The Devil May Cry franchise plays out in a setting in which there is a Human World and a parallel Demon World. The Demon World is inhabited by many demons and devils, soulless beings generally obsessed with gaining power and taking over the Human World. According the series's prologue, however, one such Demon "awoke to justice", seemingly gaining a soul, and turned against the Demon World and its leader, Mundus. After defeating Mundus and his armies, he sealed off the Demon World from the Human World, sacrificing his own demonic power in the process, and lived among the humans as a benevolent leader. Many of the games or episodes revolve around the plot of a demon or human trying to break this seal, and Dante attempting to prevent them from succeeding.

As spiritual creatures, demons cannot actually physically manifest within the Human World. Instead, they must manifest through some sort of physical medium already there, such as sand or ice. They may also manifest through certain living things, like flies or lizards. It is also explained that certain demons may possess souls, due to love, and that they may interbreed with humans to create demon-human hybrids like Dante.

It is also claimed in the Devil May Cry 3 manga that a demon's name is its honor and identity, and that stripping a demon of its name would be the worst punishment it could bear. Sparda is said to have done this to seven demons who represent the seven deadly sins in order to seal the Temen-ni-gru. As of this point, only Gouman (pride), Taida (sloth), and Donyoku (greed) have appeared.

Species of Demon[]


The Abyss behaves similarly to the Hells, but manifests through blood, and is able to manifest and liquidate at will. It is also able to throw a ball of fire when swinging its magic-imbued scythe.

Agni & Rudra the Firestorm[]

Twin Demon gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Agni & Rudra are a pair of living swords, swung by demon hosts, searching for an owner worthy of their power. Agni is the red sword with power to control fire, while Rudra is the blue sword with power to control wind. They are adept at fighting together, though they can be tricked into hurting each other.[1][2]

The brothers are at first cordial to Dante, but when he demands to be let through the gate, they attack. After Dante defeats them, they ask to be taken with him as Devil Arms. Dante agrees, on the condition that they remain quiet.

Agonofinis, Mortifinis, & Terreofinis[]

The Agonofinis, Terreofinis and Mortifinis are demons who appear as skeletons, wrapped in a metal cage that holds their body together. They can appear in battle equipped with a sword, axe and sometimes even a shield to help injure and defend themselves against enemies. Agonofinis were once criminals bound and starved inside iron cages who now lash out against the living. Terreofinis are fuelled by 'ineffable terror'. The Mortifinis are capable of absorbing nearby enemies before expelling them and slamming them into the floor. They are powered by 'ruthless death'.

Alastor the Thunder Devil[]

Alastor the Thunder Devil is a winged demon with power over lightning which can also manifest as a living sword or a winged humanoid. It appears primarily in Devil May Cry, though it also features as a character in the Viewtiful Joe series, and is used by Dante, in its sword form, in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

Alto Angelo[]

The Alto Angelo are Knights of the Order of the Sword, transformed into demons through the Order's Ascension ceremony[3]. The Alto Angelo wear similar armor to the Bianco Angelo's albeit more white in colour, with Yellow highlights. Alto Angelo lead the Bianco Angelo in battle and are able to empower nearby Bianco Angelo as long as they remain in the fight[4]. Alto Angelo are very similar in appearance to the Bianco Angelo's carrying a similar large shield, however they wield a large sword instead of a lance, allowing them to perform powerful slash attacks on their enemies. When compared to the Bianco Angelo, the Alto are much more angelic in appearance in accordance with the Order's philosophy of ascension to Angelic form.

Angelo Agnus[]

Agnus is the Chief technological researcher and alchemist of the Holy Knights, tasked with summoning, researching and controling demonic forms of power. Agnus is responsible for the creation of the Gladius, Cutlass, Bianco Angelo and Basilisk, all resulting from his experiments upon demons.

Agnus first appears after Nero infiltrates the Order's secret research facility and confronts him about his actions in relation to the demons present therein. Though he identifies himself as a member of the Order, Nero notes that he has never heard of or seen him before. After Nero breaks through the shield separating him from Agnus and his lab, Agnus, enthralled by his discovery of Nero's Devil Bringer, reveals his mission while distracting Nero long enough for his Bianco Angelo to secretly attack and subdue him. Demonstrating remarkable control over his created demons, Agnus orders Nero's death before witnessing Nero's demonic power unleashed, restoring the Yamato, Vergil's sword, and destroying Agnus' demon hordes. The force of Nero's power forces Agnus to transform and reveal his 'Angel' form where he states his anger that Nero has restored the shattered sword where he could not, before retreating to inform Sanctus of Nero's power.

