Laura Brooks
Peyton Place
Portrayed by Patricia Breslin
First appearance September 17, 1964
Last appearance January 19, 1965
Cause/reason Left town
Gender Female
Occupation Secretary (onscreen)
Residence Europe

Laura Harrington Brooks is a fictional character on the television drama Peyton Place. She was portrayed by Patricia Breslin.[1] She appeared in 24 episodes in the period 1964-1965.

Character history[]

Laura is the sister of Leslie, but isn't close with him as she resents him for marrying Catherine Peyton for her money. She was introduced as the widow of Dr. Donald Brooks, who was replaced by Michael Rossi after his death. She worked as Donald's secretary and remained a secretary at the hospital after his death. She growes to Michael and finally becomes in love with him. This upsets Constance MacKenzie, who also is in love with him.

When Rodney Harrington marries Betty Anderson, Leslie gives Betty a hard time. It is Laura who persuades him to be nice to her. Later, Catherine dies while being operated by Michael. Everyone blames him for her death, but Laura is the only one who stays on his side. At one point, Laura starts flirting with him, but he says that they will never become a couple.

At one point, she is sick and tired of the scandals in the Harrington family. She resigns as Mike's secretary and announces she will leave Peyton Place to travel around the world. She leaves and never returned.


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