This is a list of characters currently in the RTÉ One Irish soap opera Fair City, listed in order of first appearance.

Present characters[]

Character Actor Duration
Barry O'Hanlon Pat Nolan 1989-
Bela Doyle Jim Bartley 1989-
Charlie Kelly Tom Jordan 1989-
Paul Brennan Tony Tormey 1989-
Suzanne Halpin Sarah McDowall 1989-
Yvonne Doyle Ciara O'Callaghan 1991–2003, 2008-
Dolores Molloy Martina Stanley 1991-
Dean Dowling Michael Sheehan 1996-1998, 2008-
Leo Dowling Dave Duffy 1996-
Malachy Costello Gerard Byrne 1996-
Niamh Cassidy Clelia Murphy 1996-
Dermot Fahey Seamus Power 1997-
Christy Phelan Tom Hopkins 1998-
Damien Halpin Maclean Burke 1998-
Carol Foley Aisling O'Neill 1999-
Jo Fahey Rachel Sarah Murphy 2000-
Orla Kirwan Sorcha Furlong 2000-
Ray O'Connell Mick Nolan 2000-
Mark Halpin Ryan O'Shaughnessy 2001-
Sarah O'Leary Gemma Doorly 2001-
Angela O'Connell Anne Kent 2003-
John Deegan Tommy O'Neill 2003-
Kylie Kavanagh Vicky Burke 2004-
Ali Foley Doireann Ni Chorragain 2005-
Benjamin Fahey Cian & Cathal Byrne 2005-
Bob Charles Bryan Murray 2005-
Seamus McAleer Vinnie McCabe 2005-
Cleo Collins Jenny Kavanagh 2006-
Keith McGrath Alan O'Neill 2006-
Doug Ferguson Wesley Doyle 2007-
Pete Ferguson Enda Oates 2007-
Zumo Bishop Patrick Fitzpatrick 2007-
Duncan Stonehouse Nathan Gordon 2008-
Louie Gleeson Alan Devine 2008-
Rachel Brennan Niamh Quirke 2008-
Avi Bar Lev Asaf B Goldfrid 2009-
Cass Cassidy Eamon Morrissey 2009-
Ian Walsh Barry O'Connor 2009-

The following describes the characters in Fair City, listed in alphabetical order by surname.

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Avi Bar Lev

(Asaf B. Goldfrid, 2009 - Present)

Avi hails from Haifa in Israel.

He gradated from DCU with a Degree in Engineering but is able to turn his hand to anything. Even a spot of flower arranging, which he picked up from his mother, who he moved to Dublin with, nine years ago. He is in Carrigstown to give Cass a helping hand.

Denzo Bishop

(Lewis Magee, 2007 - Present)
Denzo Bishop is one of the infamous criminal trio 'Bishop Brothers. He first appeared in 2007 outside Luigi's Chipper and gave a beating to Mark Halpin with the help of his brothers Zumo and Decco. Afterwards he went to terrorise the malloys and move drugs and firearms for his uncle Baz. He later on sold a wedding ring to Lara, then went on to cause trouble in the hungry pig with Decco. During the parade celebrating 100 years of Carrigstown he and Zumo entered a float in conjunction with Zumo's black belt in marshal arts. Going on to win Denzo gloated with Zumo in their victory. Also getting away with buring out the truck used in the parade. In 2010 Denzo and Decco are under orders to shift stolen microwaves.

Zumo Bishop

(Patrick Fitzpatrick, 2007 - Present)
Zumo Bishop is one of the infamous criminal trio the 'Bishop Brothers. During the parade celebrating 100 years of Carrigstown he and Denzo entered a float in conjunction with Zumo's black belt in marshal arts. Going on to win Zumo and Denzo gloated in their victory, also getting away with buring out the truck used in the parade.

