In the fictional television series Kappa Mikey, LilyMu Towers is an apartment building in Tokyo, Japan. The cast of LilyMu lives in the building. The entire episode called The Switch is about how Mikey comes to live in his own apartment in this tower, after living in a capsule hotel.

The LilyMu Stars' Apartments[]


Mikey's apartment unit is usually a mess, with his clothes and trash thrown around the floor. It has green wallpaper, one window that Ozu got for him as a house-warming present, and a plasma television, covering one wall that is red brick. Mikey also owns LilyMu merchanise including bedsheets, posters, and a neon light spelling out the show's title, above his TV.

Lily and Mitsuki[]

Lily and Mitsuki, although roommates, do not seem to have equal say in the design of their complex- it is almost all pink, which is what Lily prefers. All the furniture has a sleek, contemporary, designer style about them. On the wall hangs a Warhol-like painting of themselves, a couch that resembles gigantic feminine lips, bean bag chairs, and bedsheets featuring the two of them. Lily owns an electronic, talking wall mirror that tells her whether or not she is beautiful, and, as in many other cartoons, the mirror has somewhat of a humanoid personality.


Gonard lives with his mom, though his room is the only part of his unit that is seen. He has a low, traditional Japanese bed, a home computer system, a skateboard with one edge bitten out of it, some sportsballs thrown around, a Gonard-themed lamp, and a Lilymu poster, surrounded by paper walls.


Much like everything else about Guano, his apartment has been a mystery to everyone since they've known him, as he prefers, until The Masked Tanuki, when it is investigated by Lily and Mitsuki. His front door has three locks, and the burglar alarm can be deactivated with the code "Ozu". While it looks much like an ordinary apartment, everything has a purple theme, and there doesn't appear to be any furnishings. Through a trapdoor, hidden behind a lamp, lies a dark dungeon, which probably contains Guano's deepest mysteries. Guano also has a trick door for intruders, which leads them falling outside, toward the streets below.


Ozu seems to run the entire apartment building. He lives on the 86th and top floor of the tower (in fact, the light on the top of the elevator's plaque says "Ozu" instead the number 86), and has a whole penthouse complex. It is designed like a traditional Japanese house, with paper walls, sliding doors, ukiyo-e prints, low tables, and a courtyard outside with a garden. In Big Brozu, it is revealed that he sleeps on a bed directly over Yesman's bed, which is really a pull-out drawer underneath.


Not much else is known about what is inside the tower itself, but other than the cast of LilyMu's rooms, there is also a secret room on the 13th floor owned by mad scientist Dr. Igor, a complete tennis court, an indoor water slide, and a recycling system underneath, where trash is thrown into through forty-four trash bins. Gonard mentioned that they used to have pizza Friday's, until pizza slices mysteriously went missing- they actually got stuck to Gonard's pants.

The emergency button in the elevator is not actually beneficial to the people inside the elevator if there is an emergency. It instead causes emergencies to happen, such as shake and rain inside the elevator.

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