Ladybird Hill is Hank Hill's dog from the animated television series King of the Hill. She is named after the wife of President (and Texan) Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson. She is a purebred Georgia bloodhound; her mother tracked down James Earl Ray in New River, Tennessee following his escape from prison, and Ladybird's grandfather nabbed Alger Hiss. While Hank is uncomfortable showing emotion for his wife and son, he regularly dotes on Ladybird and tells her how much he loves her. At one point, he even took up dog dancing with her ("Dances with Dogs").

Because Hank has a narrow urethra, he and Peggy did not believe they would be able to have children, and got Ladybird as a result; shortly after, Peggy became pregnant. Hank believes that the Hills' acquisition of Ladybird allowed Hank to relax enough to help Peggy get pregnant with Bobby. Ladybird seems to be the baby of the family, often receiving more praise and affection from Hank than his own son, Bobby, much to Peggy's chagrin. Ladybird began the show at the age of 13 and is now 14 (exceptionally old for her breed, as most bloodhounds only live 10-12 years), and suffers from a condition similar to Hank's narrow urethra: she has a narrow uterus. This doesn't present much of a problem since she probably only has one or two more estrus cycles left. As if a daughter, Hank is very protective of Ladybird, and for the longest time kept her from male dogs, saying he would breed her "one day;" when he found out about Ladybird's fertility problems, he wanted to have in vitro fertilization done on her. He later admitted to Peggy that this was because he subconsciously wanted another baby, and gave up the effort (though he and Peggy did try to conceive themselves for a while). Peggy once admitted that Ladybird had it out for Bobby, indicating that she is jealous of the Hills' son.

Ladybird, as present in Doggone Crazy, apparently has an undesired reaction towards loud noises, like thunder, and when heard she turns somewhat vicious (and is put on the "vicious dog list" by Hank's doctor whom he visited after being bit by Ladybird.) After getting a recommendation from Ladybird's veterinarian, Hank then receives treatment for Ladybird from a spiritualist, or a dog whisperer who takes Ladybird to a retirement home and eventually gets lost. After animal control is contacted, Hank and animal control finds the dog on the lap of an old woman during a thunderstorm. It is then revealed that Ladybird has become deaf, which is the reason why she did not become vicious and bite the old woman.

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