Lachlan Davis
First appearance 2007
Last appearance 2007
Portrayed by Jonathan Mahon-Heap
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Relatives Brenda Holloway (mother - deceased)
Gary Davis ( father - deceased)

Lachlan Davis was a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. He was the estranged son of Brenda Holloway and Gary Davis. Brenda was reunited with Lachlan when Gary was admitted to Shortland Street Hospital for surgery. Lachlan wanted nothing to do with Brenda as couldn't understand her alcoholism or why she left him when was small. Gary a homosexual died of complications after surgery and Lachlan lives with his father's boyfriend. Attempts to reconcile with his mother failed and Lachlan has been orphaned as his mother became the fifth victim of the Ferndale killer. Lachlan's letter to his mother arrived the day after her murder.  This article about a soap opera character is a stub. You can help Wikipedia and the WikiProject Soap Operas by expanding it.