Agnus later appears to capture Kyrie, using her to lure Nero into a confrontation in his private quarters. Nero defeats Agnus who again escapes, appearing later to use the Yamato to break the seal of the Hellgate and unleash the demonic realm upon the world. He is finally confronted by Dante in the Order's church where he is ultimately defeated and killed.

After undergoing the 'Ascension' ceremony, Agnus gained an 'Angel' form, Angelo Agnus, a transformation which granted him vast power. In this state, Agnus took on a humanoid-insect form with large oval eyes, a white, almost furry body coated in plates of armor and a large set or organs on his back that acted as wings, enabling him to fly. He was able to summon the Cutlass, Gladius and Basilisk to do his bidding while in this form.

Agnus is portrayed as obsessed with his research, forsaking his own personal safety when confronted with a new form of power he has not yet seen. He is also seen to speak with a stutter when under stress. Agnus is voiced by T.J. Storm.

Angelo Credo[]

The older brother of Kyrie, Credo serves the Order loyally as its milita forces Captain and believes entirely in their mission. Though disapproving of Nero's opinion of the Order, he entrusts him to pursue Dante while he tends to the care of his sister and their fallen leader, Sanctus. After Nero infiltrates the Order's lab and reveals his true power to Agnus, Credo is tasked by Sanctus with eliminating Nero. Credo and Nero engage in battle where Credo reveals his 'Angel' form to compete with Nero's 'demonic power'. Credo is defeated by Nero though he vainly tries to continue the fight as Kyrie appears, allowing Agnus to restrain her and use her as a hostage to lure Nero. Angered at the abuse of his sister, Credo later interferes as Sanctus attempts to absorb Nero into the Savior, stating that while his faith is undying, using his sister is an unforgivable action. Sanctus is able to mortally wound Credo and sends him to fall to his death from the top of the Savior. Credo is caught in his descent by Dante, where Credo states that his last request is for Dante to save Nero and Kyrie. Credo dies and his body then disintegrates into particles of light before fading away.

In his 'angel' form, Credo drastically changes in appearance, taking on a design similar to that of the Alto Angelo's and takes the name, 'Angelo Credo'. His body is covered in white armor with a single white, feathered wing attached to his right shoulder. His left arm morphs into a large shield, acting as a symbol of his faith while he wields an exceptionally long sword in his right hand. In this form, Credo is much more powerful than his human form can allow and he is capable of summoning large lances which he can throw at his foes. Credo is voiced by Daniel Southworth.


Once the soul of a human female, the soul transformed when it reached the outer crust of the netherworld. Uses her tightly spun spider webbing to ensnare her victims.[5]

Argosax the Chaos[]

Argosax the Chaos was a powerful demonic king who once ruled the Demon World, and was infrequently worshiped by the people of Dumary Island. However, he was recognized as evil, and was eventually defeated by Sparda and the Vie de Marii.[6][7] He serves as the boss of Mission 18, the final mission of Dante's scenario in Devil May Cry 2.

In Devil May Cry 2, Arius tries to obtain the Arcana in order to release Argosax, take his power, and become a god.[8][9] The Arcana are four holy relics used to seal Argosax, and by uniting them at the solar eclipse, a gate to the Demon World will open.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]

Though Dante manages to interfere with Arius' ritual by replacing the Medaglia with his own double-sided coin, the doorway is still partially opened, and Arius absorbs part of Argosax's power.[19] Because the door is unstable, whoever enters may not be able to return, so Lucia demands to go, claiming she is expendable.[20] However, Dante puts the decision to his coin[21], and after winning the coin toss, goes in, just like his father once did.[22]

Inside the portal, Dante finds Argosax in its first form, a hideous pile of flesh composed of pieces of Phantom, Griffon, Orangguerra, Jokatgulm, Nefasturris, and Furiataurus. After slaying each piece, a stalk bearing an egg extends from the mass, and Argosax's true form, The Despair Embodied hatches from it.

