Lisa Trevor
Trevor front
Lisa Trevor as depicted in Resident Evil artwork.
Game series Resident Evil series
First game Resident Evil (GameCube remake)
Created by Shinji Mikami
Relatives George Trevor (deceased)
Jessica Trevor (deceased)

Lisa Trevor is a fictional character from the Resident Evil series. She makes her first appearance in the remake of the original Resident Evil game. Lisa is depicted as a monstrous abomination, the result of years of use as a test subject by the Umbrella Corporation in an attempt to produce perfect super soldiers, known as Tyrants.


Lisa Trevor is the daughter of Jessica and George Trevor. George, a reputable architect from New York, is hired to design a mansion for Ozwell E. Spencer, which would later serve as the primary setting for Resident Evil . While supervising the mansion’s construction, George discovers that the mansion is secretly hosting an underground laboratory. Spencer becomes paranoid of George's knowledge, and decides to eliminate possibility of one publicizing the laboratory. He does this by inviting George's family to the mansion for a vacation.

Rem familypic lg

A photograph of Lisa Trevor with her parents.

Lisa, currently a teenager, arrives at the mansion with her mother during the 1960s. George is currently preoccupied with work, and opts to join his family later. Spencer takes advantage of this time, and captures Lisa and Jessica. He proceeds to inform George that his family had temporarily left the mansion, and later kidnaps and permanently seals George within a secret compartment of the mansion, where he endured a slow and lonely demise. Rather than disposing with Lisa and Jessica, Spencer decides to use them for experimentation. Entries from Resident Evil and Wesker's Report reveal that Lisa was exposed to numerous viruses, including the Ebola and Progenitor viruses. Lisa was also mentioned in Wesker's Report II, which was published online through Capcom's official websites. This documentary featured excerpts of Wesker's journals sent to Ada Wong, detailing the horrible experiments that Lisa Trevor went through.

Lisa's role in these experiments was almost invaluable to Resident Evil's back-story. The virus that twisted Lisa's mind and body provided data that is later used to produce the Tyrant, a special type of supersoldier created by the Umbrella Corporation. Additionally, the Wesker's Report reveals she was exposed to the “Nemesis Parasite”, which helped Umbrella create the G-Virus and Nemesis Tyrant that were featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. After years of experimentation, Albert Wesker and William Birkin dispose of Lisa by allegedly "terminating" her in an undisclosed part of the mansion.

During the events of Resident Evil (Remake), the player discovers that Trevor is still at large. Depending on the player's chosen scenario, either Albert Wesker or Barry Burton reports of encountering a "bulletproof" creature near a cabin. She is later found wandering in a catacomb under the mansion's perimeter. The player also finds some of Lisa's journal entries, which chronicle Umbrella's experimentation and her abnormal fixation with her mother. The logs decline in quality and coherency as the reader progresses, supporting evidence of the detrimental effects of Umbrella's viruses. Lisa makes her final appearance in Resident Evil in a burial ground under the mansion. With the help of Wesker or Burton, the player must solve a small puzzle in order to open a nearby stone casket. In doing so, a casket's lid will be removed, exposing the skeletal remains of Lisa's mother. Lisa takes her mother's skull out of the casket and leaps into a nearby abyss.

Lisa's fate is finally resolved in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, where she returns to exact revenge upon Wesker, who had previously experimented on her. Lisa attacks Wesker without hesitation, only to face defeat. However she revives herself, and persistently stalks Wesker through the self-destructing Spencer Mansion. Wesker manages to wear Lisa down until the two engage in one last showdown in the mansion's main hall. Wesker emerged victorious, flattening Lisa beneath a chandelier. Shortly afterwards the mansion exploded, presumably consuming Lisa's remains along with the rest of Umbrella's illegal experiments.


Lisa Trevor

Lisa Trevor approaching the player.

As aforementioned, possessing a haggard and hideous build on account of her experimentation, the hunch-backed Lisa Trevor is often noted for the various faces she wears. In-game logs state she attained the masks from killing Umbrella scientists and personnel, and later ripping of their faces. Her logs suggest that some of her masks may have been made from the remains of her father and mother, whom she has been searching for after their separation. Trevor possess at least three eyes, deprecated skin, and sets of tentacles, all of which are believed to be side effects from the G-Virus. She is draped in a tattered hospital gown and affixed to a wooden restraint device, which while preventing her from fully moving her hands, also serves as make-shift melee weapon.

While in various parts of Spencer's estate, one may hear the harrowing wails and cries of Lisa. This characteristic suggests that Lisa is incapable of utilizing a higher level of thought process, and therefore conforms to a more primitive lifestyle. However, it should be noted that Lisa is able to write a few crude entries in her journal.


  • According to in-game documents, the architect George Trevor clearly had his beloved daughter very much in mind when he designed the mansion, for some puzzles specifically referenced to Lisa. For instance, the music score the Moonlight Sonata, which was used to open a passage, was the specialty of Lisa, who also played the piano. Also, a portrait of a young girl at the end of a hallway, which was part of another puzzle, was captioned "Lisa, protected by the three spirits."
  • Lisa was also mentioned in Wesker's Report II, which was published online through Capcom's official websites. This documentary featured excerpts of Wesker's journals sent to Ada Wong, detailing the horrible experiments that Lisa Trevor went through.
  • Lisa's improvised living space bears a strong resemblance to Larry Drake's hideout in the 2001 film Dark Asylum. Furthermore, the opening sequence of the movie is very similar to the cut scene where one first hears Lisa in the mansion's main hall.

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