Kambari is a young lion in Akida T. Hart's series, "The Flower Lion". He was originally meant to be a supporting role in the series, but his bio simply grew too big to keep him in that shallow of a role. He was changed from the common love interest to a deep, tragic character with his own drive and past.


Kambari was the first born son of royal blood in the Liolani Clan on Emerald Isle. Being born just hours before his brother, Kamau, Kambari was brought into the world a shy, fragile creature with virtually no leadership qualities. Never the less, Kambari was given the crown to the thrown by his father, Iola, who was the leader of the clan. Kamau was forever jealous of the fact that Kambari had gotten the crown because of his age, when skill said it should belong to Kamau. His greed got so heavy that he murdered the entire Liolani clan, save for Kambari, who was left with only a scar on his right cheek to remind him of the revenge he needed to fulfill.

Connection to "The Flower"[]

Kambari falls in love with the "Flower Lion" also known as Searah, the princess of the largest clan on Emerald Isle- The Emeral Clan. Kambari is quirky and shy, and really doesn't say more than two words to Searah until his first rescue at the waterfall. Shortly after this he is reunited with his brother, who he spends most of the rest of the series trying to kill, and in doing so almost gets killed himself. Kambari has a long way to go if he ever plans on uniting with Searah and ruling Emerald Isle as the leader of the only remaining clan of lions...