As The Despair Embodied, Argosax appears as an androgynous, horned, angelic being composed of fire, able to change sexes at will.[23] While in its female form, it attacks with a whip, while in its male form, it wields a sword. The Despair Embodied is also able to fly into the air, and shower Dante with a rain of fiery spines. However, even in this awesome form, Argosax is still no match for Dante, and is destroyed. Afterwards, Dante rides off on a motorcycle, presumably escaping the Demon World through another doorway.


Assault's are Lizard-like demons, created by the emperor of demon-kind. They possess the ability to burrow through the ground at high speeds by using their sharp claws which they can also use for attacks. Assault's wear small amounts of armor to ward of attack but once this is destroyed, they no longer possess any method of defense[24]. They are similar to Blades from the first game in appearance and ability.

Auromancer, Brontomancer, & Pyromancer[]

These are wizard-like demons who use the elements to attack their foes. The Pyromancer were created from the souls of the dead who were condemned as heretics in life. Auromancer's utilise an unhallowed aura to attack indiscriminately against opponents while the Brontomancer attack at random with powerful magic spells.

Bael & Dagon[]

Bael is a giant demon toad, from a family of similar toad demons. Bael uses a gas to conceal himself from the view of an opponent while using two 'feelers' that resemble naked women to seduce and distract prey, allowing him to lunge forth and consume them[25]. Though large and powerful, Bael is not used to direct combat and is very succeptible to attack, especially upon his weak spot; his tongue[26]. Bael's upper back and tail are covered in sharp icicles that he can launch at his opponents though his most common form of attack is to swallow and munch his enemy with his sharp teeth.

Dagon is one of Bael's "brothers", which has evolved to a state where his skin is a much different and darker color, including his use of red 'feelers' to seduce prey compared to Bael's blue 'feelers'[27]. Apart from this visual difference, Bael and Dagon are very similar, including their weak tongue that is susceptible to attack[28].


A Basilisk is a man-made demon-hunting dog, created by Agnus' experimentations upon demons[29]. Basilisk resemble dogs in shape, though their body appears to be metallic with small spikes along their back. The tip of the Basilisk's tail and their rib cage emit flame while their skull is composed entirely of fire[30]. They are able to shoot their skull as a missile to attack. Their head regenerates so they can attack as many times as they need to[31].


A Beelzebub is a demon appearing in Devil May Cry which manifests through the body of a fly. A Blue Beelzebub is more aggressive than others, and attacks its victims by spitting a paralyzing evil matter which resembles maggots. A Green Beelzebub, though larger and somewhat stronger, generally acts as power source to the airborne Blue Beelzebub, and will feed on corpses to grow stronger and more agile.[32]


Belphegor is a many-tentacled demon lord who appears in Devil May Cry the anime. It is summoned in order to destroy the world by Mike Hagel's butler, with the assistance of Belphegor's servant Bradley.

Beowulf the Lightbeast[]

One of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru, half-blinded and sealed away for 2000 years by Sparda, Beowulf is a winged beast who anxiously awaits his chance at revenge. He possesses overwhelming strength and a variety of light attacks.[33]

When Dante enters Beowulf's chamber, he senses that Dante has "Sparda's blood", and attacks. Dante blinds Beowulf[34], and when Beowulf tries to chase down Sparda's scent he instead finds Vergil, assuming him to still be Dante. However, Vergil immediately kills Beowulf and he falls apart, realizing his mistake.[35] Vergil then takes Beowulf's soul as a Devil Arm. Dante later obtains it after Arkham activates the Temen-ni-gru and Vergil falls into an abyss.


Berial is a giant flame demon who wields a large, flaming sword. He has a lower abdomen with four legs and an upper torso with two arms, similar to that of a Centaur. His skin appears as a black, charred rock with veins of flame running across it which are more clearly visible when his body is not enveloped in flames. Berial resides in a cruel circle of the underworld known as the Fire Hell. Though Berial once served as prince to the Emperor of Demons, he is now faced with ruling the underworld alone since the Emperor was sealed away.[36] Berial once escaped from the underworld over 2,000 years ago but was defeated by Sparda and sent back. The otherworldly flames that envelop his body protect him from the magic machinations of others, however when these flames are extinguished Berial is at great risk.

Berial first appears during the events of Devil May Cry 4, engaging Nero in battle. After his defeat, he retreats only to return and engage Dante in battle. Berial falls against Dante and is destroyed.