Anne-Marie Brennan
(Bernadette McKenna, 2008)
Anne-Marie Brennan is the mother of Paul Brennan. She has bi-polar disorder. She does not live in Carrigstown, but is an occasional recurring character, her storylines having mostly to do with interactions with her son, most notably visiting after his heart attack to help him recover.
Anthony Brady
(Ciaran Reilly, 2002-present)
Anthony is the personal assistant of solicitor Annette Daly and is the biological father of TJ Kelly.
Paul Brennan
(Tony Tormey, 1989–Present)
Paul Brennan is the son of Anne-Marie Brennan. His first marriage was to Nicola Prendergrast, with whom he also started a computer business, Blue Dolphin. They have one son together, Oisin Prendergrast. While married, he had an affair with Helen Doyle, with whom he has a daughter, Rachel Brennan. After the breakup of his first marriage, he became a shareholder in D&B Motors, a business owned by Jimmy Doyle, and married Niamh Cassidy. While married to Niamh, he had an affair with Fiona Piggott, whom he met as a result of business dealings with her husband James. When James discovered the affair, Fiona murdered him.
Paul Brennan had a heart attack in August of 2008, as a result of the stress of attempting to raise his two children, and also after Niamh returned to ask him for a divorce. While he was recovering, his mother Anne-Marie and Niamh helped him with his recovery and with taking care of the children.
Peter Brennan
Peter Brennan is the son of Anne-Marie Brennan and brother of Paul Brennan. Peter is bisexual; he is married to Nicky Hogg.
Rachel Brennan
(Niamh Quirke, 2008-Present)
Rachel Brennan is the daughter of Paul Brennan and Helen Doyle. When her mother was killed in a car accident, she came to live with Paul, and was raised by him and his second wife Niamh.
Myles Byrne
(Aaron Harris, 1998-Present)
Adam Bermingham
(Alan McMahon, 2007-present)
Maureen Bermingham
(Hazel Dunphy, 2007-2009)


Steve Canning
(Joe Doyle, 2008)
Steve is the current boyfriend of Troy Dowling. He dumped Troy in December 2008.
Tim Carney
Tim is Leo Dowling's childhood friend and business partner. He is married to a Russian lady named Olga.
Caitriona Cassidy
(Louise Meade, 2003-2009)
Caitriona is Gina Cassidy's youngest daughter. She has two sisters, Niamh and Kira, and a brother named Sean.
Cass Cassidy
(Eamon Morrissey, 2009-present)
Ernie "Cass" Cassidy is the grandfather to Niamh,Caitriona, Sean and Kira Cassidy. He befriended Dolores Molloy and soon became enemies with Malachy Costello.
Gina Cassidy
(Deirdre Lawless, 2003-December 2008)
Gina is mother to Niamh, Caitriona, Sean and Kira Cassidy. In 2007, she began a relationship with Ray O'Connell; they were engaged in 2008. In December 2008, as Gina and Ray were entering the church grounds for the marriage ceremony, the car carrying them hit by another vehicle, driven by Barry. Ray was seriously injured; Gina was killed.
Niamh Cassidy
(Clelia Murphy, 1996–Present)
Niamh is the eldest daughter of Gina Cassidy. She has two sisters, Kira and Caitrona, and a brother named Sean. While in secondary school, Niamh became involved romantically with her teacher, Barry O'Hanlon. While involved with him, she had an affair with Leo Dowling, and became pregnant, but had an abortion. She and Barry got back together, and when she was kidnapped by Derek Devlin, he rescued her. They became engaged, but she left him for Paul Brennan; they had an affair while he was married to his first wife Nicola. They soon were married, but when Paul had an affair with Nicola, Niamh and he were separated.
Niamh then became involved with Derek Devlin, upon his release from prison, but he was murdered as a result of criminal activities. She befriended Nicola Prendergast, when Nicola was battling breast cancer, moving in with her and starting up a business partnership. Niamh has had brief relationships since then with a business associate, then with Keith McGrath, and with Rory Golf.
Sean Cassidy
Sean is the only son of Gina Cassidy. He is friends with Mark Halpin.
Bob Charles
(Bryan Murray, 2005–present)
Bob arrived as a friend of Christy Phelan, however he ended up having an affair with his wife, Renee. Renee later left Christy and went to live with Bob in McCoys pub which he later bought. Bob found it difficult to get along with Renee's son, Floyd and made it clear that he disapproved of his relationship with Heather Daly. Bob was distraught when Renee moved back to Christy’s when Floyd revealed he was dying of cancer. However she moved back after his death and Bob comforted her. In December 2008, Bob proposed to Renee and she accepted. However, Bob fears that Renee still has feelings for Christy. They left for a new life in Bulgaria on March 5th 2009.
Malachy Costello
(Gerard Byrne, 1996–Present)
Malachy was first seen as the local priest in Carrigstown and cousin to Christy Phelan. He fell in love with Kay McCoy and left the priesthood to marry her. They went on to foster Lorcan Foley and run the pub, McCoys. When Kay discovered she was pregnant and the baby may be disabled, she had an abortion against Malachys wishes. Their marriage was further troubled when Malachy gained a gambling addiction and stole money from gangland leaders. Their marriage finally came to an end when Malachy gained feelings for another woman, Sue Kenny, and Kay realised she was a lesbian.
Malachy went on to have a relationship with Sue and opened a homeless shelter in the community. He ended his relationship with Sue in 2008 and now lives with Christy.
Ursula Cruise
(Anna Manahan, (2004-2009)
Ursula Cruise is an elderly woman, first seen in 2004 in a storyline in which she was tied up in her home and robbed by a gang of teenage girls, including Cleo Collins. As a result of this, she moved in with her friend Dolores Molloy.
Cleo Collins
(Jenny Kavanagh, 2006–Present)
Cleo Collins was first seen as a troubled teenager, involved in a criminal gang. She is now an apprentice chef and lives with Dolores Molloy. She has been dating Robert Daly.


