River City
Portrayed by James Palmer
Duration 2009-
Residence Shieldinch

Lee is a fictional character in the BBC Scotland soap River City played by James Palmer.

Character Creation & Development[]

The character of Lee was created and introduced to River City in 2009. Lee was pretending to be the long lost son of Lydia Murdoch after Lenny Murdoch hired him.


Recently, Lee has become embroiled in a feud with Lenny, which led to constant arguments between the pair, and Lee firstly being sent away by Lenny. However, eventually Lenny became fed up with Lee's ways, and ordered Ewan Murdoch, his son to kill Lee, but Ewan could not do it, and even though Lee was tied up and Ewan wanted to do it for his father, he couldn't and instead he began to lie to his father.

Lee was then untied and offered to help Ewan, as Ewan had been told by Father Mulvaney to be careful of his father, even though they are family. Lee then found out for Ewan that his mother Mary Murdoch hadn't been seen for months, and Ewan realised that Lenny had killed Mary because of her trying to get him murdered. Eventually, Lee was let go by Ewan, and he gave him some money in order for him to escape Lenny and his henchmen. Lee then disappeared, with Ewan keeping his phone, and sending texts in order to make it look like Lee had gone on holiday.

However, Lee had to come back to Shieldinch when he was asked by Amber Murdoch to prove that he wasn't in fact Lydia's son at all, and he was paid for Lenny, in order for Lydia to see what Lenny was really like, and what Ewan had found out. But, when Lee was with Lydia, they agreed they would have to help each other because Ewan had gone missing, obviously with his father, which Raymond Henderson backed up, and told them that they said something about a 'flat', the same flat Lee was once tied up in.

Lee and Lydia managed to get into the flat where Ewan was tied up by Lenny, and after Lee fought Lenny off so Lydia could get in a save Ewan, she untied him, but Lee was suddenly attacked by Lenny who had now locked the door to the flat so noone could escape. Lee lay unconscious on the floor, and unaware of anything happening. Soon, Lydia, Lenny and Ewan were locked in one of the bedrooms and Ewan told Lydia what Lenny was really capable of and suddenly Lenny enrage tried to kill Ewan, and he was very angry.

Soon, Ewan escaped onto the scafolding outside the bedroom window as he was scared of what Lenny would do. At this point Lee was still unconscious, and did not clearly know what was going on. Soon, Ewan so scared, tried to get back in the bedroom as he was scared of the fall - but as he tried he slipped on a scafolding pole and he fell to the floor, dying instantly. After Ewan was taken away, Lenny was arrested and both Lee and Lydia had to make statements against Lenny, and even though Lee was unconscious, both himself and Lydia told the police in there statements that they both saw Lenny push Ewan off the scafolding, falling to his death. Now, revealed both Lydia and Lee have to make sure that noone finds out that Ewan fell, even lying to Amber.

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