Bianco Angelo[]

The Bianco Angelo is a man-made soldiers crafted from enchanted armor formed with a fragment of a demon known as the "dark angel"[37]. Empowered with the stolen souls of demons and humans, it is given life and bound to serve the Order of the Sword[38]. They wield large shields that are almost as tall as the wielder, bearing a wing motif and lances that enable them to defend against heavy attack and retalliate with force. Their armor is a dark blue in color with shades of black and red. Their helmet bears two curled, demonic horns. The wings of their shield are dark blue, and red.


They are soldiers created by the Dark Emperor to take control of the surface. They use a kind of reptile as host bodies, thus having much lizard like characteristics.[39]


Powerful elite demons whose bodies are surrounded by a shield of lightning. They do not possess the ability to see and rely on their other senses to track their prey's movements, though they are not always able to differentiate an enemy from a fellow demon[40]. Blitz are able to move around at incredible speed, leaving only electric static behind as an indication of their previous location. They attack with incredible ferocity and this only increases when they near the brink of death. When gravely injured, their electric coating becomes red in colour and their attacks become even more powerful and dangerous. Blitz explode upon dying.


Blood mixed with magically enchanted stone gave birth to this wretched beast. Multiplies whenever hit by close ranged attacks. Its defense mechanism is weak to modern-day weapons.[41]


Bolverk is a demon warrior who was once defeated by Sparda. Desperate for revenge, Bolverk attempts to kill Dante, the only remaining son of Sparda. Bolverk wields a large spear that he is capable of manipulating in length and is accompanied by two demonic wolf spirits, Freki and Geri, who serve him.

Freki & Geri are white, wolf-like demonic spirits who were in servitude to Bolverk. They are considered to be reincarnated spirits of warriors that Bolverk fought alongside.

Cerberus the Ice Guardian[]

Gatekeeper of the entrance to Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Cerberus is a three-headed hellhound willing to grant power to the worthy. He has the power to control ice, which he uses to encase himself in ice armor, summon showers of icicles, and belch small icebergs. Each of his heads uses different techniques.[42]

When Dante first enters the tower, Cerberus demands he leave[43], and then attacks when Dante mocks him. After being defeated, Cerberus willingly relinquishes his soul to Dante as a Devil Arm.


The Chimera Seed is a spawn of Echidna the She-Viper. They appear as a small torso, covered in tendrils with two long arms which they utilize for movement. Though sentient and intelligent, they are also weak and easily killed on their own. However, when close to another demon, Chimera Seed are capable of latching onto and merging with the host demon to form a new hybrid demon; a Chimera[44]. The Chimera is often shown to be stronger than the original separate demons while the Chimera offers additional methods of attack and protetion using its sharp, flailing arms. When a demon becomes a Chimera, it is unaware that it has become host to the parasite and will continue to function normally[45].


Cutlasses are man-made demons, created by Agnus through the cross-breeding of a fish and a sword[46]. Its dorsal fin is an incredibly sharp blade that is capable of cutting through almost any surface, allowing them to traverse many obstacles without hindrance[47].

Damned Chessmen[]

Netherworld-crafted chess pieces. The pieces themselves move of their own accord. The Damned Pawn, although weak in strength, is able to win battles with sheer numbers.[48] The Damned Knight has great mobility and jumping ability, which it uses to trample enemies.[49] The Damned Bishop uses its fearsome magic power in the form of a magic arrow to snipe foes.[50] The Damned Rook, in addition to having high attack power, can produce other chess pieces.[51] The Damned Queen has both great mobility and power. She is regarded as the strongest piece.[52] The Damned King, and rightly so, controls all other pieces. Defeat him and the others will fall.[53]


Demonochorus are demonic insects resembling Putti that chant together to form powerful magic spells with which they attack any foe.

Doppelganger the Deathvoid[]

Doppelganger is a malevolent shadow demon able to take the shape of its foe by refracting light. As a being of shadow, however, it can be paralyzed by shining light on it. In shadow, it imitates Dante's Rebellion Devil Trigger, while in light it resembles Dante himself.[54]

When Dante first enters Doppelganger's lair, Dante mocks him for trying to "ask [him] some questions", saying that he's already answered them to himself. After defeating Doppelganger, Dante receives its soul as a Style.


