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Karma: A Very Twisted Love Story is a 12-minute short film by Singaporean photographer and filmmaker, Kevin Foong, marking the acting debut of top fashion model Rila Fukushima, alongside Japanese actor Micah Kaneko[1]. The film was made in early 2010[2] over three days in New York's Chinatown and shot entirely with digital single-lens reflex cameras.

Karma is the story of two quirky characters with secret pasts: Rei, an awkward immigrant is ably played by Fukushima and her suitor, Kazu, played by Kaneko. An accidental encounter brings the two together leading to an exploration of love, fate versus karma and the fragility of the human condition. The film is stamped with Foong's distinctive mise en scène and marks his first collaboration with director of photography, Aksel Stasny, son of the Austrian photographer, Horst Stasny. The original score was composed by Neal Williams.

Karma received a nomination for the Best Short Film at the Milano International Film Festival 2010.[3]


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