Jurassic Park: Prime Survival (also called JP:PS(promotional abreviation) and Jurassic Park: Prime Quarry (United States promotional title)) is a 2010 English sci-fi thriller film written and directed by Jack De La Mare. The film stars Elliot Crossnan, Charlie Patch, and Liam Inder. The film is part of a series of fan films called "cult legacies", this being the first to have substantial story and practical effects involved. The film is currently in a stage of post-production and should be ready for release in the UK in early September 2010. The film does not directly tie to the last three films in the Jurassic Park franchise


Elliot, Adam and James are taking a getaway to a secluded island, with pusposes unknown to them. However, they soon discover that the island actually houses prehistoric animals, cloned by the InGen Corporation. The island is a classified breeding ground for the creatures and the travelers have unwittingly stumbled right in upon the prime feeding ground.


Elliott Crossan portrays Elliot, Charlie Patch plays as Adam, Liam Inder portrays James, and Chris Bentley portrays Crash


Originally, writing on the film began in 2001, however, according to writer/director Jack De La Mare, "nothing came of it at the time." Initial production began only a few years ago, with filming taking place in the United Kingdom. The film was a "breath of fresh air" to eager fans in the United States, for much popular hype circled around the main plot core of the film, as well as a release date, which remained in the air for about a year.


Post-production on the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of August, for an early Semptember release in the U.K. It is currently in the scoring stages. De La Mare states that he's "beyond excited for the release of the film, as are the fans waiting for the open.