The possessed husk of a knight's suit of armor. Its adamantine shell makes it virtually impervious to frontal attack. Its only weak spot being its hindquarters.[55]


Echidna, the She-Viper, is a large, serpent-like demon who is master of a demonic forest that is home to many underworld creatures[56]. Echidna scatters her Chimera seeds across the forest in order for them to hatch and latch onto other demons, particularly Scarecrows, to create Chimeras. Echinda's goal is to create a world where demons prosper by combining with her parasitic children[57]. Though she appears as a dragon, Echinda is capable of retracting the sides of her head and tongue to appear as a woman surrounded by petals. During the events of Devil May Cry 4, she faces Nero, and later Dante, in battle. After being defeated by Nero, she retreats back into the underworld, returning later only to encounter Dante who defeats and destroys her, shattering her body with a single bullet.


Basically created from a stone statue. Given life via some unusual high level magic incantation. This six-legged demon targets foes from afar with his magical bow.[58]

The Fallen[]

A demon who fell from grace for lying and deceiving its victims. Her beautiful wings close to form an invincible shield. Her open belly is her only weakness.[59]


The Fault are subterranean demons that emerge from the demonic underworld to seek out magical energies in prey[60]. They are able to appear suddenly from beneath a victim and swallow them, transporting them to a realm of darkness inhabited by demonic entities[61].


Similar to the Mephisto in function, however the Fausts are more powerful, intelligent and cruel. Fausts are more violent against enemies than the Mephisto and possess the ability to extend all of their sharp fingers at once, before slashing at an opponent. Like the Mephiso, the dark cloak and hat hide their true, weak form, a silver, metallic spider demon that is succeptible to attack and unable to defend itself[62].


Although they appear similar to the Marionettes, they have much greater evil powers. They are not the works of a man, but they appear to have been created by an evil entity.[63]


Flambat are bat-shaped spirits that appear to made of flame. They are capable of emitting fire by sucking on the soul of living beings.


They are soldiers created by the Dark Emperor to take control of the surface. Enveloped in cold air, they are the elites of their kind. Their quickness is a definite advantage in cornering their prey. The cold honed claws are none other than an ice blade. The air around the blades is beyond absolute zero temperature and the victims who are slashed will die without feeling any pain.[64]

Frost are elite demons created by the emperor of demons[65]. The Frost are designed as all purpose soldiers to be used in a variety of situations. They are capable of using their icy bodies to fire blades of ice and create ice spikes from the ground beneath them with a foreceful punch. The Frost are also able to heal themselves from damage sustained by cocooning themselves within ice, though this barrier can be destroyed, dealing greater damage to the Frost[66].


Furiataurus was a large demon warrior that resembled a minotaur. Furiataurus was surrounded in flame and armed with a large hammer which allowed him to attack with heavy force.

Geryon the Timesteed[]

Geryon the Timesteed was once a horse of legend ridden by countless heroes, until ingesting demonic essence corrupted and empowered him with limited control over time. He leads a ghostly hearse, equipped with a heavy armament.[67]

When Dante first steps upon Geryon's bridge, Geryon engages him in a game of "Chicken" until the bridge collapses and they fall into a Colosseum-style arena. After Dante defeats Geryon, Dante receives his soul as a Style.


The Gigapede is a giant tapeworm-like demon who entered the Human world through a time-space rift. It possesses a strong exoskeleton that impedes enemy attacks, and can generate ball-lightning to deter foes.[68] One Gigapede defends the Incandescent Space in the ground floors of the Temen-ni-gru, while two others inhabit Leviathan's bowels.


A Gladius is a man-made demon created by The Order of the Sword's scientist, Agnus. Gladii are created through the cross-breeding of a sword and a reptile, allowing the creature to harden its body and transform into a sword form[69]. A Gladius can also appear in its other form, appearing similar to a tiny dragon as it flies around an area.

Goat Clan[]

A goat/human hybrid capable of manipulating and attacking with powerful magic. Goatling are fluent in human languages and enlist magic spells to aid them in their attacks. The Blood Goat is a higher ranking and more powerful demon of the Goat clan whose skin is blood-red. The Abyss Goat are the highest ranking and most powerful of the Goat clan. Their skin is a deep black in color.


Griffon is a servant to Mundus. Griffon appears as a giant bird-like demon that is able to manipulate wind and lightning to attack. Though Griffon is aware of Dante's parentage, he readily attacks him in his loyalty to Mundus. Even when mortally wounded, Griffon begs his master to grant him more power to kill Dante but Mundus instead destroys Griffon for his failure.