Annette Daly
(Rebecca Smith, 1997–2009)
Annette, a recovering alcoholic, is the local solicitor and currently engaged to Barry O'Hanlon. She had a one night stand with Barry's boss, Seamus McAleer.In late October Annette is killed in a fire which shocks the town.Her partner Bill who was also involved in the fire also dies in hospital after he confesses that he kept Annette and Seamus McAlleer captive before starting the fire.
Brendan Daly
(Tom O'Leary, 2005–2009)
Brendan is the local doctor who is married to Heather Daly. Upon discovering his wife had an affair with her half-brother, Floyd Phelan, he had an affair with Deirdre Burke which led to the birth of his son, Benjamin Fahey. In 2008, he euthanised his love-rival, Floyd Phelan following his battle with cancer.
Eleanor Daly
Eleanor is the daughter of Brendan and Heather Daly.
Heather Daly
(Una Kavanagh, 2003–Present)
Heather, a novelist, is married to Brendan Daly. In 2008, she had an affair with her half brother, Floyd Phelan. Floyd later died of cancer and Heather returned to her husband.
Robert Daly
Robert is Brendan's cousin.He arrived in carrigstown to work in Brendan's surgery.He has become friends with Dean Dowling and is going out with Cleo Collins.
John Deegan
(Tommy O'Neill, 2003–Present)
Dean Dowling
(Michael Sheahan, 1996-1998, 2008-Present)
Dean is the eldest son of Leo Dowling. He had an affair with Leo's second wife, Sandie.
Leo Dowling
(Dave Duffy, 1996– Present)
Leo Dowling is father to Dean, Troy and Shannon Dowling. He has been married four times, to Petula, Sandie, Pauline and Lana. While married to his third wife, Pauline, he was business partner to crime boss Billy Meehan, not realizing that Billy was using their taxis for his illegal activities. When Pauline discovered this, Billy threatened her life, which ended in her fleeing town. Leo later fought with Billy Meehan, and after Billy was discovered dead, was a prime suspect in his murder. He was convicted and sent to prison, during which time Pauline divorced him. He was later cleared of the murder after Lorcan Foley confessed.
Leo met his fourth wife, Lana, while vacationing in Russia. She later appeared in Fair City and they became romantically involved and eventually married. She disappeared two years later, and was found dead, and Leo was suspected again of murder. The real murderer, Terence Cooney, continued to commit murders, attempting to frame Leo for them. In a tussle with Leo after kidnapping Ray O'Connell, Cooney fell to his death.
Troy Dowling
(Andrew Macklin, 2008-2009)
Troy Dowling is the youngest son of Leo Dowling. He shocked Leo when he told him he was gay. He had a short romance with Steve Canning. He constantly borrowed money from either his family or his good friend, Kylie Kavanagh. He left Carrigstown on June 7th 2009 after selling Leo's vintage LPs. [1]
Bela Doyle
(Jim Bartley, 1989–Present)
Bela is the patriarch of the Doyle family, father to Jimmy, Suzanne, Yvonne, Darren and Louise. He had many affairs while married to Rita. When Rita had a stroke in 2008, he became her primary caretaker.
Jimmy Doyle
(Ken Williams, David Mitchell; 1989-2008)
Jimmy is the son of Rita and Bela Doyle. His first wife was Lorraine, who was killed by a hurricane during their honeymoon. He married Robin McKenna in 2005, who was a fellow mechanic at the garage at which he worked. He later had an affair with Ali Foley, and after Robin found out, he left town, moving to Australia.
Rita Doyle
(Jean Costello, 1989–Present)
Rita Doyle is married to Bela Doyle, and mother to Jimmy, Suzanne, Yvonne, Darren and Louise. She and Bela have been separated occasionally, as he has had multiple affairs. She has had one affair during their relationship, with Frank Monaghan. In 2008, Rita had a stroke, and has since been cared for at home by her husband Bela.
Robin Doyle
(Orlaith Rafter, 2001–2009)
Robin Doyle is married to Jimmy Doyle. As of 2008, they are separated as Jimmy has moved to Australia.She left carrigstown in May 2009 to move to cork.
Eunice Dunstan
(Joan O'Hara, 1994-2007)
Eunice Dunstan (nee Costello) was married to Tommy Phelan, with whom she has two children, Christy Phelan and Hughie Phelan. Her second marriage was to Clive Dunstan. She died while visiting her son Hughie in Bermuda, in 2007.



