it, but the Reaper does not like Mephistopheles and only serves him because of the power of his True Name. In the end, once the player retrieves the Reaper's True Name, he admits that he enjoyed serving the player, but also states that they will never again meet. With that, he opens a gate to the final battle and ceases conversation.

Daelan Red Tiger[]

Daelan Red Tiger is a male Half-Orc fighter-barbarian raised by the Uthgardt tribe of the Red Tiger. He is an honorable warrior out to prove himself in the world, hoping to amend for his father's vileness, and to end the exile by his tribe. Female player characters who hire his services in Chapter One are able to casually flirt with him by Chapter Two, although the romance doesn't really bloom until Chapter Four. He carries a spectacular double-axe and also has a longbow for a ranged weapon, and makes a powerful tank for the player.

Daelan is also available in Chapter 1 of Hordes of the Underdark as a henchman, but is prohibited from following you into Chapter 2 by Hallaster.


Sand is a wise, but cynical wizard who owns a magic shop down by the docks in Neverwinter. He is a knowledge-seeker and is very interested in finding ancient relics and artifacts he can study and learn more from. He is a powerful and well-trained wizard, which causes him to often butt heads with Qara, who insults all wizards who have to study and read books in order to learn magic. He has a pet familiar cat named Jaral.

Deekin Scalesinger[]

Deekin Scalesinger is a kobold bard and is completely obsessed with the main character. Deekin talks in a 3rd-person style similar to the Lord of the Rings character Gollum. He is always writing a book and will even ask some of the henchmen: "Deekin pencil you in as sidekick maybe? Or how about Deekin's devoted fan?" He is afraid of dragons because although he is part dragon, his last "boss", Tymofarrar, was a white dragon. Despite his fear, however, he deeply respects the player and is very loyal to him/her. He is the only henchman who, at the closing battle of Hordes of the Underdark, can be convinced to resist Mephistopheles's attempts to sway him without the use of either a Persuade check or his True Name.

Deekin is first met in the NWN Expansion Shadows of Undrentide, where he has run away from his master Tymofarrar. He agrees to give the player the Tower Statue if they will talk to Tymofarrar and negotiate his release. He becomes a henchman in the Interlude, and follows the player character until the end of the game. In Hordes of the Underdark, Deekin can become a henchmen again, and is the only henchman available in all three chapters of the game. During the course of the player's adventures, Deekin can become a Red Dragon Disciple, or remain a Bard. Deekin is considered to be one of the best Henchmen in Hordes of the Underdark for his ability to invoke Bard spells and inflict damage if he continues the Red Dragon Disciple class. In Neverwinter Nights 2, Deekin appears as a merchant in Neverwinter.

The Seer[]

The Seer is leader of drow rebels, priestess of Eilistraee (Goddess of Good Drow). She gathered several people to stand against the Valsharess, including Nathyrra and Valen. In Hordes of the Underdark (Act II) The Seer asks player orders to fight army of Valshress. She had the same dream as player in Act I (Valsharess' augurs show an image of the PC as the character destined to destroy her).

Valen Shadowbreath[]

Valen Shadowbreath is a tiefling Weapon Master is first encountered in the rebel Drow encampment of Lith My'athar (Act two of Hordes of the Underdark).

Initially distrustful of the player, Valen nevertheless makes his services available, and is the romance option for female characters. Valen is a tremendously powerful warrior who makes a great tank for your small group. As a tiefling, or part-demon, he is constantly besieged by the violent nature of his infernal blood and his dark past. The player can choose to acquire Valen's true name near the end of the Hordes of the Underdark campaign. Before the final battle, the player then has a dialogue option to use Valen's true name to free him from his infernal taint, thus saving him from his own blood. If this is not done, Mephistopheles offers to do the same for Valen, and he will turn against the player unless a successful persuade check is made, he is compelled against his own will to fight with you (by use of his True Name), or a female player has built up a strong enough relationship with him.


Sharwyn is a female human bard originally from the city of Neverwinter. She has a relatively neutral outlook on the world and is fascinated with music and stories. She is available as a henchman in Neverwinter Nights and Hordes of the Underdark.

It is discovered, through her henchman mini-quest in Chapter 1, that Sharwyn was the daughter to a widow who squandered her father's fortune due to her love of the wealthy lifestyle. Sharwyn's mother attempts to set her up to seduce her way into a Lord's bed, but Sharwyn instead falls in love with a poor Bard at a party for the Lord. After some time of being the Bard's secret lover, they are discovered and forced to flee. Sharwyn has seen her mother since then, but is hated by her for having abandoned her. However, as her mother is yet on her deathbed, Sharwyn feels the need to cure her. Giving Sharwyn the Celestial Elixir completes the Chapter 1 mini-quest.

Chapter 2 tells the story of Sharwyn and her Bard lover after fleeing the Lord. They traveled the countryside for many years before being summoned to the castle of a famous King and Queen. While the King is a portly man who cares nothing for music, the Queen is a beautiful young woman who takes a shine to the Bard. As they eventually continue to perform, and eventually move into the castle, Sharwyn begins to suspect that her lover is having an affair with the Queen, especially once he begins to be summoned for private shows. Eventually, Sharwyn's suspicions are confirmed, and she runs away. To this day, her lover continues to live in the company of the Queen, but Sharwyn has since discovered the reason for his infidelity was a magic spell cast by the Queen to make herself look young: in reality, she is old and rather fat. By giving Sharwyn the item that can break the spell, she vows to free her lover and expose the Queen (although she admits that she is over the Bard, and no longer cares for him: her vendetta against the Queen is merely for vengeance).