Hell Vanguard[]

The Hell Vanguard is the leader of the Seven Hells, and is responsible for managing dead souls and allocating them to the Hells of the soul's respective sin. It is sometimes considered the god of death, and is feared for its magical powers, such as teleportation and flight.


The Infestant is a parasitic demon that merges into other demons and inatimate objects, such as tanks and helicopters, to take their power for its own.


Jokatgulm was a serpent like demon who dwelled in watery areas. Armed with several tentacles, Jokatgulm lashed out at victims and was capable of regenerating injury to any of its appendages.


Although they appear similar to the Phantom, they are still one of the low-class evil spirits. However, since they take on earth and rocks as host elements, they have substantial durability. Contrary to their appearance, they have superb leaping abilities.[70]

Leviathan the Evil God-Beast[]

The great beast Leviathan is a flying biological weapon created by the Devil-king. Sparda sealed it away with Temen-ni-gru, but it was released by Vergil and Arkham. It's body is a gateway to the Hell of Envy, and the Ignis Fatuus, composed of the souls of those sent to that Hell, is Leviathan's power source.[71][72] Its heart and lungs can be considered their own entity, and one that will protect itself at all costs; its lungs can absorb Red Orbs and White Orbs from Dante and Hell Envys, and the heart can use them to fire energy spheres and red lasers.

[73] Leviathan's digestive tract is populated by two Gigapedes and many Hell Envys.

Leviathan swallows Dante as he is running down the tower after awakening his Devil Trigger, and Dante wanders throughout his entire body until he slays the beast's heart, causing it to crash into the Subterranean Garden. Dante then escapes out of its eye.


The weakest enemy in the original Devil May Cry, the Marionette is a blade or gun wielding puppet, roughly the size of a man. Inhabits the body of a puppet in order to exist in a physical form.[74] Bloody Mari are stronger and more durable Marionettes with clothing dyed in human blood.


Mephisto are low level demons that emits a black mist from their bodies, that appears as a cape, which provides them the ability to move through solid objects at will and float in the air. Mephisto are capable of rapidly manipulating the length of their sharp fingers to stab and pierce enemies from long distances.[75] Though it can appear formidable, the Mephisto's real form is hidden inside the cloak, that of a metallic, spider demon that is considerably weak and unable to defend itself from attack.


The Msira are avatars of savagery and greed. They use simple melee attacks and slashes to weak and damage opponents. Other variations exist: The Homomsira combine the Msira's melee attacks with a powerful fire punch, formed of unhallowed flame, to heavily damage opponents while the Gbusmsira utilize attacks that poison enemies. The Jomothumsira are the highest ranking and most powerful of the 'Msira'.


Mundus is the prince of darkness and was the king of the demon world until he was defeated by Sparda 2000 years before the events of Devil May Cry. Mundus is responsible for the death of Dante's mother Eva and the corruption of his brother Vergil into the demon known as Nelo Angelo. Mundus commands several types of demons both lesser and high ranking to do his will and defeat Dante, the son of Sparda.

Mundus is enormous in appearance with a design similar to an angel with large, feathered wings. His skin is composed of a hard, white marble that cracks and crumbles as he takes damage. However, this form is simply a covering for his true form, a multi-eyed and tentacled monstrosity. Mundus' most distinctive feature is the third eye on his forehead. Before taking this form, these 3 eyes would hover ominously above an area to indicate his presence.

In an attempt to lure Dante to Mallet Island to face his loyal demons, Mundus created Trish in the image of Dante's mother. He uses her to trick Dante but she eventually sacrifices herself to save him, awakening Dante's full power, allowing him to compete with Mundus.


The Nefasturris, also known as the "Tower of Destruction" is a demon composed of thousands of Nefasvermis, which serve as its body and as energy conduits between the giant and the Demon World. The Nefasvermis combine within a skyscraper to take the form of a giant a giant humanoid emerging from the building. After its first form is defeated by Dante, Nefasturris's decapitated head continues to fight as Nefascapitas, but is defeated.

