The Combine in Half-Life 2 deploy a range of advanced technologies in an attempt to maintain dominance and eliminate resistance within and around City 17.

Combine Flying Machines and Mines

City Scanner


A City Scanner about to flash at you.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 1, 4, 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 3. Health: 30. Create Entry: npc_cscanner.

The Combine City Scanner is a flying camera that hovers around cities and Main Combine Buildings. They also can be called "Cscanner" or "Scanner Type 1." Scanners flash at the player and create a flashbang grenade type effect. They are best destroyed by gravity guns or with the crowbar. Scanners can also harm you by diving into you, and alert Combine reinforcements.

Shield Scanner


A Shield Scanner.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 11, 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: Not Seen. Health: 30. Create Entry: npc_clawscanner.

The Combine Shield Scanner looks like the city scanner except they carry Hopper Mines with their claw. They can also be called "Scanner Type 2". They carry a light machine gun which doesn't work if the difficulty mode is easy.

Combine Ceiling Camera

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 1, 4, 12, 13. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: Not Seen. Health: 150. Create Entry: npc_camera.

The Combine Ceiling Camera acts like a stationary city scanner. It can call for reinforcements. They look like ceiling turrets. Their current status is shown by a light on the camera, with green being normal, blinking yellow for enemy detected, yellow for error and red for reinforcements called.



A Manhack.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 2, 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 6. Health: 25. Create Entry: npc_manhack.

Manhacks, called 'hacks' for short, are small flying machines featuring a rotary saw, which they use to attack resistance members. It is possible to capture one with the gravity gun, and use it as a weapon by firing it at an opponent, although it will then return to attempting to attack you. It is further possible to fire one at a wall instead - this causes it to explode upon impact. In early drafts of the game, they were going to be featured as a weapon. A Manhack can also be deployed by Combine Metro Cops.



An activated Rollermine.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 7, 8. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 1, 2, 4. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: Not Seen. Health: N/A (only destroyed by water or explosive). Create Entry: npc_rollermine.

Rollermines are balls that activate if an enemy is nearby. They roll up to the victim and zap them with electricity. Combine Rollermines can be destroyed if dropped in water. They are immune to normal gunfire and can only by killed by explosives or the aforementioned water. They can also be deactivated — the NPC Dog is shown using a deactivated rollermine as a ball. In Half-Life 2: Episode One, you can reprogram rollermines into an ally for a short time with the help of Alyx — however, this makes the rollermines unstable, and they begin to pulse red after a short period, followed by the mine exploding.

Hopper Mine


A Hopper Mine.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 11, 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 3, 4, 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 2. Health: N/A (only destroyed picked up and thrown to the wall or enemy detected). Create Entry: npc_combine mine.

Hopper Mines are pre-planted or initially inactive mines that hop and blow up if an enemy is within proximity. The only way to destroy them is to force a detonation after the mine has become active, either via player or npc proximity depending on the current “programming” of the mine. Hopper mines can be “reprogrammed” to detonate only when triggered by an enemy, rendering them safe for the player and their allies. Some Hopper mines start inactive and can be planted by the player, such as in Episode Two, there are no hostile Hopper mines only inactive ones in Griggs and Shecklys Outpost or the outpost in the middle on Level 2 of "This Vortal Coil." The lights on the mines depend on what it is detecting. Red means that there is an enemy around. Yellow means that the hopper is lose on the ground, blue means it has been uprooted, green means no hostile in area.

Combine Vehicles

Combine APC



Half-Life 2 Chapters: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 4, 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 3, 4. Health: 700 (only by airboat cannon or RPG). Create Entry: npc_launcher.

The Combine APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) are combine soldiers primary ground transport. Generally deployed along roads and around outbuildings. APCs are equipped with a AR2 cannon that only engages hostiles at a short range and rockets for use at longer ranges. Stationary or inactive APCs are an indication that combine troops have deployed around the area. Certain active APCs can be destroyed with the RPG launcher.



A flying Combine Helicopter.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 3, 4, 5, 15. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: Not Seen. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 1, 4. Health: 7,500 (only by Airboat cannon or RPG). Create Entry: npc_helicopter.

