Dungeons & Dragons Character
Kimmuriel Oblodra
Homeland Menzoberranzan
Gender Male
Race Drow
Age Unknown
Class Psion
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Universe Forgotten Realms

Kimmuriel Oblodra is a fictional character in the Dungeons & Dragons-based Forgotten Realms setting. Created by the famous Sci-fi fantasy author, R. A. Salvatore, Kimmuriel is described as an intelligent and powerful drow psionicist of Menzoberranzan.



A drow elf of few words, Kimmuriel rarely ever speaks when unnecessary and hardly ever shows any emotions at all. He always appears as calm and in control even during the most deadly situations. Smart and calculating, Kimmuriel is always one to use reasoning and logic to decide his actions as opposed to emotions. His intelligence is apparent through the use of his psionic mind powers and his actions which have gotten him to survive the fall of House Oblodra to become the leader of Bregan D'aerthe.


Kimmuriel is one of the most powerful characters in R. A. Salvatore's novels. Able to subdue wizards and warriors, there are few who could stand against him and survive. Although never seen in a serious battle, Kimmuriel's strange mind powers are often used for the benefit of Bregan D'aerthe. Similar to the powers of the mighty illithids, Kimmuriel's abilities are completely different from those of wizards, clerics, and priests and have nothing in common with magics.

One of his abilities used most often is his power to create doors to teleport anything over vast distances. These portals are used many times to get some of his allies out of tough situations although in general it is used to travel between Menzoberranzan and the surface world. While very useful, it does give the traveler a feeling of nausea and dizzyness after stepping out of the door.

Another ability used by Kimmuriel is his kinetic barrier, which acts as a shield to absorb a certain amount of damage. One devastating aspect of the barrier, which can be placed around anyone, is that the damage inflicted upon the shield can be transferred into any object. Despite the incredible use of this ability, one of its drawbacks is that if the energy absorbed by the shield is not released, it will be released upon the person being protected by the shield. For this reason it is also used as a means of torture in which a prisoner is dealt a large number of attacks that are all released upon the prisoner at the same time if that person is unable to control or release that energy.

In addition to these powers, Kimmuriel has several abilities inherent to any psionic user. He can use telepathy in order to communicate to others with apparently no restriction on distance. Also, he can intrude upon the mind of an enemy to view his thoughts. In order to battle magic users, Kimmuriel uses his powers to mentally intrude upon the thought process of the wizard in order to disrupt his spell-casting. This is possible because the speed of his mind powers is much faster than the time it takes to dictate a spell. Kimmuriel has also shown that he has the ability to increase the focus of a spellcaster, heightening the effect of their spells.

Role in the Books[]

Kimmuriel Oblodra is introduced as the psion member of Bregan D'aerthe and lieutenant to Jarlaxle in the R. A. Salvatore novel, The Silent Blade. Saved from the destruction of House Oblodra, Kimmuriel is a powerful addition to the strength of Bregan D'aerthe and demonstrates his abilities by saving the deadly assassin, Artemis Entreri, from certain death and by creating a portal. He also uses his portals to travel to various other locations on the surface, notably Luskan and Waterdeep, to increase the influence of reach of Bregan D'aerthe. When Jarlaxle arranges for Entreri to fight his nemesis, Drizzt Do'Urden, Kimmuriel once again saves Artemis from death by enacting a kinetic barrier around him when he tries to impale himself on Drizzt's scimitar. While the barrier protects Artemis, he inadvertently releases the energy into Drizzt, apparently killing him.

In Servant of the Shard, Kimmuriel and the other lieutenants of Bregan D'aerthe, Berg'inyon Baenre and Rai-guy Bondalek, realize that Jarlaxle is being influenced by the evil crystal shard, Crenshinibon, and decide that something must be done. Jarlaxle decides to expand Bregan D'aerthe's holdings on the surface even further by taking over Dallabad Oasis, which Kimmuriel and the other lieutenants do not entirely agree with. Although Kimmuriel helps by making an ally out of Yharaskrik, an illithid who serves Kohrin Soulez, leader of Dallabad Oasis, he still feels as though Bregan D'aerthe should remain in the Underdark. Soon after Jarlaxle decides to construct two crystal shard towers using Crenshinibon, Kimmuriel, Berg'inyon, and Rai-guy attempt to overthrow Jarlaxle with the help of Yharaskrik, but Jarlaxle gets away with Crenshinibon with the help of Artemis Entreri. Kimmuriel, Rai-guy, and Berg'inyon find out that Artemis and Jarlaxle plan on destroying Crenshinibon, which Rai-guy will not allow, so the three new leaders of Bregan D'aerthe and some soldiers go to the cave of a red dragon where Jarlaxle and Entreri plan to destroy Crenshinibon. While the other lieutenants go straight into the fight, Kimmuriel stays back, realizing that nothing good would happen with Crenshinibon in the hands of Rai-guy. Ultimately Rai-guy and Berg'inyon are killed in the ensuing fight, and Jarlaxle gives Kimmuriel leadership of Bregan D'aerthe after recognizing that Kimmuriel would look out for the group's interests.

In Road of the Patriarch, Kimmuriel and Jarlaxle meet several times to discuss how Bregan D'aerthe could benefit in the kingdom of Damara. When Jarlaxle and Entreri declare independence from King Gareth Dragonsbane from their newly conquered Castle Perilous, Gareth's army rides to challenge them and Kimmuriel decides to help Jarlaxle escape with one of his portals. However, Entreri stays back and gets captured by Gareth, so in order to free him, Kimmuriel and Jarlaxle take Bregan D'aerthe to conquer the Citadel of Assassins, which opposed Gareth. In the struggle, Kimmuriel plays a crucial role in ensuring that Archmage Knellict, second-in-command of the Citadel, is unable to wreak havoc upon the invading drow by preventing him from casting any spells. After Knellict is convinced to not do anything foolhardy, Kimmuriel helps another drow wizard cast a spell to make one of the human wizards look just like Knellict in order to present Gareth with what appears to be the head of the archmage. Kimmuriel also saves Artemis Entreri's life for the third time at the orders of Jarlaxle when his half-elf lover, Calihye, attempts to kill him out of revenge for her close companion, Parissus. Kimmuriel enacts a kinetic barrier around Entreri, preventing any damage to him and prompting Entreri to throw Calihye out the window. The clever drow takes this opportunity to make Calihye a servant of Bregan D'aerthe and so that he may use her in the future when dealing with Artemis Entreri, who despite being saved by Kimmuriel all these times, despises the drow psion.

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