Nevan the Lightning Witch[]

One of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Nevan is a succubus who seduces men down the path to hell. She fights with a combination of lightning and her bats which defend and attack for her. She is also able to latch onto Dante and suck his soul out through his mouth.[76]

When Dante first enters her chamber, they flirt and then begin to fight. After Dante defeats her, she relinquishes her soul to Dante as a Devil Arm.


Nightmare is a "living weapon" created by Mundus. Nightmare is a giant green blob that can either be amorphous or solid. Nightmare is capable of absorbing Dante, whereupon the player will have to face a "nightmare" version of a previous boss. Its properties consist of organic substances. Like a machine, it obeys the commands of the Dark Emperor. Whether it has a consciousness or not is unknown. The weapon Nightmare--beta was made as a predecessor to this Nightmare. The gun has no effect on it. There are some round attachments on its body that act like machine guns that fire small balls of energy. Nightmare can also release black gel-like substances that wrap themselves around its prey, efficiently immobilizing the target. Nightmare is also capable of firing homing missiles from its core to seek out and destroy anything that stands in its way.


Their level of intelligence is low. Hence their kind wasn’t given a name. But their skill to survive is a force to be reckoned with. After all, they have survived this extreme world of survival of the fittest.[77]


Noctpteran was a large, moth-like demon that was fairly weak in combat. It instead released larvae that would attempt to catch and consume any prey to spare their mother any injury.


Orangguerra is a large devil which resembles an orangutan. It possesses prodigious agility and strength which it uses to maneuver around opponents by clinging to walls, ceilings and other objects. It reappears as part of Argosax the Chaos.


Phantom is a servant to Mundus. He appears as a large spider composed of a hard exoskeleton shell with a scorpion-like tail. Internally, Phantom contains molten lava that he is able to use as a weapon to attack enemies. Phantom confronts Dante four times during the events of Devil May Cry before finally realizing that Dante is no ordinary human and dying.

Phantom briefly appears again during the events of Devil May Cry 2 as a boss character.


The Plasma is a lightning-based demon which appears in Devil May Cry 2. It usually takes the shape of a bat, but is able to copy the form of opponents, as well as being able to split into new Plasmas when damaged.[78]

Plutonian & Tartarussian[]

Plutonian and Tartarussian are a pair of two-headed demons which appear in Devil May Cry 2. They rebelled against demonic laws and were set to guard the Spada and Calice Arcanas.


The Puia is a harpy-like demon which appear in Devil May Cry 2. It is capable of high-speed dives and able to fire its razor-sharp feathers at victims.

Sanctus Diabolica[]

The infallible leader of the Order of the Sword and priest of Sparda, Sanctus has the enduring trust of his followers. He is shot and killed by Dante during the early events of Devil May Cry 4 while leading a sermon. However, he later revives from his injuries, revealing his superhuman powers. Sanctus had planned to lure Dante to the Order so that they may use him and the blood of Sparda that flows through him to power the Savior, a powerful but inactive demon. Using research into demons and demonic power, Sanctus had transformed himself through a process referred to as 'Ascension', granting himself power far beyond that of his normal human ability.

He encounters Nero in battle, using these demonic powers to resist assault before tricking Nero into submission and absorbing him into the Savior's body. After Agnus breaches the hellgate and unleashes countless demons into the world, Sanctus uses the Savior and the Order's manufactured demons to destroy them, fooling humans into believing that the Savior is a god and there to rescue them. Sanctus undertakes this to create more loyal worshippers for the order. After the Savior is heavily injured by Dante in battle, Sanctus is forced to face the escaped Nero, revealing his new, demonic form, Sanctus Diabolica, and wielding the Sparda sword. Nero eventually defeats Sanctus and his body is destroyed. After his destruction, Sanctus is absorbed into the broken body of the Savior, the demon taking on Sanctus' visage to become The False Savior. Sanctus is voiced by Liam O'Brien.


Sargasso appear as a floating skull that uses 'biting' attacks to injure victims. They hide between the edges of the sea and underworld, where they wait for stray wanderers to feast on. The spirits of the victims are destined to wander the endless sea of the underworld.[79]

Savage Golem[]

The Savage Golem is a headless artificial demon created from the blood, bones, and organs of various animals. It can regenerate its wounds if left alone long enough, and can eschew spikes from its mass.