The Combine Hunter-Chopper is a Combine Helicopter. The Chopper is like a Combine Gunship, but stronger. Choppers have AR2 cannons that shoot at you when you are on foot. Sometimes Choppers drop mines that attack whenever you are driving the airboat or Ep2 car. The Chopper in Half-Life 2 is mostly in Chapter 4: Water Hazard. The Chopper chases and attempts to kill the player throughout the City 17 Canals. Once the player is given the airboat gun, the Hunter chopper can be destroyed. They require 13 shots from the RPG to be destroyed. In the Lost Coast tech demo the Hunter-Chopper can be destroyed with only three shots. The Chopper returns in Ep2. In the last level of Chapter 4: Riding Shotgun, the Chopper drops mines that the player can use via the gravity gun to throw back to destroy the Chopper. Three explosions from the mines can destroy it. The old Ep2 had to use the RPG to destroy the Chopper.

Combine Turrets

Floor Turret


A firing Floor Turret.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 9, 10, 11, 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 4. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 5, 6. Health: N/A (only shut down when tipped over). Create Entry: npc_turret_floor.

The Combine Floor Turret is an Automatic Gun that has an AR2 Gun on it and shoots any enemy it can see. The first time Turrets appear is in Nova Prospekt, though they also appear around City 17, as well as in the Outlands in Half Life 2: Episode 2. These Turrets can only be shut down when they are tipped over. The Turrets can be tipped with your crowbar, by being picked up and thrown (by hand or by means of the Gravity Gun), or just by using your shotgun or grenades. These Turrets are not like the Floor Turrets in the first Half-Life. The ones in Half-Life are from the military instead of the Combine; the original turrets could be shot and destroyed, but if the Combine turrets are shot, they wiggle around or stay still, taking no damage. The best way to kill Floor Turrets is with the gravity gun in close range, in a similar fashion to the automatic guns in Portal. Starting in Chapter 10: Enterglent, Alyx can reprogram Floor Turrets to attack the Combine and not the protagonist or his allies. Ally Turrets can also be found in Griggs and Sheckly's Outpost in Chapter 2 of Episode Two.

Ground Turret


A firing Bunker Turret.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: Not Seen. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: Not Seen. Health: N/A (only destroyed by grenade). Create entry: npc_turret_ground (but do not turn on).

The Combine Ground Turrets (also known as Bunker Turrets) are Floor Turrets set into the ground. As with Floor Turrets the Ground Turrets have an AR2 cannon. They turn on if their targeting lasers are broken, emerging from the ground to fire on their target, but if they don't see any enemies they turn off and recess into the floor. These turrets can only be destroyed by rolling a grenade into their recess while it is exposed. These turrets are only present in Chapter 12, "Follow Freeman!", in the Museum Level.

Ceiling Turret


A pair of firing Ceiling Turrets.

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 12. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 3. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: Not Seen. Health: N/A. Create Entry: npc_turret_ceiling (but does not turn on).

Ceiling Turrets are also like Floor and Ground Turrets, in that they are armed with an AR2 cannon. Combine Cameras or Ceiling Turrets both look the same, which can confuse a player into believing that the Turret is an innocuous camera. As with ground turrets, breaking their targeting laser will result in their activation, firing on any target in sight. These turrets cannot be destroyed. These turrets can only be found in the Museum level, there are two more Ceiling Turrets present in the Underground of City 17 after the train crash in Half Life 2: Episode 1. These Turrets, however, are not armed, and are inactive.

Mounted Turret

Half-Life 2 Chapters: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11. Half-Life 2 Episode One Chapters: 4, 5. Half-Life 2 Episode Two Chapters: 6. Health: N/A. Create Entry: "Cannot be spawned".

Combine Mounted Turrets are manual guns controlled by you, allies, or the Combine. Mounted Turrets are just gun emplacements, more powerful than most hand-held weapons, with a higher rate of fire and unlimited ammunition. Mounted Turrets are usually controlled by Metro Cops or Combine Soldiers. As with the other turrets, these weapons have an AR2 cannon. Combine Super Mounted Turrets (an improvement) are found in the watch tower in level 3 of Water Hazard; additionally, Gordon's airboat cannon (once the airboat is upgraded) is a Super Mounted Turret. Mounted Turrets can be used by the player — by pressing the "use key" in the proximity of the gun, the protagonist gains control of the weapon.

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