Template:Vg-in-universe The Katta are a fictional species from the computer game series, Quest for Glory. Members of the Katta race have appeared in nearly all of the Quest for Glory games, except for the fourth, Shadows of Darkness.


Katta are reminiscent, in appearance, to the catfolk of Dungeons & Dragons. They are bipedal, plantigrade humanoids with short hair, tails, claws, and triangular ears.

Katta vary somewhat in coloration, but most seen in the Quest for Glory series have brown fur.


The Katta people are represented as natural merchants. In the first Quest for Glory game, Shameen and Shema are the proprietors of the Hero's Tale Inn. In Trial by Fire all of the shops in the plazas of Shapeir are run by katta merchants. And in Wages of War and Dragon Fire there are additional katta merchants in the games' respective bazaars.

Except for the mating dance of the Katta (seen performed by Shema in Trial by Fire), there is not much substantial information provided in the games about their society. Based on all of the evidence provided, Katta appear to function alongside the humans of Glorianna.


It is not known how many Katta are accomplished Wizards or mages, but all Katta seem to possess some kind of subtle magical prowess related to appearances. Shameen and Shema use magic in the beginning of Trial by Fire to change the hero's clothing into "Shapeir-style" garments, and at least one Katta (the jewelry merchant) is able to create treasures that reveal themselves only to friends of the Katta (in this case, the Hero's sapphire pin).


Very little information is provided about the history of the Katta people, save for their separation from Raseir when it was taken over by Ad Avis. The Katta who fled were given sanctuary in Shapeir by the sultan, Harun al-Rashid.

Notable Katta[]

  • Shameen and Shema - proprietors of the Hero's Tale; later, the Katta Tale Inn.
  • Various katta merchants in Trial by Fire.
  • Sharaf - Shema's cousin and the leader of the Resistance against Ad Avis' rule over Raseir. His name means "Honor". (See Sharaf (Bedouin) for the probable etymology.)
  • Shallah - merchant in the bazaar of Tarna.
  • Marrak and Sarra - merchants in the bazaar of Silmaria.
  • Salla - daughter of Marrak and Sarra; musician. She is shy and does not speak.

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