Benjamin Fahey
(Cian and Cathal Finn, 2005-Present)
Benjamin is the son of Deirdre Burke and Brendan Daly. After his birth, Deirdre gave him to Dermot and Jo Fahey. They later adopted him.
Dermot Fahey
(Seamus Power, 1997–Present)
Dermot is a former politician, the husband of Jo and the brother of Ken. Following the public interest in the case of his adoption of Benjamin Fahey, he was forced to resign. He now plays a part in the running of the community centre.
Owen Fahey
Owen is the son of Geraldine and Ken. He is a recurring minor character and lives with his mother in Carrigstown.
Geraldine Fahey
(Carmel Stephens, 2002–2009)
Geraldine arrived as the partner of Ken Fahey. They later married but had a struggling marriage due to Ken's infidelity. It was only after Geraldine had an affair with her boss, Mike Gleeson, that they separated. Geraldine entered into relationship with Mike and became manager of The Bistro. Mike died of electrocution in 2008, and she now runs The Bistro with Mike's ex wife, Yvonne. Geraldine sells up her share of the hungry pig and says goodbye to her friends and leaves carrigstown with Owen.
Jo Fahey
(Rachel Sarah Murphy, 2000–Present)
Jo is the wife of Dermot and adoptive mother of Benjamin.
Ken Fahey
(David Johnston, 2002-2008)
Ken is the father of Owen, estranged husband of Geraldine and brother of Dermot Fahey. Following his arrival in Carrigstown he married Geraldine but had numerous affairs. He broke up with her after discovering her affair with Mike Gleeson. He went on to open a restaurant, Fusion and was mistaken as the attacker who raped Kylie Kavanagh. In 2007, he began a relationship with Deirdre Burke, the biological mother of Benjamin. Deirdre became pregnant but delivered a stillborn child. After he and Deidre grieved, they left Carrigstown to start a new life in New Zealand.
Ali Foley
(See Ali O'Shea)
Carol Foley
(Aisling O'Neill, 1999–Present)
Carol Foley arrived in town after hearing about her son's criminal activities. She returned to try to help keep him out of trouble. She became romantically involved with Billy Meehan, unaware he was the city crime boss, and they were soon engaged. She became pregnant by him, but soon discovered his criminal activities, and attempted to leave him. This caused a fight, during which he pushed her down the stairs, causing a miscarriage. Shortly after they were married, she discovered he had had an affair with another woman, and determined she would leave him.
After Leo Dowling attacked Billy Meehan, Carol prepared to leave town with her son Lorcan, but Billy revived and attacked her. Lorcan intervened and killed him. Carol called Leo Dowling, convincing him that he had been the one to murder Billy, and she and Leo disposed of the body. A year later, the police discovered Billy Meehan's body and began investigating, suspecting both Carol Meehan and Leo Dowling. Leo Dowling was eventually convicted; Lorcan eventually confessed as well, but was found not guilty in trial.
Carol befriended the new crime boss, Sylvester Garrigan, and became romantically involved with a member of his gang, Rory Golf. She was unaware that Rory was actually an undercover police officer, and told him vital information about the activities of the gang as a result of their relationship. After her son Lorcan and Rory were involved in a shoot-out, in which Lorcan was killed, she broke up with Rory; they have recently gotten involved again.
Lorcan Foley
(Killian O'Sullivan, 1999-2006)
Lorcan Foley was the foster son of Malachy Costello and Kay Costello. His birth mother is Carol Foley. She returned to town when she discovered he had been in trouble for breaking into cars and going joyriding in them. When his stepfather Billy Meehan attacked Carol, Lorcan intervened, and killed him. Carol and Leo Dowling hid the body, and the three agreed to keep the murder a secret. Lorcan met and married Ali O'Shea, and became involved with Sylvester Garrigan's gang. He ran his mother's club, Carol's Club for her, using it as a front for prostitution and drug deals. He was involved in a shoot-out with an undercover police officer, later giving a confession about his criminal involvements at the hospital, before dying shortly afterward of his wounds. He has one son with Ali, Lorcan Foley Jr, who was born after his death.
Pete Ferguson
(Enda Oates, 2007-present)
Doug Ferguson
(Wesley Doyle, 2007-present)