Chapter 3 Sharwyn seeks a tale to tell. She attempts (unsuccessfully) to tell the player of the stories of the Neverwinter hero (ie, the player), and of Aribeth's betrayal. Eventually, Sharwyn tells the story of an elvyn man who lived a good life with his wife and children, but felt it lacked something. He left on a quest to find the Goddess of love. Upon finding her, he beseeched her to tell him the meaning of love. She agreed to tell him if he could find her 3 bounties. It took the elf many centuries to accomplish the task, and when he was completed, he was told his family had died of a disease in his absence. The elf wailed in sorrow for his family, his cries becoming a song dedicated to love. The Goddess of love descended and lifted him to Arvandor to join his wife and children in eternity. The Item that Sharwyn can be given here is the actual transcript of the elf's song.

Throughout the game, it is possible to flirt with Sharwyn if you are a male character. The journal entry "Henchman" actually refers to her as "a beautiful bard". When Sharwyn speaks of the beauty of the Queen her lover left her for, players can respond with "well, you aren't exactly a hobgoblin yourself". In chapter 3,when asked why she should tale a tale just for you, you can respond with "because I love listening to the sound of your lovely voice?" and she responds with "Mmm..tempting, I must admit. Perhaps I should ask you to remove your tunic while I speak, just to be equal." and laughs. Giving her the transcript has her refer to you as a friend, after which you can admit that you wish to be more than that. Shae reacts with pleased surprise and says she would like it as well,saying that she does "adore you, I want you to know that." and that she would like to take things forward once the Words of Power are found. Finally, if players take Sharwyn with them in Chapter 4, in the passages of the Source Stone, Sharywn asks the player if they have any regrets. One possible response is "we've never kissed. Does that count?" Sharwyn does kiss the player, saying that, considering their deaths are probably around the corner, she could probably be talked into it. Exactly how often, and how successful the attempts to flirt are vary on the player's Charisma.

Dorna Trapspringer[]

Dorna Trapspringer is a female dwarven cleric/rogue. Good-hearted and somewhat cynical, Dorna is one of the disciples of the master adventurer, Drogan Droganson.

Tomi Undergallows[]

Tomi Undergallows, or "Grin", as he is often known, is a male halfling rogue from the land of Calimshan. An escaped prisoner from the Neverwinter Peninusula District Prison, he is wanted for a number of crimes, including 'deflowering' a Pasha's daughter and pickpocketing. Carefree and mischievous, Tomi rarely seems to take things seriously. Both male and female characters can become good friends with him if he is hired as a henchman, but romance appears to be out of the question. While Tomi is primarily from the original campaign, he is also an available henchman in Chapter 1 of Hordes of the Underdark. He is rumored to have been murdered shortly after leaving Waterdeep by his "nemesis" Sammy, but of course, Tomi has based most of his reputation on rumors...


Trip is a Wererat rogue companion available in Kingmaker. As the game progresses he tells the player how he became a wererat and finds extra treasure for the player. While in the stronghold of the Masked Man, the player must persuade Trip to not listen to the voices telling him to betray the player.

The Valsharess[]

The Valsharess is a drow queen ("valsharess" being a word for "queen" in the drow language) in Hordes of the Underdark who leads an organization known as the Red Sisters. Desiring to rule the surface world, she organizes the subterranean invasion of Waterdeep and forges a pact with the archdevil Mephistopheles, which binds him to her service. After the hero rescues Halaster from the drow in Undermountain, Halaster places a magical geas on the player, forcing him/her to do his bidding and kill the Valsharess. The hero's hunt for her culminates after the drow invasion of Lith My'Athar. Upon pursuing the Valsharess' army to her keep, she commands Mephistopheles to teleport the hero into her courtroom, where she traps the hero within a magical barrier and then orders Mephistopheles to kill him/her. Mephistopheles, in turn, defies her order, killing the Red Sisters in the chamber instead and releasing the hero from his/her prison, allowing him/her to kill the Valsharess.


Tymofarrar is a young white dragon who leads the kobold tribes in the nether mountains. He is the one who sent the kobolds to attack you in the beginning of Shadows of Undrentide. He holds the mask artifact and wants you to kill J'nah who commands the gnolls in the high forest. He will give you some magic powder to use against J'nah. Tymofarrar is also the master of Deekin, the kobold who wants your help in the beginning of the game. You can either kill him or make a deal with him to release Deekin. If you choose to kill J'nah you can either kill or threaten Tymofarrar with the item you get from J'nah.

Knower of Names[]

She has knowledge of all true names. After seducing her, Mephistopeles used her to expose the treacherous nature of the devil generals who served him. He then bound each of them beneath the ice of Cania, and imprisoned the Knower to protect himself from the power of his true name. The Knower can reveal the true name of several major characters, including the protagonist and their henchmen (the protagonist's name being based on their alignment). In order to learn Mephistopheles' true name, the protagonist must ask for the Knower's true name first (Pyreshi the Knower).