Weapons used in the Hitman series are shown below.

Weapons for 47

The standard weapons for 47 include:

The poison syringe, RU-AP mines, and customizable SMG, customizable SPAS 12, customizable M4 and customizable WA2000 are only available in Blood Money, with non-customizable versions available in previous titles.

Other weapons, such as the Dragunov sniper rifle, Desert Eagle and the Uzi can be collected, and used in missions from there on.

AMT hardballer


The Silverballers are synonomous with the assassin Agent 47. The Silvertballers are chrome plated and modified AMT Hardballers there are minor differences between the arms the AMT Harballer fires 45 round the Silverballers fires a custom round (That is only in the game a Canadian company made silverballers but they were BB guns). 47 uses then to devastating effect for a person looking at them it is that last thing they see.[1]


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