Sylvester Garrigan
(Frank O'Sullivan, 2005-2006)
Sylvester Garrigan arrived in town in 2005, and took over as crime boss after Billy Meehan's death. He became a close friend of Carol Meehan, and employed her son Lorcan in various criminal endeavors.
Louie Gleeson
(Alan Devine, 2008-Present)
Louie arrived following the death of his brother Mike. At the reading of Mike's will, it was revealed that Mike had left everything to Louie. In January 2009 it was revealed that it was actually Mike's cousin. The real Louie arrived and clashed with Yvonne Doyle and Geraldine Fahey. After paying Geraldine to sell her share of The Bistro and leave Carrigstown him and Yvonne now run it together. In February he told Yvonne hat he cant see his wife or kids for a year as he had a drug problem and as part of an agreement he cant see his kids for a year.
Mike Gleeson
(Seamus Moran, 1996-2008)
Mike was a businessman and set up many restaurants in Carrigstown. He was engaged to Helen Doyle but she left him for Paul Brennan. He later married her sister, Yvonne, but their marriage didn't work out. He later had an affair with one of his employees and started a relationship with her. In 2008, they broke up. Mike died from electrocution in his restaurant, The Bistro.
Yvonne Gleeson
(Ciara O'Callaghan, 1991–2003, 2008–Present)
Rory Goff
(Colm Ó Maonlaí, 2006–2007, 2008–Present)


Damien Halpin
(Maclean Burke, 1998–Present)
Mark Halpin
(Ryan O'Shaughnessy, 2001–Present)
Suzanne Halpin
(Sarah McDowell, 1989–Present)




Dominic Kavanagh
(Joe Gallagher, 2005-2009)
Kylie Kavanagh
(Vicky Byrne, 2004–Present)
Tracy Kavanagh
(Hilda Fay, 2001–Present)
Charlie Kelly
(Tom Jordon, 1989–Present)
TJ Kelly
TJ Kelly is the grandson of Charlie Kelly and Mags Kelly. He is a minor recurring character on the show.
Mags Kelly
(Joan Brosnan Walsh, 1989–2009)
Mags is the wife of Charlie and mother to Tony and Bernie. She had an affair with Sergei Borodin. Charlie was upset when he found out but later forgave her. In 2009, Bernie won the lottery and Mags decided to move with her to Canada.
Orla Kirwan
(Sorcha Furlong, 2000–Present)


"Crazy" Chester Legend
(Jon Kenny, 2009-)

Chester is an ex-showband singer, whose business has closed due to the recession. As a result, Chester is trying to once again make a living from his music. He is an old acquaintance of Paul Brennan.

Ringo Leyden
(Keith Duffy, 2008-2009)

Ringo is the boyfriend of Cliodhna Norris.He left in February 2009 to work in Africa.


