Ka Anor is the god of the Hetwan species in the K. A. Applegate series Everworld. He is feared throughout all Everworld, even by the gods, because unlike any other Everworld deity, his sacrifice of choice is not grain or animals or even men, but other gods, whom he consumes.

Ka Anor’s form is kept secret for a long time, but in the sixth book in the series, Fear the Fantastic, he is encountered in his own private city in the Hetwan section of the world. He is shown as a gigantic monster of various shapes; he is constantly changing into many monstrous forms and is said by Christopher to be an embodiment of fear. He devours the demigod Ganymede and is also said at various points to have eaten the Daghda and Quetzalcoatl and to have battled Thor (though this latter story may have been invented by Loki). Except in the sixth book, he is never seen, only talked about, and works through his Hetwan slaves.

There is some speculation that Ka Anor does not take the form of a normal god (understandable, as he is of an alien culture) but is instead the manifested will of all Hetwan. Due to the incredible dependence of the Hetwan on Ka Anor, it may be that Ka Anor is the collective conscience of the Hetwan, with divine power. This is subject to debate. It is known, however, that the Hetwans have no god other than Ka Anor, and as such, this makes him deadlier than his enemies, who tend to make up politicking pantheons; the Greek gods, for example, cannot agree on anything, and are likely to abandon battle over childish pride, while Ka Anor is focused on his ultimate mission of destroying the gods of Everworld.

Interestingly, Ka Anor eats gods, but apparently cannot eat mortals; this is implied by the Fairy Queen (from Discover the Destroyer), who counters a Hetwan threat by saying that mortals need not fear Ka Anor. Nevertheless, Ka Anor’s Hetwan servants have no problem killing mortals, and therefore it is believed that Ka Anor’s ultimate goal may be the annihilation of not only gods but all non-Hetwan mortals.