Kien "Bossman" Chen was a fictional character in the fictional Wing Commander game series. He appears in Wing Commander 1 (1990) and the two Secret Missions expansion packs.

Kien Chen (DECEASED)
Rank: Major
Callsign: Bossman, formerly Ripper
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: 2655.271
Home planet: Earth
Affiliation: Terran Confederation
First Appeared: Wing Commander 1

Historical Background[]

Kien Chen was born in Kaoshiung, Taiwan on Earth on an unknown date. He was a pilot for the Terran Confederation since 2637 and held the rank of Major by the time he was assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw. He also had a degree in aeronautical engineering. Chen's old callsign was "Ripper", but earned the name "Bossman" for his splendid leadership in combat and for always providing reliable advice to his comrades.

During the year 2654, nineteen years after the Kilrathi War started, Bossman was still serving on the TCS Tiger's Claw. He became a good friend of Christopher Blair, who at that time was a rookie pilot. Bossman used his knowledge gained from flying to help Blair and other new pilots in the field. He cooperated in the Vega Campaign, Operation: Thor's Hammer, and the liberation of Firekka. He was also one of the few believers in the capture of TCS Gwenhyvar, an Exeter-class Destroyer the Kilrathi were using to attack human ships. His belief in the ship's existence proved true when Blair destroyed the vessel during a mission in Operation: Thor's Hammer in 2655.

Bossman was in the Firekka System at the time that the Kilrathi invaded the defenseless planet. He hoped to bring his family to see the planet on a holiday after Confed removed the Kilrathi from the planet. Tragically, he did not live to see that day. Bossman was flying alongside Major Jeannette Devereaux on a patrol on 2655.271 when the Kilrathi Imperial Guard attacked them. Bossman was killed while trying to save Angel's life, who managed to get away. Bossman's death was a devastating loss for the TCS Tiger's Claw, since they had gotten used to taking advice from him. Angel kept blaming herself for Bossman's death and it was a while before she forgave herself.

Bossman is survived by his wife, Mingxing, and a daughter who was born in 2653. As of 2655, they live in San Francisco, California.


  • In the movie, Lieutenant Christopher Blair accidentally sits in his fighter. For some reason, they never met (Chen was killed before Blair transferred to the Tiger's Claw).

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