Forgotten Realms country
Lake of Steam
Capital none
Government City-states
Ruler none
Population 1,750,000 (est.)
Races Humans, halflings

Lake of Steam is a region in the fictional continent of Faerûn in the setting Forgotten Realms. Despite its name, Lake of Steam is a quasi-inner sea connected to the Shining Sea in much the same way as the Black Sea is to the Mediterranean Sea is on Earth. With the Shaar on the east, it separates the Shining South from the rest of Faerûn.

On its shores is a collection of free cities (notably Ankhapur, Mintar and Innarlith, the largest trading city on the eastern half of the Lake of Steam), mainly on the northern and western sides. The southern side, by contrast, is a collection of kingdoms collectively named the Border Kingdoms. At the center of the lake is The Arnrock.

Related places[]

Border Kingdoms[]

The Border Kingdoms is a country located on the southern shores of the Lake of Steam. It is a land of dozens of tiny states and kingdoms which rise and fall, expand and disappear, almost instantly and constantly, and is the ideal place for adventurers wanting to start a kingdom of their own. Aside from this and the odd dungeon and point of interest, little goes on or is to be found in the Border Kingdoms that is worthwhile to adventurers.

Recently on the Dungeons & Dragons official website, a long ongoing article thread has started describing the Border Kingdoms and all the various states and kingdoms and other places in it in detail. The various rumors and dungeons presented in it may give adventurers more of a reason to journey there.


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