Seamus McAleer
(Vinnie McCabe, 2005–present)
Keith McGrath
(Alan O'Neill, 2006–Present)
Billy Meehan
(Stuart Dunne, 1999-2001)
Billy Meehan was the local crime boss, romantically involved with Carol Foley, who he eventually married. Billy's legitimate business was a partnership with Leo Dowling, who owned a taxi cab company. Billy used the taxis to assist in his prostitution business, a fact which was at first unknown to his partner. When Leo discovered the criminal activities, his wife Pauline attempted to convince him to tell the police about it. Billy found out about this, and threatened her, causing her to leave town.
Leo reacted by getting into a fight with Billy, leaving him for dead. Billy recovered in time to see his wife Carol preparing to leave with Lorcan, her son, and Billy attacked her. Lorcan reacted by attacking Billy and killing him. Billy's body was hidden by Carol and Leo Dowling; Leo Dowling was eventually convicted of his murder.
Carol Meehan
(See Carol Foley)
Stacey Molloy
(Kelliee Woods,1999)
Dolores Molloy
(Martina Stanley, 1991–Present)
Wayne Molloy
(Victor Burke, 1991–1998,2009-present)
Saoirse Mulally

(Charlotte Hughes, 2009)


Cliodhna Norris
(Aisling Bea, 2008-Present)

Cliodhna is Una's sister she lives in carrigstown with her boyfriend Ringo Leyden.

Una Norris
(Sandra Curran, (2007–2009)
Turlough Norris
(Declon Conlon, 2009)


Angela O'Connell
(Anne Kent, 2003–Present)
Angela O'Connell is the wife of Ray O'Connell; they have one son together, Mondo O'Connell. She is now divorced from Ray, but is still co-owner of the apartment in which he lives. She is a live-in housekeeper to Seamus McAleer.
Mondo O'Connell
(George McMahon, 2002-2009)
Mondo O'Connell is the son of Angela O'Connell and Ray O'Connell.
Ray O'Connell
(Mick Nolan, 2000–Present)
Barry O'Hanlon
(David Patrick Nolan, 1989–Present)
Sarah O'Leary
(Gemma Doorly, 2001–)
Slim O'Mahoney
(Keith Ward)
Slim was introduced to the show as womanizing factory worker. The character caused a number of complaints to broadcaster RTÉ, when Fair City showed a scene with frontal nudity of the character. RTÉ apologized publicly for the incident, and the character's storylines have been toned down since then. He is now the owner of a bakery, and engaged to Buffy O'Regan.
Ali O'Shea
(Doireann Ni Chorraigain, 2005–Present)
Ali O'Shea is the niece of Mick O'Shea, who is a member of Sylvester Garrigan's crime gang. Her first relationship and marriage was to Lorcan Foley, who was also a member of Sylvester Garrigan's gang, and ran his mother's club, Carol's Club, which was a front for prostitution and drug deals. When Ali's uncle Mick was ordered by Sylvester Garrigan to kill a member of a Ukrainian gang, Ali assisted in keeping the man distracted, to the point of having sex with him, so her uncle could get close enough to kill him. In revenge for the killing, however, the gang kidnapped Ali, but she was later released by them. Ali's husband Lorcan Foley was involved in a shootout with an undercover policeman, and was seriously wounded, later dying in the hospital. Ali later found out she was pregnant; she had their son Lorcan Foley Jr on March 22, 2007.
Ali later befriended Jimmy Doyle, and began an affair with him. He left his wife Robin for her for a short time, but eventually decided to leave town. He gave his shares in his garage to her, as did her mother in law Carol; shortly afterward her uncle Mick was released from prison and moved in with her.


Christy Phelan
(Tom Hopkins, 1998–Present)
Renee Phelan
(Una Crawford O'Brien, 1998–present)

Renee moves to Carrigstownwith her husband, Christy and her three children, Floyd and Farrah. Renee has a secret she never told anyone. She had a daughter before she marries Christy and gave her up for adoption. She left Carrigstown with her lover, Bob Charles on March 5 2009

Nicola Prendergast
(Claudia Carroll, 1990–2005, 2008)
Oisin Prendergast
Oisin Prendergast is the son of Nicola Prendergast and Paul Brennan. He went with his mother when she left town, but is a recurring character, occasionally returning to visit his father.



Duncan Stonehouse
(Nathan Gordon, 2008–)

Salsa dance instructor (Rodrigo Rodriguez, 2005- 2006)


Bill Taylor
Jonathan Ryan, 2009

From California to Carrigstown, Bill Taylor's arrival to Carrigstown is bound to ruffle some feathers. Annette Daly's new husband has a dark past, he is a reformed alcoholic and born again Christian, and with words to get him out of any situation. He's a Hells Angel but is he as saintly as some would like to believe? Bill revs up and rides hard, leaving a trail of dust and destruction behind him.


Gabriel Udenze
(George Seremba, 2005-2006)


Ian Walsh

   (Barry O'Connor 2009-)