Kynoid refers to any being whose body structure resembles that of a dog, especially in the context of science fiction and fantasy fiction. It usually refers to sentient beings, while the rest is described with "canidae." The term (originally, in Russian: киноид) was coined by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in their 1979 sci-fi novel Beetle in the Anthill (translated into English in 1980) to describe the extraterrestrial sentient species nicknamed "Headies" (голованы).

Usually, a fictional kynoid species has four legs (all of them primarily used for walking, although other purposes, like fighting, are not excluded) or two legs and two paws (used for wielding instruments and weapons), a tail and a canine head. Very often kynoids possess also the ability to speak and communicate—even if only in their own language. Other details, like size, weight, fur color (if any), even the shape of the head, may differ from species to species.

In sci-fi universes, kynoids are generally shown as specimen of entire alien races, while in fantasy worlds they tend to appear as single supporting characters. Because dogs are assumed the humans' best friend in the animal kingdom, many books and movies feature a kynoid as a partner and a friend-in-need of a human character, although wolves are often presented as adversaries. The common image of a werewolf can also be classified as kynoid (in the animal form).

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Frank the Pug, a typical example of a kynoid from Men in Black II

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