The Savior/The False Savior[]

The highest level and most powerful demon summoned by the Order of the Sword[80]. A monolithic living statue that stands several hundred feet tall and fueled by the blood of Sparda, the Savior's exterior contains millennia of spiritual and demonic matter fused together. The Savior's skin is white, with blue gems present at several points of its body. The Savior has large, golden horns at the sides of its head and it has two very large crescent symbols that hover behind it.

After the defeat of Sanctus whilst inside the Savior, his body is completely assimilated into the remains of the Savior, warping its visage to that of Sanctus'. Though much weaker in this state, it was still capable of massive destructive force, lashing out at Dante, Kyrie and Nero, until Nero defeated him using his Devil Bringer to crush its head.


The various forms of Scarecrow are low level demons borne with sacks filled with Trypoxylus; a demonic insect. Though the insects themselves are unintelligent, by moving as one, they are able to give the Scarecrow form and function. They appear to be formed of a series of patchwork fabrics that give them a humanoid shape. However they are seen to have one or more blades attached to their appendanges. The Scarecrow (Arm) wields a large, scythe-like blade on its arm that were previously used by executioners. The Scarecrow (Leg) however, uses a blade as its leg which it is capable of swinging at victims and performing more acrobatic attacks. The Mega Scarecrow is the most powerful form of the scarecrows and is also shown to be much larger. It is filled to the brim with Trypoxylus and wields three large blades on each arm, one large blade across its spine and bears two blades as legs[81].

Seven Hells[]

The Seven Hells are netherworld jailors, referred to as Hellkeepers, who hold dominion over souls condemned for violating any of the seven sins. They exist to punish these sinners. They appear during the events of Devil May Cry 3 by using sand, or in some cases fluid, to give themselves a physical form in the world. They are each named for a particular sin which is reflected in their design and the way with which they can be interacted.

  • Hell Prides represent the 1st Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Pride. Sand is the medium he uses to materialize in the Human world. He carries a giant sickle to judge his prey.[82]
  • Hell Envys represent the 2nd Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Envy. Differs from other jailors in the fact that he materializes via a fluid which severely limits his movement.[83]
  • Hell Wraths represent the 3rd Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Wrath. He materializes via sand. The massive bomb he carries often obliterates both friend and foe.[84]
  • Hell Sloths represent the 4th Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Sloth. His body is made of sand which he uses to quickly teleport to any nearby location.[85]
  • Hell Greeds represent the 5th Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Greed. He is another sand-based hell keeper. He uses his beloved coffin to call upon his disciples for help.[86]
  • Hell Gluttonys represent the 6th Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Gluttony. He is sand-based like other hell keepers. He fires a high powered sand mist damaging his foes.[87]
  • Hell Lusts represent the 7th Hell, and are netherworld jailor who governs souls sent to hell for the sin of Lust. Sand-based jailor who leads confused sheep to hell with his amazing speed and deadly sickle.[88]


Shadow's are demon spirits that initially resemble felines. They have evil spells that cover its body which allow them to deflect melee attacks making them only susceptible to gunfire. After taking enough damage from guns, the Shadow is unable to deflect attacks any longer, forcing it to reveal its core and true form, a glowing, red sphere. The sphere can be attacked with melee blows but the Shadow is still capable of defending itself, manipulating its shape, by changing the spells on its body, to form spears and spikes to impale the enemy [89].


The Sins are a group of low-class evil spirits who manifest through cutting shears and scythes. The majority of their body is an illusion — their head is their only physical body.

Sin Scissors and Sin Scythes use a beautiful marble mask for their head. They are the weakest of the sins, and are easily killed. Death Scissors and Death Scythes, however, use a cow's skull for a head, and are much tougher. They Death Scissors uses animal-bone staffs to create magical barriers, and the Death Scythe, strongest of the lot, can wield four scythes at the same time.[90]

Soul Eater[]

A Soul Eater is an amalgamation of the spiritual remnants of murdered demons. They can disperse into invulnerable gas when threatened, and attack their prey by ensnaring it in their tentacles before sucking out its soul.[91]


Spicere are simple enemies. They can not be attacked at close range and do not attack directly themselves. Instead, Spicere self-destruct when damaged or when in proximity to an enemy.


Tateobesu is a large, fish-like demon that is capable of becoming invisible by assimilating itself with the water it dwells in.


Trismagia is a unified triad of three-eyed, disembodied heads that possess great power over the elements. Together, they are an oracle who possesses vast knowledge of the Demon World.


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