Kaitlin Dason
Portrayed by Elle Joansen
First appearance May 2009
Gender Female
Occupation Year 12 Student at Summer Bay High
Title Miss

Kaitlin Dason is a fictional character in the long running Australian television soap Home and Away, portrayed by singer and actress Elle Joansen. The young actress will be making her first television appearance in May 2009.


Kaitlyn's background has not been revealed. All that is know is that she started a relationship with Lucas Holden and supported him when his brother Jack was murdered.


Arrival in Summer Bay[]

Kaitlin arrives in Summer Bay with serious news for Tony about her and Lucas. She is also looking after her biological father, who left the family before Kaitin was born.

Aden Jefferies[]

After meeting Aden Jefferies, Kaitlin becomes very infatuated with Aden leaving him to feel very uncomfortable around her.

Friends for life[]

From the moment she arrived in the Bay, she and Nicole Franklin became friends.

The dark secret[]

Kaitlin is keeping a dark secret from Tony and Rachel. Shocking secrets about her past that will tear the family apart.

The pregnancy[]

After telling Rachel and Tony about the pregnancy with Lucas' baby, Kaitlin make a run-away. During the search, they find Kaitlin collapsed on the roadside, not far away from the Bay. She rushes into emergency, and later revealed that she lost the baby. After losing the baby, Tony calls Lucas and ask him to help Kaitlin through the tough times. Kaitlin wouldn't forgive herself for what she did to her baby and Lucas. After a while, she tries to move on from the past, and except the offer from Tony and Rachel and she moves in with them.